Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 164 - I am Burning Myself!

Chapter 164 - I am Burning Myself!

Chapter 164: I am Burning Myself!


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

One of the three blade demons that came down had similar power to the one that was killed. The other two were close to Lu Ze’s power.

And, one of them was a fire G.o.d art prodigy.

Seeing this, Lu Ze’s smile twisted.

What a coincidence, I know fire G.o.d art too.

The blade demon with similar power to the dead one fought with the beast.

Blade demons naturally had two blades and looked very ferocious. Every blade demon was a natural swordmaster.

With the heritage they had in their race, they were very proficient at playing with swords.

Cool and powerful.

At this moment, the blade demon roared and sliced out the extremely sharp spirit force. It was severed in the exact same way as the dead blade demon.

Thus, the result was of no difference.

Clanks sounded, and the blade demon got dazed.

He roared up to the sky.

Lu Ze didn’t understand and looked to Lin Ling for translation.

Lin Ling said, “… this isn’t a common language. It’s blade demon language.”

Lu Ze thought Lin Ling was a master in languages. She was only a little better than him.

She was, at most, silver level!

Instantly, Lu Ze felt confident.

Lu Ze lifted up his chest and smiled.

The two kept watching. The blade demon started to attack the beast with all sorts of styles.

Soon, they moved their battlefield outside the base.

This was the mining base and spirit metal mine. It couldn’t handle it.

The remaining two blade demons started to take care of the remaining beasts.

Although core martial state beasts’ defenses were annoying, their battle power was also aperture opening state primary stage. It was just a little troublesome.

The blade demon who can use fire G.o.d art surged with flames. With its twisted face, it seemed like a demon from h.e.l.l.

Each slice carried a powerful burn.

Just when the blade demon was happily dealing with the beasts, the obedient fire element suddenly erupted. Even he felt some heat. It was getting stronger and stronger.

Blade demon: “???”

The blade demon was stunned, and before he could react, he felt huge pain. His best pal, fire G.o.d art, started to truly hurt him!


The blade demon howled.

The other aperture opening state blade demon prodigy and other blade demon soldiers looked dazedly at this howling blade demon.

When they saw the blade demon’s body crawling with flames that spun around and the blade demon looking pained, they felt speechless.

The other prodigy said, “Stop playing, Sosotos, stop playing. Deal with these beasts, so we can go support the commanders.”

Sosotos replied screechingly while s.h.i.+vering, “Gugulis, I’m not, I’m not playing, I’m really being burned!”

He felt very innocent. He was clearly being burned. Why did they think he was playing??

Why didn’t they help?

Gugulis speechlessly killed a core martial state middle stage beast and then pointed at the flame on Sosotos. “Your f.u.c.king flames are spinning around you, okay?”

If it wasn’t that they were close, he wouldn’t be bothered reminding him. Sosotos would be punished by commander Babatoya.


What answered Gugulis was an even more hideous scream.

What shocked Gugulis was that Sosotos’s chi was dropping as though he was injured.

Gugulis opened his mouth and looked at Sosotos in disbelief. “Oh s.h.i.+t! Do you need to act to this degree?”

“Idiot! Someone is ambus.h.i.+ng me! There are humans here!! Arghh it’s so hot!”

Sosotos wanted to sense this person’s position, but this person’s fire G.o.d art mastery was much higher than him. This person was using his own flames against him.

I am burning myself!

At this moment, a light breath brushed. Sosotos and Gugulis both tensed up.

Gugulis suddenly turned around and stared behind Sosotos. “It’s humans! Behind you!”

Two figures rapidly appeared behind Sosotos. The male human was emitting a terrifying chi.

Sosotos knew his predicament. His true spirit force cultivation level was only at around abstruse martial state level eight. His aperture opening state power all came from his fire G.o.d art.

Now that his fire G.o.d art followed someone else and burned him, he felt very bad, but there was nothing he could be careful about.

Sosotos roared and used all his spirit force to slice behind.

Lu Ze punched using his right fist with cold eyes. He used G.o.d art to protect Lin Ling from the battle while punching at Sosotos’ back.


Scorching flames and sharp winds, as well as that terrifying physical power and spirit force.

This was the recipe!

Sosotos’ hide wasn’t as think as the beasts.

The green-red first force instantly penetrated his chest. The ravaging flames and sharp wind blades destroyed his life force.

Gugulis and the other blade demon soldiers fell into silence.

Sosotos, the blade demon prodigy with fire G.o.d art just died like that?

He died pointlessly through a punch delivered by a young human that suddenly appeared?