Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 163 - Mine Base and Human Powerful Beings

Chapter 163 - Mine Base and Human Powerful Beings

Chapter 163: Mine Base and Human Powerful Beings


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

“Roar!!” The blade demon roared at the inferno.

Blood spirit light flashed as he sliced down with his right blade. Tens of meters long spirit light sliced on the inferno.


The inferno exploded turning into wind blades and fire waves, leaving deep marks on the cave wall.

The blade demon turned and sliced with his left blade on the beast that charged at him.

Blue runes flowed on the body of the beast. The spirit force slice tore open the beast’s spirit force defense and slammed toward its sh.e.l.l.


The terrifying spirit force slice only left half an inch deep mark.

This wasn’t even considered an injury for it.

The beast roared and slapped with its right claw. The spirit light on it almost materialized.


The blade demon felt the lethal threat. His blood light grew more intense.

He took back his right hand. The blade on his right hand turned into a blood blade seeping with ferocity. His force rose again. Even Lu Ze and Lin Ling felt pressure when they stood at the entrance of the cave.

This blade demon was truly fighting with his life.

The huge claw clashed with a toothpick sized blood blade.

An ear shocking explosion sounded.

Rocks fell down and more cracks appeared.

The rock layer couldn’t handle their full-powered clash.

Lu Ze looked at the battlefield.

The blade demon’s body was cracking up even more. It didn’t seem to have much more blood to flow.

Meanwhile, the black sh.e.l.l covered claw was sliced by the blade demon. There was a deep mark, and blood flowed out.

It was just breaking its skin, but it was the first time the blade demon made it bleed.

Then, the force the blade demon brought up crumbled like an avalanche.

Lu Ze grinned. A red and green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes.

He used the fusion G.o.d art for the third time, not giving the blade demon a chance to breathe.

Despite his power dropping again, the blade demon was not weaker than Lu Ze. Its blades sliced open the inferno.

Before he could react, the beast clawed his body. The blue spirit force tore open the blade demon’s defenses.


Like a ball, the blade demon was slapped to the wall.

He fell down and painted the wall red.

The blade demon’s chi dropped once again.

The beasts roared with dominance.

It was angry about getting injured.

It was still angry, and the slapping continued.

It appeared next to the blade demon and slapped down.

The blade demon tried to struggle but was slapped again.

His blood spirit force was crippled. His body seemed to break at any time.

The beast kept slapping.




The cave was filled with the furious roars of the beast.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling glanced at each other strangely.

This beast really had a bad temper.

They felt pity for this blade demon.

After tens of slaps, the blade demon’s chi started to disappear until it was completely gone.

When the beast stopped, the wall had sunken in with the blade demon’s body.

The blade demon was completely shattered. The beast roared and then looked at Lu Ze and Lin Ling. Its eyes were full of killing intent.

However, it didn’t charge over.

It was hesitating.

These two animals robbed his home.

However, the animal he slapped to death dug his most important mine.

How could he resist this?

He didn’t know which side to go now.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling turned to run. It couldn’t catch up anyway.

They stopped further away, watching if this beast would chase them.

Seeing this, the beast narrowed its eyes before deciding to go outside.

It didn’t want to admit, but it knew it couldn’t catch up to the two animals.

With a roar, the beast left.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling glanced at each other and smiled. “We’ll follow behind.”

Lin Ling nodded.

The ground was covered in the bodies of the beasts that the aperture opening state blade demon killed.

In fact, if the blade demon ran, it could get escape.

However, to prevent the beasts from all charging out, it fought to death here.

Lu Ze narrowed his eyes and looked at the body of the blade demon.

A green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes, and he took the body, putting it in his storage ring.

Lin Ling smiled. “Ze, your military merit is going to rise quite a lot with this. You can probably reach the rank of 1st lieutenant?”

Lu Ze grinned. “Level two Sergeant Major Lin Ling!”

Lin Ling rolled her eyes and saluted, “Yes!”

Lu Ze smiled. “This feels great. Okay, let’s go out first. You’ll need to find the way.”

Lin Ling was annoyed, but she knew now wasn’t the time to act up. “Mhm, I’ll use G.o.d art when the road branches out.”

Then, the two left.

They saw some blade demon bodies on the way out.

At every exit, Lin Ling would use her G.o.d art to tell the way. They were closer and closer to the exit.

Seeing Lin Ling’s face was pale, he asked worriedly, “Are you okay? We should be out soon, we can take it slow.”

Lin Ling bit her lips and shook her head. “I know, I’ll be fine. Maybe, the backlash might be a bit serious.

Lu Ze frowned at the firm eyed Lin Ling. “Up to you.”

They kept flying.


Soon, they no longer just saw tunnels but broken buildings.

They even heard the sound of battle.

It was aperture opening state level!

It was much stronger than the beast and that blade demon.

The two glanced at each other.

The chi was familiar.

They went near the entrance and looked out.

There was a huge crack of tens of meters wide in the dome.

Sunlight shone through. They weren’t used to the sunlight, so they closed their eyes.

This dome covered a few hundred meters area. There were quite some defense weapons. It was probably prepared for human invasion.

Little did they expect core martial state beasts charging out.

The ground was covered in weapons, blade demon bodies, and beast bodies.

There were all sorts of battle sounds outside. This mining base was about to fall.

Lu Ze flew out with Lin Ling and looked outside.

It was the desert, and the blue sky was dull.

This place looked barren. The surrounding rocks looked the same. Clearly, it was masked.

There were quite some powerful chi fighting outside. Lu Ze and Lin Ling looked up. It was their senior schoolmate and reinforcements from the military.

But due to numbers, the human race was at a disadvantage.

In the base, more than a hundred beasts roared and damaged things. The leader was the boss beast.

Meanwhile, the blade demon troops counterattacked.

Laser beams shot down from the sky, but most were dodged. Even if it landed on their sh.e.l.ls, it only created dark spots.

Only the powerful spirit canons could break through their defenses.

Their speed was slow relative to peers, but it was still hard for spirit martial state and abstruse martial state soldiers to land strikes on the core martial state beasts.

Only some core martial state blade demon could barely keep them there.

Four powerful blade demon also split off and flew to the base.

Due to this, the situation eased up for the humans