Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 162 - Suddenly, I Don’t Want to Play

Chapter 162 - Suddenly, I Don’t Want to Play

Chapter 162: Suddenly, I Don’t Want to Play


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Looking at Sisiria’s shocked face, Lu Ze grinned and waved his hand. “h.e.l.lo.”

Sisiria was so dazed that he couldn’t react.

This human was waving at him?

Was it not a human but a human-looking beast?

How could a human wave to him?

Even Lin Ling was dazed.

Lu Ze, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d, was acting up again!

Why was he waving to this blade demon??

That beast turned around and dashed at Sisiria again.

He focused a part of his attention on Lu Ze and Lin Ling too.

They were enemies as well!

Sensing the terrifying wave behind him, Sisiria felt anxious, and his blood bled faster.


The blade demon turned into a blood flow of light as he went to hide.

He looked at the remaining core martial state beasts in the cave and then at Lu Ze and Lin Ling.

There were quite some beasts that ran out. He would definitely be punished.

But should he now continue to stop the beasts or try killing these two humans?

His injuries were growing worse, and if this continued, he might die here. That aperture opening state beast pretty much had no injuries.

Should he retreat first?

Before he could decide what to do, another inferno appeared in the air.

The sharp tear of the wind, as well as the intense heat, was eroding his body.

Lu Ze used another G.o.d art. This was a good opportunity. This was a heavily injured aperture opening state blade demon.

The blade demon immediately roared and charged at them.

Lu Ze’s face had some seriousness.

Although it was heavily injured, this blade demon was still strong.

He might be killed if he wasn’t careful.

Lu Ze used all his power. Five times the strength G.o.d art, spirit force, wind G.o.d art, fire G.o.d art, physical body power.

The aftermath of the power made the air vibrate as the heatwave spread.

He stepped forward, leaving a crack on the ground below him, and punched.


In every place the fist force went, the air twisted and burned.

The blade demon roared as he crossed his arms. The two blades sliced out sword rays with blood light towards the fist force.

Then, the sword ray sliced open the fist force and continued towards Lu Ze.

Lu Ze didn’t feel good.

It was this strong?

He thought the blade demon would be weaker after getting injured.

Lu Ze kept punching out. All he had to do was block this strike.

After all, he had a bodyguard.

The huge beast appeared behind the blade demon and sliced out its huge claw.

The blade demon could only give up the thought of chasing up with an attack.

He roared and clashed with the beast again.


The blade demon was struck back once again as blood and blue spirit force spread.

In terms of power, the blade demon right now was much stronger than Lu Ze and a bit stronger than the beast.

His power was attained through the forbidden technique. He may receive the backlash at any time.

If that happened, he would lose all hopes.

Lu Ze punched tens of times and finally blocked the attack.

His mouth spasmed. He really was testing the borders of death.

Bosses were indeed very powerful.

Luckily, he had the beast helping him, or he would run as far away as possible.

At this moment, the beast slapped away the blade demon and then shot an energy ball at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze was stunned. “Wait! I thought we were on the same team??”

Lu Ze felt disappointed.

To prevent the situation from changing, Lu Ze could only deflect the energy attack bitterly.

These two attacks almost used up all his power.

He used red orbs in his brain, and his energy was refilled.

Lin Ling said, “Ze, we can’t continue like this.”

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. “Do you have a better way?”

Lin Ling frowned. “Something is amiss with the situation right now. Quite some core martial state beasts went out, but no other powerful beings came in. This isn’t right. They would be ruining the mine. The blade demon should be sending people in immediately.”

“And, despite knowing there was an aperture opening state blade demon here, he didn’t go out to stop the beasts. They should know something is holding him here.”

“So…” Lin Ling’s eyes flashed. “It’s either this aperture opening state is the only one or the other aperture opening state blade demons are held up.”

Lu Ze thought about it and gritted his teeth. “Let’s find an opportunity to leave.”

It might be dangerous going out, but it was dangerous staying here too.

There would all sorts of tunnels outside. It might be safer than here.

The safest thing to do would be to run towards the beast lair now and find another way out.

But it was best to understand the situation in the mine.

After all, they didn’t even know where they were. Who knew how long it would take to find another way out?

This was quite exciting?

Lin Ling gritted her teeth. “I can use my G.o.d art now!”

Lu Ze nodded.

The two glanced at the fighting demon and beast.

The blade demon spilled out blood again after another clash. Lu Ze didn’t get how this dude had so much blood.

The boss beast was smashed on the cave walls. Another crack appeared on the wall.

However, it wasn’t injured.

Suddenly, the blade demon’s chi became unstable. His force was dropping.

After using the technique twice, it couldn’t last long?

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed as his smile became evil.

He needed to leave a way of retreat if he was to go out.

He would add some damage to this guy.

If this aperture opening state blade demon died, would the boss beast chase him or help his underlings?

If it chased him, he would just run another circle. If it helped its underlings, then even better. He would wait for them to pave his path.

If there were more aperture opening states outside, he would need to trouble this boss.

Good beast!

The blade demon felt things weren’t good. He probably wouldn’t be able to stop the beast.

It’s all the fault of that human youth!

He wanted to tear Lu Ze to pieces.

At this moment, another inferno appeared behind him.

The blade demon roared.

Lu Ze didn’t know what it meant, but it definitely meant he was handsome.

The blade demon roared away from the inferno and had to face the huge claw slapping at him.

The blade demon wanted to cry.

After another clash, the blade demon could no longer suppress the beast. The beast shot out a spirit cannon.

Just when Sisiria wanted to dodge, another inferno appeared behind him.

He didn’t want to play. 1v2 was too unfair.