Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 161 - The Baby Human Young Duke

Chapter 161 - The Baby Human Young Duke

Chapter 161: The Baby Human Young Duke


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Thinking about how they might be surrounded by a bunch of powerful blade demon bosses, Lu Ze suddenly felt worried.

He just wanted to complete an easy new student mission. Why did it become like this?

Spirit metal mines and then blade demon bosses—this wasn’t easy at all.

The battle was still going on inside the cave between the blade demon and the black sh.e.l.led beast.

It was more like the beast chasing the blade demon everywhere. Due to the beast being slow, this situation went into a stalemate.

The blade demon couldn’t break through the beast’s defense while the beast couldn’t catch up to the blade demon.

At this moment, the large wave of core martial state beasts also charged over.

Their roars made Sisiria look over. When he saw the dense pack of beasts charging over, the expression on his face twisted!

He knew about their defenses. All the aperture opening states outside were fighting.

If this many beasts charged out, it would be huge trouble!

If that happened, huge trouble would happen to him too.

He was so unlucky!

At this moment, Lu Ze and Lin Ling retreated, seeing the black beasts charge out.

Lu Ze didn’t need to worry about being surrounded.

At this moment, the core martial state beasts came to the cave and saw their boss was fighting a small two-legged animal. Then, they looked at Lu Ze and Lin Ling who disappeared at the corner. They didn’t know where to go.

At this moment, the aperture opening state beast roared.

Immediately, all the beasts charged in the mining cave, wanting to charge out from there.

After all, the spirit metal here was dug away. They had to find it back.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling watched this.

“Ze, if there are still aperture opening state blade demons outside, just these core martial state beasts wouldn’t be enough, right?”

The strongest defenses of these beasts at core martial state were just aperture opening state primary stage, but their power was core martial state.

They were just a little bit troublesome for aperture opening states.

Lu Ze nodded. “They seem to be searching for the lost spirit metal. We’ll let them pave the way.”

If it’s too dangerous outside, they could only find another way out.

Sisiria was very sad. Those beasts still entered the cave.

Without this terrifying aperture opening state beast, those core martial state would just take some time for him.

He was chased around, and his defenses were terrifying like this beast.

If he was struck once, he would be injured. A few more times, he would go to heaven.

But if he didn’t stop these beasts and they went outside, then it would be over.

Thinking about this, Sisiria’s eyes flashed, and he growled.

Then, his blood spirit force boiled. His body started to crack and bleed.

He seemed injured, but his force rose.

This was the blade demon race forbidden technique. Babatos used it last time when he tried to run.

Sensing this, Lu Ze and Lin Ling’s eyes flashed.

Lin Ling asked, “This force… it seems similar to what that prodigy did last time.”

Lu Ze raised a brow. This was fighting with his life. There seemed to be a lot of black beasts, but it had a limited threat towards aperture opening state beasts. Did he need to release a huge move?


The battle heated up. The aperture opening state beast was no longer a match in head-on clashes.

However, Sisiria’s attacks could only leave some marks on it and couldn’t hurt the beast.

But Sisiria’s goal wasn’t to kill this boss but to hunt the beasts that charged out.

Blood spirit force sliced through the air.

The armor of the core martial state beasts couldn’t block a single attack. Their armor was sliced open as spirit force rushed inside to destroy their internals.

Seeing this, the boss beast roared in fury. Its blue runes became more obvious.

It charged at Sisiria.




Terrifying waves spread across. The nearby cracks spread out. The cave grew bigger and bigger until it stretched a hundred meters across.

This was enough for many beasts to run together.

Gradually, some high-level core martial state beasts still entered the mining cave and charged towards outside.

Other than some beasts that ran off, most beasts charged into the mining cave.

At this moment, the blade demon was covered in blood. He had intense killing chi as he tried to stop the beasts from running outside.

He was fighting with his life.

Lu Ze watched. “Why is he the only aperture opening state? Where are the other ones? Where are the soldiers?”

Lin Ling’s eyes flashed. “Ze, this blade demon seemed injured. It has no backup. How about we…”

Lu Ze glanced strangely at her.

Was her heart this dark?

But, he thought the same!


His power was weaker compared to these bosses, but he just needed to add some weight on one side of the scale, and this delicate balance would be broken.

Sisiria took a hit from the boss beast for killing a core martial state peak stage beast. He flew back uncontrollably.

Seeing this, a green and red light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes.

Sisiria suddenly saw a huge flaming tornado form behind him.

Sisiria: “???”

There were other aperture opening state beasts?

Just one was enough for him to handle, and yet, there was another.

Watching this tornado, it was clearly a beast that knew G.o.d art.

The tornado wasn’t lethal. He wouldn’t be worried at all if he was in his prime, but now, he was drained.

The fire burned his injured body, and his injuries worsened again.

He roared with his hideous mouth as his blood spirit force burst again.

More and more cracks appeared on his body. He became a human fountain of blood.

He was at the border of death, but he had no choice.

Sisiria broke the inferno and barely dodged the charge attack of the beast.

He didn’t counter-attack. Instead, he gazed at the cave entrance.

The spirit force wave came from outside. That aperture opening state seemed to have just entered aperture opening state. He would kill the weak one first.

Sisiria had no confidence in doing so as he knew how insane their defenses were.

Yet, when he looked at the cave entrance, he saw one male and female young humans standing there. From the spirit force waves, it seemed the male released the attack.


His voice was full of disbelief.

Did those two humans draw the beast here?

Could they control the beasts?

This wasn’t right. They were so young. How were they so strong?

Was he the new generation of young duke??

However, this was the first time he saw such a baby young duke.