Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 160 - Were they surrounded?

Chapter 160 - Were they surrounded?

Chapter 160: Were they surrounded?


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Hearing this, Lin Ling rejected it in her heart.

This guy had a big hole in his head—the type that couldn’t be filled up.

But Lin Ling still decided to listen to Lu Ze’s idea. “What do you plan to do?”

“If I didn’t sense it wrongly, there might be a tunnel over there. We can even make the bold guess that blade demons are mining. If we pull some more beasts over, it might be helpful?”

There were already so many beasts following them that it didn’t matter if more came.

If they really went over there and found the blade demon mines, he would destroy it no matter what.

The spirit metal couldn’t fall into the hands of the blade demons.

The two alone weren’t enough to destroy the cave.

If there was a mining cave, there would definitely be aperture opening states guarding it. Lu Ze and Lin Ling would be in grave danger. Thus, it was important to drag over some fat bulky bodyguards.

Lin Ling’s eyes flashed and she said, “Would we be surrounded?”

It was a good idea, but it was hard to execute.

Lu Ze grinned. “Don’t worry, I’m very strong at running!”

What a joke, he was running man Lu Ze!


Then, Lu Ze took Lin Ling and started a big circle.

The aperture opening state boss chased even more resiliently after its home was robbed. Quite some core martial state followed too.

Of course, there were some sneaky ones who quickly went up to take a few bites at the spirit metal, seeing their boss wasn’t watching, and then continued chasing furiously.


After one circle, Lu Ze noticed more beasts chasing them.

The cave was very popular.

Then, Lu Ze took that huge wave of beasts back to the tunnel with spirit metal.

There were still a few core martial state beasts secretly eating the spirit metal. Clearly, they didn’t expect Lu Ze would be back.

Hearing another close roar, those few beasts stopped chewing. They s.h.i.+vered.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling glanced at the beasts that forgot to even attack them. Lu Ze didn’t know why, but he still ran.

Core martial state attacks were useless against him.

Lu Ze ignored them.

Meanwhile, the aperture opening state boss found that his underlings dared to eat his spirit metal and was furious. He went up and slapped all of them dead.

Coming before the crack, Lu Ze sensed it previously but didn’t sense anything this time.

The boss was chasing up. Red and green lights flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes, and he punched in the huge ditch.


Stones flew, and the crack grew deeper.

After that punch, Lu Ze still didn’t sense that strange chi again.

Did he sense wrongly?

Before Lu Ze could think, he started running again as the beasts got closer.

After another big circle and Lu Ze brought the beasts here for the third time, that aperture opening state finally used spirit force attack on him, instead of charging at him.

Lu Ze dodged the attack, and the spirit force struck on the ditch.


Dust and spirit force filled the s.p.a.ce.

When the spirit force light disappeared, that ditch became a huge cave.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling went into another tunnel to dodge the attack and didn’t stand in front of the cave.

They couldn’t see what was inside, but the atmosphere became very silent.

The aperture opening state didn’t roar, however, its heavy breathing grew more rapid. Each breath seemed to contain huge fury.

Lu Ze was dazed.

What was inside the cave that made the big boss this furious?

Sisiria was an aperture opening state primary stage blade demon. He wasn’t as strong as prodigies who had G.o.d art, but he was a small prodigy.

So when the humans invaded outside, Babatoya sent him to guard the spirit metal mine entrance.

Lord Babatoya trusted him, and he wasn’t going to betray this trust.

Just before, the miners reported beast roars and smas.h.i.+ng sounds in the depth of the mine tunnel.

As the guardian of this mine, he was going to check this personally.

After all, spirit metal was too important. If something really happened, he would be gone.

He had a bad feeling. He sensed that one of the beasts seemed to be stronger than him. There was another strange power that felt weak but also made him sense danger.

Sisiria hesitated. The aperture opening states were fighting outside. What should he do? Should he fight alone?

His mission was to protect this mine. The beast seemed furious. If he fought it, would it get even angrier?

But if he didn’t, the mining couldn’t continue…

At this moment, a terrifying power exploded from the cave.

Huge rocks were thrown off. He quickly protected his miners.

Then, a huge hole appeared on the wall. Sisiria looked inside.

It was a tunnel filled with spirit metal that illuminated it.

But that wasn’t the problem, as this place was a spirit metal mine.

The problem was that a huge beast with a hideous head was looking at him.

It seemed very strong!

This boss clearly didn’t expect that the hole he created had other organisms inside.

When he saw the spirit metal that was dug out, his eyes went red.

Why was everyone trying to steal my treasure?!

These black two-legged organisms were worse than the previous two.

They dug such a huge hole??


Just how many spirit metal did they mine?

This was a treasure he was guarding!

Thus, the boss roared and charged into the cave without even looking at Lu Ze and Lin Ling.

Then, terrifying battle waves erupted.

Lin Ling asked curiously, “Blade demons?”

“We’ll go sneak a look.”

Before the big pack of beasts caught up, Lu Ze and Lin Ling peeped out their heads.

Soon, they saw what happened.

It was a huge hole, which was dug in the mining cave. It was a few thousand meters in diameter.

Quite some broken arms and legs were on the ground. They probably came from blade demon miners.

The beast that chased them was now chasing a blade demon flas.h.i.+ng with red spirit light.

Every time the blade demon’s sharp blades struck at the sh.e.l.l of the beast, it only made clanks. Not even a white scratch appeared.

Yet, the powerful attacks of the beast made the blade demon jump around.

Sisiria was dazed. His power wasn’t much weaker than the beast, but its defenses were too terrifying?

His attacks were completely ineffective.

How was he going to fight?

Watching this, Lu Ze grinned. “Luckily, I was smart and found a fat bulky bodyguard. Otherwise, we would be caught up.”

The blade demon was aperture opening state and stronger than him.

Without this beast, they would be hunted.

Lin Ling’s eyes flashed. “There’s a powerful being inside. Perhaps, there would be more outside.”

Lu Ze’s smile disappeared.

This did seem right.

Were they surrounded?