Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 159 - The Great Search

Chapter 159 - The Great Search

Chapter 159: The Great Search

Lu Ze and Lin Ling constantly flashed around in the complex tunnels.

In the distance, the beast roars echoed. Heavy steps followed them closely.

However, both of them frowned and didn’t care about the roars.

They were reminiscing how they saw the spirit powered armor-like runes that lit up on the beasts.

The atmosphere fell silent for a while.

Lu Ze asked, “Lin Ling, do you think this planet would have spirit metal?”

Lin Ling turned around, glancing at the aperture opening state beast, and said slowly, “Ze, remember when we were at the transporter s.h.i.+p, that soldier said he saw a spirit metal being devoured by beasts?”

“If there are really spirit metal mines around the lair, then it seems right that the signal is blocked.”

Lu Ze laughed speechlessly. If there were spirit metal mines nearby, the special spirit wave would interfere with quantum signals.

Lin Ling frowned. “If there really is one, I wonder how much there is…”

The two fell in silence again.

Spirit metal was too meaningful.

If there really was large amounts of spirit metal then…

The 25th planet would turn into a butchering ground very quickly.

Lin Ling smiled bitterly. “I have a very unfortunate guess.”

Lu Ze’s face went dark. “That Babatos came for this?”

Lin Ling nodded. “If the blade demon found spirit metal mines here, they may indeed send powerful beings over sneakily. Perhaps, the blade demons on this planet are beyond our imagination.”

“Pfft.” Lu Ze looked behind. “These guys really don’t give up…”

At this moment, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. He smiled at Lin Ling. “Lin Ling, I have a bold idea.”

Lin Ling’s face went stiff. “…”

She didn’t know what the idea was, but seeing how happy this guy was laughing, she had a bad feeling.

Her mouth spasmed as she glared at Lu Ze. “No!!”

She had to stop this r.e.t.a.r.d.

Lu Ze glanced behind. “I have no choice. If there really is a spirit metal mine, we need to leave as soon as possible. Even if we can’t, we need to confirm if there are spirit metals.”

Lin Ling bit her lips. She clearly knew this guy was going to be a r.e.t.a.r.d, but he had the right reason, and she couldn’t stop him.

Lu Ze smiled. “Lin Ling, why don’t we go around and see if there are spirit metal in that boss’ home?”

Lu Ze’s lips raised like crazy. He just wanted to find a way out before, but now, he wasn’t going to be so kind.

Lin Ling heard the roars behind her. Her eyes flashed, and she gritted her teeth, “Okay!”

A green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes, and he ran to the general direction of the boss’ cave.

The lair of the beasts was very complicated. Although they had run out very far, the memory of high-level martial artists was very good. Lu Ze could remember the general direction.

The sudden turn made the aperture opening state beast roar again.

It drifted, smas.h.i.+ng a pillar away, and kept chasing.

Lu Ze took Lin Ling through tunnels after tunnels.

An hour later, the two came to the aperture opening state beast’s cave.

There were piles of ores and metals. Lu Ze immediately used his mental force to sweep everything into his storage ring. The cave instantly became clean.

Only kids would choose. He would take it all.

The vibrant colored cave immediately dimmed down.

Lu Ze didn’t stop at all and ran out of the cave.

As soon as they did, a powerful blue spirit force attack struck toward the two.

Lu Ze grinned. He punched out with wind and fire G.o.d art.


The cave shook.

Lu Ze’s power was still weaker than this boss.

The blue spirit force pillar annihilated Lu Ze’s fist force. The remnant kept charging at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze raised his mental power, and waves of red barrier stopped before the attack, weakening it.

Then, he used the shock force to dart toward the other direction.

In terms of running, Lu Ze could confidently say he was very strong!

At this moment, the boss finally came to his cave. He turned around and saw that all the metals and crystals were gone.

It was completely dumbfounded.

That was all his collection!!

Those two b.a.s.t.a.r.d robbers!!


The aperture opening state boss made a furious yet pitiful roar. Its blue ripples flashed, and it chased toward Lu Ze and Lin Ling again.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze and Lin Ling just ran out a few hundred meters. They were stunned.

Their eyes widened as they looked ahead in disbelief.

There were translucent crystals on the wall.

They had this faint glow and emitted a strange spirit force wave.

Lu Ze asked, “Lin Ling, this wouldn’t be the spirit metal, right?”

Lu Ze was arranged to have 1.5 k.g. of spirit metal but that would only be given once he got to the school.

Lin Ling nodded. “This is indeed spirit metal.”

Lu Ze was speechless.

They just needed to turn left from the door of the boss to see this, but before, they turned right and took a big circle to realize!

The great search!

At this moment, the furious roars of the big boss came out behind them.

The two s.h.i.+vered. They just raided its home. Their best option is to run first.

Thus, Lu Ze dragged Lin Ling to run again.

This tunnel had been dug for quite some time, but there were still spirit metals not yet eaten yet.

Clearly, even black sh.e.l.l beasts took time to digest spirit metal.

After going for a few k.m., there were more spirit metals scattered on the wall. Lu Ze and Lin Ling’s eyes focused.

It was spread out, but there was quite the storage here.

Plus, there was probably more undiscovered yet.

This amount of spirit metal was enough to change the entire battlefield at Xiaer system.

Perhaps, even planetary martial artists would be coming!

That big black beast put its home next to the spirit metal mine. It was clearly to take it for himself.

This tunnel wasn’t long, and soon, they reached the end.

It was another pitch-black cave with no difference from the tunnel before. Clearly, the big boss dug it itself.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling turned around. The big boss had already appeared in the tunnel.

The instant it saw Lu Ze and Lin Ling, it spat a blue spirit orb without hesitation.

The terrifying spirit force struck towards Lu Ze and Lin Ling.

Lu Ze raised a brow as he disappeared with the wind.

The orb struck a wall, blowing out tens of diameter long ditch. The entire cave was shaking.

One had to admit that the rock producing spirit metal was extremely tough.

Ordinary rocks attacked by aperture opening state wouldn’t just break this little.

Despite this, cracks still appeared, and it was expanding.

Lu Ze charged into the other tunnel.

At the same time, a sliver of confusion flashed in his eyes.

He sensed some familiar chi.

“Lin Ling, do you sense it? There’s a familiar chi.”

“Familiar chi?” Lin Ling frowned.

Then, she shook her head. “Perhaps I’m not strong enough.”

Lu Ze laughed. “Yo, young mistress Lin Ling finally admits she’s a noob?”

“Lu Ze!!”

Lu Ze laughed. “We’ll go around in a few more circles.”

Lin Ling nodded. “Mhm.”

Then, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up again. “Lin Ling, I have another bold idea.”

Lin Ling: “???”