Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 158 - How About We Chill?

Chapter 158 - How About We Chill?

Chapter 158: How About We Chill?

Lu Ze and Lin Ling charged outside.

It was a boss!

They couldn’t mess with it.

Although Lu Ze’s fire G.o.d art and spirit force cultivation have been improving steadily these two days, this black beast clearly didn’t look like a newly-ascended Aperture Opening State!

Plus, Lu Ze had personally tested the defences of that Core Martial State level nine beast.

Lu Ze wasn’t interested in knowing how strong this Aperture Opening State beast’s defences was.

So, Lu Ze felt tactical retreat was more suitable.


In one second, Lu Ze and Lin Ling were a few hundred meters from the cave.

The roar shook the air, forming waves that bounced around in the cave.

Even Lu Ze and Lin Ling felt a powerful wind blow past. It smelled bad.

Then, heavy footsteps sounded. Lu Ze felt that powerful chi slowly get close.

The boss was planning to chase?

Green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes as he smiled at Lin Ling. “Grab the handle, the old driver is about to drive.”

Lin Ling: ???


What handle?

Before she could think, the scene before her twisted. The speed increased so fast that she felt she was flying.

Her face went pale as she instinctively grabbed Lu Ze’s arm tightly. She glared at Lu Ze. “Lu Ze! Do you want to scare me to death!!”

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

So, that’s what he meant by grabbing the handle??

She wasn’t prepared at all!

And, how was his speed this fast?

As Lu Ze sped up, he and Lin Ling turned into a green blur in this complicated cave.

The Abstruse Martial State black beasts they pa.s.sed didn’t feel anything at all. They just felt a powerful wind go past. When they looked up, they saw nothing.

Core Martial State black beasts just sensed their chi as the two sped off.

They couldn’t even react.

They weren’t going to tolerate this!!

Although speed wasn’t their strength, they had their pride!!

Thus, the Core Martial State beasts along the way roared and chased toward Lu Ze and Lin Ling.

The two left behind happy figures in the caves. However, behind them were tens of not-so-happy black beasts.

The unhappiest one was the extremely powerful Aperture Opening State beast chasing at the start.

It was taking a good nap at home, and then two strange beings entered its house.

Without a doubt, they wanted to steal his collection!

Thus, he planned to kill the two mercilessly.

However, it was dazed to find that it couldn’t catch the two at all.

It felt that it was very invincible.

In the entire race, there were only five as strong as it!

How come it couldn’t catch up to the two??

Its huge, black body turned into a black flowing light. It destroyed quite some tunnels along the way. It even crushed other black beasts along the way.

It was merciless and dominating!

Despite it working so hard to chase, it found the two slowly getting further away.

If it was some other black beast, it would just roar a few times in their direction and then go back to sleep.

But as the big boss of a race, it couldn’t take this.

Spirit light flowed, and the blue runes on its sh.e.l.l started to emit black light.

Its pressure increased again, and its spirit force wave grew stronger.

It roared, and its speed increased again.

Lu Ze was smiling. As long as they were fast enough, the black beasts couldn’t keep up.

However, running like this was problematic as the commotion was too big. Anything could happen.

If they didn’t encounter this boss, Lu Ze wouldn’t be running happily like this.

Finding the exit safely was the right way.

Lin Ling clutched Lu Ze’s arm tightly. She was getting used to this speed.

“Ze, what do we do now? That black beast sped up. We won’t be able to shake it off like this.”

The black beast’s speed could keep up with Lu Ze now.

Speed was their weakness. This meant that the power of this beast was probably not just Aperture Opening State primary stage.

Lu Ze raised a brow, “It’s fine, we’ll go further away. It can’t keep chasing us away from its home. Even if it does, we’ll wait until your G.o.d art recovers, and we’ll find a way out.”

His body had great recovery powers. Worse comes to worst, he would run as he used red orbs.

There were all too many red orbs in his brain. It would take at least tens of days for him to use them up. He didn’t believe the beast would keep chasing.

Thus, Lu Ze led all the beasts to line up and run around for exercise.

Quite some low-level black beasts didn’t even know what was going on, and then a strong wind blew past. Then, they dazedly watched as their boss trampled over them.

Those who were stronger didn’t die immediately and wailed on the ground but were then trampled by the chasing Core Martial State beasts.

Before they died, all they could think was, ‘What was going on??’

Lu Ze felt great, as he found that while using the red orbs, he could still get stronger!

It was much less effective than when he cultivated, but he was still getting stronger!

New discovery!

While Lu Ze was happy, Lin Ling sensed all sorts of powerful chi.

Her face was pale from the fright.

She didn’t know how big this lair was, but they’ve run over 100 kilometers with such speed.

Lin Ling didn’t even dare to imagine how many black beasts were following behind.

Lin Ling looked at the smiling Lu Ze and said, “Ze, should we be more chill?”

Lu Ze was loving it right now. The beasts were even roaring in rhythm.

They had quite the artistic talent, aye?

Lu Ze smiled. “Don’t worry, it’s only a small scene. I have a special running method. Plus, that big boss is following behind. I can’t stop even if I wanted to.”

In the Pocket Hunting Dimension, he had encountered wolf packs, beast tides, and all sorts of things. There was no cover on the gra.s.sy plain, and yet he could live so long.

Here, he would run until those black beasts doubted life.

Hearing this, Lin Ling couldn’t say anything else.

Lu Ze was right. For some reason, that Aperture Opening State beast kept chasing them.

Half an hour later, they had twisted and turned, but that Aperture Opening State boss still kept up.

However, the numbers following them didn’t increase. Some gave up, and some newly joined. The number remained at a few hundred.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling pa.s.sed a few kilometers-long tunnel. When they were at the end, the boss was at the start.

Lin Ling instinctively turned around.

She dazed and then frowned.

She patted Lu Ze, “Lu Ze, look at the beast behind you!”

Lu Ze turned around in confusion “What?”

He just glanced at it once and frowned. “This boss…”

Lin Ling: “Very similar, right?”


Due to the shock, the beast closed in on them a little.

Lu Ze had a burst in speed and disappeared around a corner.

Ordinary black beasts just had a black sh.e.l.l, but the Aperture Opening State one showed blue runes.

It was extremely similar to the spirit powered armor!