Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 157 - Sorry for Disturbing, We’ll Leave Immediately!

Chapter 157 - Sorry for Disturbing, We’ll Leave Immediately!

Chapter 157: Sorry for Disturbing, We’ll Leave Immediately!

Not far ahead, the huge, black beast flashed with blue spirit light, releasing a powerful pressure. The entire cave shook as though it would collapse at any time.

At this moment, the light in Lin Ling’s eyes slowly receded. She said weakly, “Okay, it’s at the spine behind its head. The metal distribution there is weak! Use your full power, and you should be able to break it!”

Lu Ze grinned. Green and red light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes.

He used a fire G.o.d art and formed a red barrier to protect Lin Ling, while he charged at the beast.

This huge beast seemed to attack differently than others. It relied on its powerful defense and continued to gather spirit force for its attack.

Lu Ze appeared behind its back where Lin Ling had said.

He punched down with flames and wind.


The black beast was very confident in its defense. It was proven before as well that Lu Ze’s attack wasn’t effective.

It didn’t react when Lu Ze appeared behind it, but when Lu Ze punched out, it’s sixth sense made it restless.

With that punch, it would die!

It didn’t know why, but the black beast trusted its instincts.

It roared, and the gathered spirit force turned into a faint blue armor covering Lu Ze’s punch.

The green red fist force clashed with the armor.


Thunderous raves spread, and the cave shook more violently. Large pieces of rocks fell down.


A painful growl sounded.

In terms of power, the black best was weaker than Lu Ze. Its only power was its defences.

Now that there was a flaw in it, Lu Ze’s fist easily tore open its spirit force defense and struck on its weakness.

Bone-cracking sounds came. The black armor cracked, and the crack started to spread.

The fist force seeped into the beast’s body. Blood spilled out, making this beast howl in pain.

Lu Ze said coldly, “Die!”

He punched again.


The sh.e.l.l splashed away pieces.

Another punch!


The spirit force fist tore through the armor and struck its tender insides.

Sharp winds and scorching flames exploded inside the beast, and its organs and muscles were instantly destroyed.

This cave could collapse at any time.

Lu Ze looked at the huge cave entrance on the wall that connected to the beast lair.

His eyes flashed. Should he go in and check?

His mission was to kill all the black beasts, after all.

Who knew if there were more inside?

Captain Mu Han didn’t even have intel of his Core Martial State level nine beast.

It was too dangerous to go inside like that.

If more battles occurred, this cave would really collapse.

He wasn’t going. He would go back and report the situation first.

His life was more important.

Lu Ze came back to Lin Ling and waved away the barrier.

He said, “Let’s go back first, things don’t seem to be so simple.”

Lin Ling clearly felt the same and nodded. “Mhm.”

Her voice was feeble. Clearly, she overused her G.o.d art.

Just when they were planning a tactical retreat, a deep growl sounded from the tunnel.

The tunnel started to collapse. A black beast—smaller than the one Lu Ze just killed—charged out.

When it saw the huge beast behind Lu Ze, its eyes went red. It charged at Lu Ze without hesitation.

“Oh, sh*t!”

Lin Ling also looked at the collapse dazedly.

How were they going back now?

Why was there another one left?

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. He took Lin Ling with the wind and dodged the attack.

The beast furiously smashed the ground, and the cave shook vigorously again. Huge rocks fell down incessantly.

“Lin Ling, can you still use G.o.d art?” Lu Ze looked at the pale-faced Lin Ling.

Her cultivation level was too low, and it would be hard for her to use it again.

However, he couldn’t break the defences.

He was still too noob. Lu Ze felt he should go die in the Pocket Hunting Dimension more.

He couldn’t even take care of a Core Martial State beast.

Lin Ling said seriously, “I’ll try again.”

Her dim eyes glimmered with light again. Her face instantly went pale, and her eyes turned red.


Lu Ze quickly grabbed her hand.

Her eyes were going to be ruined like this.

Lin Ling bit her lips and sighed eventually. “I can’t.”

Lu Ze grinned and said, “It’s fine, it’s very slow. If we run fast enough, it can’t catch up to us.”

“Our path is blocked, you’re still laughing!”

Couldn’t he be more serious??

Lu Ze pointed at the cave “Isn’t there another way here? It’s fine, I’ll take you out.”

Lin Ling’s mouth spasmed. She didn’t know what to say anymore.

Then, Lu Ze used wind G.o.d art to take them into the cave behind.

There were all sorts of strange stalact.i.tes inside.

Lu Ze didn’t know whether there were beasts, so he didn’t even dare to use mental force in case a powerful boss found him.

A furious roar sounded behind him. That beast had caught up.

Lu Ze glanced back and disappeared with Lin Ling.

If this was on flat grounds, he could easily throw that guy off.

The two moved rapidly in the tunnels. If there were branches, Lu Ze chose left.

Gradually, he couldn’t hear the roars anymore.

Yet, they were successfully lost.

This beast lair was much larger than they had imagined.

Lu Ze had run a hundred kilometers but still didn’t see a repeating place.

Nor did he see other beasts.

Another half an hour later, Lu Ze looked dazedly at the tunnel.

This maze was huge.

He found a random place to put Lin Ling as he took out his phone. “We’ll make contact with the base first. I’ll see if there’s a signal here.”

Quantum communication was very developed right now. You could reach most places in the galaxy if you had a connection.

But there were always places in the universe that naturally distorted signals.

…for example, now.

Lu Ze put his phone back helplessly. “There might be some field interference.”

Lin Ling took out her phone too to check, but it had no signal either. She frowned. “It seems we can only find a way out first.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Lin Ling, let’s eat first. So hungry.”

Lin Ling rebuked seriously. “What time is it now and you’re still thinking about eating? Can you be more mature like me??”

But when Lu Ze took out Alice’s food, the intense smell made Lin Ling shut up and sit next to Lu Ze.

As they ate, Lu Ze asked, “Are your eyes fine?”

Lin Ling nodded. “Light backlash. I probably can’t use it for three days.”

Lu Ze nodded and breathed easy. “That’s good.”

He was really worried something would happen to her. After all, he had a responsibility.

Lin Ling glanced at Lu Ze and joked, “Oh, the foodie Lu Ze knows how to care about people?”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. “Your cultivation level is too weak, your body is weak too, your mental force is weak too. If you’re strong enough, you wouldn’t get backlashed.”

Lin Ling’s smile faded.

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

Not everyone was him!

Wasn’t she already improving very fast??

Lin Ling ate two more bowls of food.

After eating, Lu Ze checked around with wind G.o.d art and mental force. He found that in a few kilometer radius, there were no beasts.

Thus, they found a place to hide and recover.

They were both tired after fighting for a day.

Lu Ze closed his eyes and entered the Pocket Hunting Dimension. The next moment, he opened his eyes again.

There was a tear on the corner of his eye.

He didn’t go in for long, and some huge boss crushed him from the sky.

Today, he was Lu “Insect” Ze.

Then, Lu Ze used red orbs to cultivate.

Lin Ling was recovering, too.

It was night at the base.

Ye Mu and the rest were sent to help with the rescue.

In a cave, Ian said worriedly, “I wonder how Ze and Lin Ling are going. The beasts inside seemed strong.”

Ye Mu laughed. “Don’t worry, what can possibly happen to Ze? Perhaps the two are doing something happy right now.”

Xavier laughed.

The girls looked contemptuously at the lewd Ye Mu. Xuan Yuqi said coldly, “Do you think Ze is the same as you?”

“I, I don’t think Ze is that sort of person….”

“If you were to have a young duke t.i.tle, it would be lewd young duke!”

“Hehe, thank you, lewd young duke is still a young duke.”

Six hours later, Lu Ze opened his eyes. Due to the spirit body, his spirit force cultivation had no bottleneck before the Mortal Evolution State. He was almost Abstruse Martial State level five now.

However, this was still weak. He couldn’t even take care of a Core Martial State level nine beast. There would be even more powerful races in the future.

He got up and looked at Lin Ling.

When she closed her eyes, she looked softer and girl-like.

However, she suddenly opened her eyes. Her eyes were still a bit dim.

Seeing Lu Ze look at her, she winked, “What are you doing? Stalking me?”

Lu Ze said speechlessly “… Let’s go, get out earlier.”

Lin Ling smiled and got up. “Mhm.”

Then, the two began their maze adventure again.

Two days later, Ye Mu and the squad looked worriedly at the 45th tunnel.

They had rescued all the other living miners and killed some beasts during this time.

But Lu Ze still wasn’t out.

Ian said, “Is he alright? He has no signal on his phone, too.”

Ye Mu frowned. “He should be fine. Even if he can’t beat something, he can run away.”

The highest level being on this planet was just near Aperture Opening State.

At least up until now, it was.

Xuan Yuqi said, “Perhaps they went inside a beast lair with no signal.”

Yuantian Qianhua nodded. “That’s most likely.”

Meanwhile, Lu Ze and Lin Ling have been walking around for more than a few thousand kilometers, but they still didn’t find the exit.

They did encounter some black sh.e.l.l beasts, but they weren’t as strong as the large one.

Just what lair was this??

If they’re so good at digging, then why not dig the entire underground of the planet…


Lu Ze thought of this possibility and looked at Lin Ling. “Lin Ling, do you think these beasts have dug the entire planet?”

Lin Ling’s playful face was lifeless. “…No way.”

Lu Ze frowned. “Are you okay? Your face looks bad.”

Lin Ling’s mouth spasmed. She hadn’t showered for two days and wanted to shower. But how could she say this?

He would laugh to death!

Lin Ling shook her head. “It’s fine, my G.o.d art can recover tomorrow. It would be easier then.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Are you really fine?”


“Then, let’s go.”

A few hours later, they went into a tunnel and then into a cave.

Then, the two felt dazed.

There were all sorts of metals and crystals inside, s.h.i.+ning in different colors.

However, on top laid a huge, black sh.e.l.l beast. It was completely different to the ones they had seen before. Its sh.e.l.l had waves of blue ripples. It was also a hundred meters long.

When the two came in, the beast slowly lifted up its hideous head and looked coldly at the two.

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. He showed a very polite smile. “Sorry boss, I didn’t know this was your home. Sorry for disturbing, we’ll leave immediately!”

Then, Lu Ze swept up Lin Ling and ran.