Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 156 - Don’t? You’ll Be Buried Alive

Chapter 156 - Don’t? You’ll Be Buried Alive

Chapter 156: Don’t? You’ll Be Buried Alive

Lu Ze looked at the firm-faced group and smiled. “If you guys are certain then up to you.”

Lu Ze could understand their pride.

All those who could come to the Federal University were the most talented in an entire solar system. No one would want to be a freeloader.

Ye Mu and the squad smiled. “Of course. When we go out, we’ll go tell Captain Mu Han that we’ll go support the miner rescues.”

Lu Ze nodded.

Then, Ye Mu and the rest returned. The tunnel was complicated, but they remember the way back.

Only Lu Ze and Lin Ling remained in the tunnel.

Lin Ling’s eyes flashed. “If it wasn’t that my G.o.d art can help find beasts, I would’ve left too.”

Lin Ling’s use was just to guide the way. If Lu Ze could find the beasts himself, he could kill them all himself.

Lu Ze smiled. “There’s not that many ifs. Stop sighing, and let’s go. We might be able to make it back in time for dinner.”

Lin Ling glanced at Lu Ze speechlessly.

This guy was still thinking about food!

Lu Ze smiled and turned around to look at the four tunnels. His smile stiffened. “Lin Ling, which one do we go to?”

Oh my! If he was here alone, he would definitely get lost.

Lin Ling pointed to the very right tunnel. “This tunnel has the highest density of foreign spirit force.”

Lu Ze frowned. “So, other tunnels have it, too?”

Lin Ling nodded and pointed at the two tunnels to the left. “It’s in there, too. Which one do we go to?”

Lu Ze thought about it and said, “Let’s go to the one with the most first.”

Lin Ling nodded.

It was Lu Ze fighting anyway. She was just a cute audience; she didn’t mind.

Then, the two headed down the right tunnel.

It was curved and went up and down, but it was still going down over all.

During the meantime, the two encountered quite some solo beasts. There were Spirit Martial State, Abstruse Martial State, and even low-level Core Martial State beasts.

Those Core Martial State low-level beasts had defences equivalent to Core Martial State middle stage.

As they went deeper, more and more beasts appeared. Their power grew stronger, too.

It was another empty cave; green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes and whirlwind covered the entire cave. More than ten high-level Abstruse Beasts and two low-level Core Martial State beasts’ ligaments hovered around in the air, but they were still swept inside the whirlwind.

The sharp wind inside sliced on their bodies, and clanks sounded non stop. The beasts started howling.

Moments later, the cave was full of bodies.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling came inside the cave and studied the bodies.

Lin Ling said. “They’re getting even stronger.”

Lu Ze nodded. “It’s fine now. Let’s go in further. There shouldn’t be an Aperture Opening State beast, right?”

Lu Ze felt he shouldn’t be that unlucky.

It should be an easy mission.

How come he didn’t feel it was easy.

The two pressed on.

Three hours later, there were less and less branching tunnels. There were more and more undug heaven blue crystals. The tunnels were illuminated in blue light.

When the two were walking forward carefully, Lu Ze suddenly stopped.

“What’s going on?”

Lin Ling asked.

Lu Ze said, “It seems to be the end of the tunnel ahead.”

The end should be the beast lair they dug, right?

Lu Ze looked ahead, but he didn’t dare to use mental force to check it. It wouldn’t be good if a powerful beast inside sensed it.

Lin Ling dazed and said, “Let’s go check it first?”

Lu Ze nodded. “Let’s be careful.”

The two went forward carefully. At the end of the tunnel, they peeped their heads inside the cave.

The cave had a diameter of a thousand meters. Blue crystals emitted light from the walls and ground, lighting up the entire cave.

Inside were tens of huge, black-sh.e.l.led beasts gnawing at the blue crystals. Their sharp teeth crushed the ores.

There was also heavy breathing from the beasts.

In the center of the beasts laid a 50-meter long, huge black-sh.e.l.led beast. It frowned a little.

Its chi was very strong—probably high Core Martial State power. With its strong defences, even Lu Ze wasn’t certain he could kill it.

Lin Ling patted Lu Ze’s shoulder and pointed in a direction. “Look there, Lu Ze.”

Lu Ze glanced, and there was a huge hole of a hundred meters in diameter. The inside was pitch-black.

It was a cave dug open by the beasts.

The Federal miners probably dug to this cave and were caught by the beasts. Then, they were attacked.

So, did that mean there were more beasts inside?

Just that huge beast alone made him feel not so confident.

If they fought, and they called for their parents or something, he would really cry.

Lin Ling’s eyes flashed, and she suddenly smiled. “Ze, do you still remember the insectoid tide?”

Lu Ze was in a daze and replied. “Of course.”

Lin Ling raised her lips. “Just like how we attacked those flying insectoids, I’ll tell you the weakness of the beast, and you attack.”

Lu Ze’s eyes lit. “We can do that!”

He completely forgot that Lin Ling could see through their defences.

Lu Ze smiled at her. “Then, tell me where the weakness of that biggest beast is. I’ll take care of them now.”

Hearing this, Lin Ling’s eyes shone brighter. She started to sweat.

It was very difficult for Lin Ling, as this was a high-level Core Martial State beast.

If her G.o.d art didn’t improve, she would definitely fail.

Now, she could possibly succeed.

Seeing Lin Ling frown in pain, Lu Ze’s eyes flashed but didn’t tell her to stop.

She wasn’t that type of person.

At this moment, the huge, black beast suddenly looked up and let out an ear-piercing howl.

It shook the cave as dust fell.

The other beasts also looked up warily.

The huge beast looked toward the tunnel.

It noticed someone peeking while it was eating. This made it furious.

Lu Ze turned to Lin Ling. “We’re found.”

Lin Ling said, “I need a little bit more time…”

Before she finished, the black beast flashed with spirit light as a faint green, basketball-sized energy ball formed in its mouth.

It then turned into a green light that shot toward Lin Ling and Lu Ze.

The energy inside made Lu Ze serious.

This was a Core Martial State level nine beast.

Red flames flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes as a fire barrier blocked in front of the ball.


Terrifying energy was released in the cave. Green and red light filled the s.p.a.ce.

The walls started cracking as dust and rocks fell nonstop.

Lu Ze looked at the expanding crack, and his eyes flashed. Green wind grabbed Lin Ling’s thin waist as Lu Ze brought her into the cave.

They couldn’t fight in the tunnel here or it would collapse, and they would need to rebuild it.

When they came in, the tens of black beasts charged at them.

If it wasn’t that the rocks containing the heaven blue crystals were rather tough, this cave would have probably collapsed already.

Lu Ze’s eyes went cold.

Green and red light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes as he opened five-times strength G.o.d art.

He went into his strongest form instantly.

He would finish the battle quickly.

Otherwise, if the cave collapsed, wouldn’t he be buried alive?

He opened his right hand.

A red flame appeared, forming red prisons that devoured the beasts.

Then, wind spun around the prisons, too.

The weakest beasts were just Abstruse Martial State and were instantly roasted to charcoal. They smelled bad.

However, the remaining eight Core Martial States survived.

That Core Martial State level nine roared. Its spirit light flashed, and it instantly broke free.

Its armor was completely unscatched.

It… even shone brighter?

Lu Ze looked on dazedly. Did it repair its armor for it?

He needed to charge a fee!

Clearly, the beast didn’t intend to pay as it charged toward Lu Ze.

Lu Ze couldn’t clash with the beast head on yet. Otherwise, the cave might collapse.

He dodged the attack with Lin Ling.

The beasts lost speed while they strengthened their defences. Lu Ze could easily play around with the huge beast, while dealing with other weaker ones.

In a short few seconds, two weaker, black beasts were roasted.


Feeling his pals getting killed nonstop while he was getting played, the huge, black beast went into fury.

It stopped chasing and roared.

Terrifying spirit force wave spread out.

Was this guy going to use a big move?

Please don’t? We’re going to be buried alive.

His mouth spasmed as he said, “Lin Ling, we’re about to be buried alive? Are you still not done?”

Lu Ze glanced at Lin Ling and found her face was very pale. Her body seemed weak, too. Only her eyes were brighter.