Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 155 - Cut Into Mosaics

Chapter 155 - Cut Into Mosaics

Chapter 155: Cut Into Mosaics

The tunnel walls hung quite some lights that emitted a warm, white light.

The walls were full of hacking marks and had quite some blood on it.

The blood was looking dark now.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. This was probably the blood of the beasts and soldiers.

Everyone wore spirit powered armor. When their metal shoes stepped on the ground, it made crisp clanks that echoed in the tunnel.

The air still had the smell of dust and blood.

When they went in a few hundred meters, all the lights were broken.

Behind them was the light and before them was the darkness that seemed to devour them.

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. “If a white-robed woman came out now, it would be a scary movie.”

Lu Ze was scared of scary movies the most in his past life. Now that he was strong, he wasn’t so scared.

Lin Ling: “Which martial artist is scared of ghosts?”

Ye Mu smiled. “Ghosts aren’t scary, but the fabled void spirit race, dark demon race, and many other races look quite like ghouls.”

This made the timid Ian and Jessica shrink their necks.

Then, Xuan Yuqi said, “Those races are outside the Milky Way, right? They’re very far from us.”

Lu Ze asked, “Are they strong?”

Lin Ling replied, “Most are stronger than the human race.”

Everyone fell into silence.

Humans had little time for development, and they weren’t those naturally powerful races.

They could have a spot in the Milky Way all because of the sacrifices of the ancestors.

Ye Mu smiled. “When I go out of the Milky Way to travel, I will subjugate the cosmos with one sword.”

“Keep dreaming.”

Yuantian Qianhua laughed.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. Should he set a small goal such as ruling the Milky Way galaxy or something?

But thinking about this, it seemed too little of a goal for a transmigrator.

It needed to be grander, such as crus.h.i.+ng a galaxy with one hand or stomping a cosmic lord…

The group went forward a few hundred meters more. The light behind them were like stars now.

They were gradually being devoured by the darkness completely.

Luckily, they were all Abstruse Martial State martial artists. Ordinary darkness didn’t affect their vision.

The tunnel ahead split off into left and right. The group stopped there.

Both branches were silent and dark.

Ye Mu looked at Lu Ze. “Ze, which way do we go?”

Lu Ze looked at Lin Ling. “Lin Ling, which way do we go?”

Didn’t she say she had a way?

Go, Lin Ling!

Find the right way!

Of course, Lu Ze didn’t dare to say it out loud.

Lin Ling got up proudly. Her eyes flashed with color as she glanced at the two tunnels.

Then, she pointed at the right one. “This one.”

Lu Ze looked at her. “Please tell me your reason!”

Lin Ling smiled. “My G.o.d art improved. I can see the remnant spirit force in the air. The right one has quite some beast spirit force.”

Lu Ze nodded. “As I expected, your G.o.d art improved.”

Just when Lin Ling was happy, Lu Ze said. “What a coincidence, my G.o.d art improved, too.”

Lin Ling: …

Everyone looked at the happy Lu Ze speechlessly. This guy had such strange taste?

Did he love crus.h.i.+ng Lin Ling’s spirit that much?

Lu Ze smiled. “Okay, let’s go.”

Then, he walked in first and everyone followed behind him.

The tunnel was dark and twisted. Some areas were tens of meters wide and some were three meters thin.

There were cracks on quite some walls. Some places even collapsed.

If beasts pa.s.sed through the collapsed area, they would clear the tunnel.

Their footsteps echoed. Along the way, there were quite some pieces of clothes as well as blood.

Lu Ze looked at this and his eyes flashed. These belonged to the miners, right?

Half an hour later, they came to a round cave that was a few hundred meters wide.

There were heaven blue crystal shards as well as excavation marks. These shards glowed in the dark.

At this moment, there were 12 three-meter tall beasts.

They have hard, black sh.e.l.ls, four sharp claws, and hideous looks.

They were gnawing away at the crystal pieces, as though it was some delicacy.

Lu Ze and his squad set their chi in stealth. They were shocked at what these beasts did.

This was the first time they encountered a mine-eating beast.

“They are probably the beasts Captain Mu Han spoke of, right?” Lin Ling whispered to Lu Ze’s ear.

Lu Ze nodded. “Probably.”

There were no other beasts, after all.

“They don’t seem very strong; they’re all low-level Abstruse beasts.”

Ye Mu raised a brow.

Green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes, and 12 vibrant wind blades appeared in the air and instantly sliced at the beasts.

Clank!!… Screech!

There was the sound of metal clas.h.i.+ng when the blades struck the sh.e.l.l. Then, they cut inside.


Blood splashed on the cave floor. The huge pain made their eyes go red as they roared.

They were backstabbed while eating!

Lu Ze frowned. “Their defences… seem strange.”

The wind blades he just sent should be able to kill ordinary low Abstruse Martial State.

Yet, these beasts blocked his attacks. Their defense would be considered good even among middle-stage Abstruse beasts.

Were their hides this thick??

The black scaled beasts were alert now.

Their spirit force flowed as they tensed up, ready to face the ambush.

Green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes again, and a few thousand wind blades appeared in the air.

They immediately squeezed the cave and lit it up with green light.

Then, these thousands of wind blades sliced down like a thunderstorm.

At this moment, Lu Ze finally realized why that blue bird boss flooded him with countless wind blades.

This feeling felt very high up. It was satisfying.

He wanted to do it again.

The howls of the beasts stopped instantly, and the cave fell into silence.

Lin Ling and the rest felt sorry for the beasts.

They were cut up into mosaics.

Lu Ze looked at the pile of mosaics and fell in thought.

He said, “Their sh.e.l.ls are so tough.”

Everyone’s eyes flashed as they nodded. “Indeed.”

Lu Ze said. “I might need to use a huge effort to cut them open.”

Xavier and the rest also nodded.

No wonder Captain Mu Han felt helpless.

They were hard to deal with indeed.

Lin Ling glanced at the bodies. “Their sh.e.l.l seems to be made up of metals. There’s plenty of weaknesses. If it was me, I could break it open with one sword.”

Everyone’s mouth spasmed.

They admired Lin Ling’s G.o.d art…

Finding weakness G.o.d art was too effective against these tough hide beasts.

Lu Ze had a strange face. “Made up of metal?”

Lin Ling nodded, “It should be their talent? They were eating ores, weren’t they? Perhaps they could digest it and use it to form armor?”

Lu Ze glanced at the ground.

There really were all sorts of wonders in the universe.

Ye Mu and the rest glanced at each other and said, “Ze, Lin Ling, how about you guys continue? We probably wouldn’t be able to help even if we went.”

They had their pride, too.

Up until now, they did nothing. If a beast tide came, Lu Ze might need to protect them instead.

Lin Ling could at least find the way, and she could kill the beasts relatively easier here.

If they did nothing and were to split military merit with Lu Ze and Lin Ling, they would be losing face.