Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 154 - I Like Young People Like You

Chapter 154 - I Like Young People Like You

Chapter 154: I Like Young People Like You

Everyone went toward the transport car to the heaven blue crystal mine. A few hours later, they arrived.

This place wasn’t like those large bases, but in order to ensure the living standards of the miners and guards as well as potential blade demon ambush, there were quite some high-strength alloy buildings covering the site. It was a small base.

Lu Ze and the group watched the shadows in the distant sand and listened to the veterans speak.

The miners and guards worked in s.h.i.+fts, so they could go back and rest at the base sometimes.

There were still a few more days before the new exchange, but because of the newly-discovered lair and its collapse, these old troops needed to go and help ahead of time.

Everyone could see that the base was protected by a 10-meter tall metal wall. There were all sorts of energy cannons installed on the wall and squads of soldiers patrolling around.

Like the big base, this small base also had a protective barrier. The color was blue, and it covered the entire base.

When the car came to the entrance of the base, they were checked before being allowed in.

Once inside, they watched outside the window with their eyes wide open.

There were all sorts of gigantic excavation equipment, smelting equipment, as well as energy cauldrons. Mining cars came and went; busy miners and soldiers worked arduously.

The entire mining base was filled with life.

Seeing everyone dazed at the scene, the soldier said proudly, “This heaven blue crystal mine is a large mining field in the entire 25th planet. The heaven blue crystals here are rather plentiful. We paid quite some price to fight for this place with the blade demons.”

He then laughed, “But eventually, this mine belonged to us!”

Lu Ze smiled, “Uncle Joseph, it must’ve been an intense battle, right?”

“Of course. Even four captains came and Captain Marin sacrificed in the end. Lower level officers and soldiers like me sacrificed even more.”

Joseph sighed and then touched his face. “But everyone was prepared. Fighting in a war meant you could die at any time.”

Seeing Joseph grin, they felt complicated.

Their families were in the interior region of the Federation. Some of their families were wealthy and had quite some powerful people.

Although they knew the border had intense battles, they were still shocked when they experienced it first hand.

While they were living peacefully, there were soldiers dying all the time.

Seeing this, Joseph laughed. “Second Lieutenant Lu Ze, you guys don’t need to think too much. Those of us who become soldiers all know what it’s about. Even if we die, our families will get relief packages. It’s not unacceptable.”

There were hot-blooded youth, and there were poor people who wanted to fight for a future on the battlefield.

The Federation had never been stingy to soldiers and their families.

Joining the army was a way up for many poor people.

When they arrived at the barrack, everyone got off.

A young soldier walked over and saluted to Lu Ze. “h.e.l.lo, Second Lieutenant Lu Ze! I’m Herman, Captain Mu Han sent me to greet you and your squad!”

Lu Ze nodded. “h.e.l.lo, Second-Grade Soldier Herman, lead the way.”

Lu Ze felt great.

A few days ago, he was called a second-grade soldier; but now, he was a second lieutenant and could call others second-grade soldier.

Then, they were led to an office.

Captain Mu Han was a square-faced, serious-looking, middle-aged man. He looked up seriously when they came in.

Herman then left the office and closed the door. Then, Captain Mu Han got up from his chair.

He rubbed his tired forehead and said, “You’re finally here, Second Lieutenant Lu Ze.”

He had been so busy these few days that he felt drained.

He greeted and then sat down on the couch on the side. He pointed at the couch opposite and said, “Take a seat.”

Lu Ze and the rest sat down. Then, Lu Ze asked, “Is the situation very serious now?”

Captain Mu Han sighed, “Very serious.”

He explained. “There are 54 mining tunnels in the region. The deepest, the 45th tunnel, had reached 70 km. This tunnel dug into a beast lair. Then, the beasts attacked and destroyed the entire 45th tunnel. The nearby tunnels also collapsed, and…”

“Some beasts even charged out. The strongest was Core Martial State level seven. I could only drive it away instead of killing it.”

“More importantly, they can dig to other tunnels at any time.”

Lu Ze frowned.

Beasts who built a lair underground would clearly be good at digging.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze smiled. “So, it should be fine if I go into the 45th tunnel and kill all the beasts, right?”

He wondered what beast it was. Would it be tasty?

Lu Ze was full of hope after trying the sand eagle.

He wanted to catch a sand tiger and try.

Mu Han smiled a little, “The military said that Second Lieutenant Lu Ze is a prodigy and even captured the blade demon’s prodigy alive. You are set to become a young duke. If you can go down to clear up the beasts, I’ll be a.s.sured.”

Lu Ze scratched his head. “Ahaha… so I’m that strong? Thank you for your compliment.”

Oh my! This guy had a stiff face, but he really knew how to compliment.

Lin Ling rolled her eyes and kicked him.

Couldn’t this idiot be more mature??

He laughed like a r.e.t.a.r.d.

Ye Mu and the rest looked away.

Seeing Lu Ze admit it so directly, Mu Han was dazed and then laughed. “Hahaha, Second Lieutenant Lu Ze is very straightforward. I like young people like you!”

Lu Ze’s smile stiffened.

He didn’t like handsome, middle-aged men.

Mu Han continued, “The beasts in the 45th tunnel are strong, so if ordinary troops went in, the fatality rate would be high. We don’t have enough strong people, as they need to lead squads to save trapped miners. The 45th tunnel needs to be cleared. Second Lieutenant Lu Ze is very strong. This mission is perfect for your squad.”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “Leave it to us.”

Then, Mu Han frowned “But the 45th tunnel is very complex and has a lot of branch tunnels. It covers an area of tens of kilometers; it might be a bit hard to find.”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed.

That huge??

How was he going to find it?

Was he playing a maze game?

At this moment, Lin Ling smiled. “Leave it to me, I can find it.”

Lu Ze touched his chin. Her G.o.d art improved?

Mu Han nodded. “Since you guys have a way, then I’ll leave it to you.”

Lu Ze smiled. “That’s our mission.”

Mu Han called Herman in to take them to the 45th tunnel.

The group pa.s.sed a few streets and finally came to the 45th tunnel.

The entrance was surrounded with alloy and had all sorts of pillars to prevent a collapse. The diameter of the tunnel was five meters.

Soldiers were guarding the entrance. Lu Ze and the squad got off the floating car, and a lieutenant walked over. After confirming their ident.i.ties, they were let inside.