Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 153 - New Mission

Chapter 153 - New Mission

Chapter 153: New Mission


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

The 25th planet had no moons, but the starlight was bright.

Inside Lu Ze’s room, a silvery starlight splashed onto his bed.

Lu Ze was convulsing in pain.

He thought he was used to pain, but now he realised he was too naïve.

The feeling of being instantly cut into pieces by countless wind blades was really too painful; it rendered him breathless.

That blue bird didn’t even give him a chance to explain. It was too mean.

Lu Ze was going to remember this.

He looked up at the white ceiling and took deep breaths to ease the pain.

Soon, the pain eased up to a tolerable level. Lu Ze struggled up.

He sat down and felt his wind G.o.d art before smiling again.

The increase was not small!

However, this was a special occurrence. He didn’t know when the eggs of the blue bird would hatch again.

If possible, he wanted to get some benefits while the boss was gone.

I, Lu Ze, am not afraid of death!

Lu Ze used a purple light orb and began to organize the information he got from the broken rune.

An hour later, Lu Ze opened his eyes with a strange look.

His feeling in the Pocket Hunting Dimension was right.

That rune… seemed to be an art that the blue bird used.

That meant… this was a G.o.d art martial technique?

It was a divine art?

Lu Ze’s face was extremely strange.

If he killed powerful beasts like the blue bird in the Pocket Hunting Dimension, would such runes drop?

No way!

He was even more curious what sort of thing this Pocket Hunting Dimension was now.

The organisms inside were extremely powerful, and their energy could even compare with source energy. He could attain G.o.d arts and even G.o.d art martial techniques there. Just what else would be in there?

Lu Ze breathed slowly and calmed his mind.

He would leave the future to the future. He was still very weak now.

Beasts that were more powerful than the blue bird were everywhere. Lu Ze couldn’t even resist the blue bird.

His eyes flashed as he thought about the information from the broken rune.

However, there was very little information. It didn’t help him much now; it only let him know it was a type of G.o.d art martial technique.

If he really wanted it, he would need the entire rune.

But even so, his wind G.o.d art still improved.

Lu Ze closed his eyes again; the red orbs in his mental dimension disappeared one by one, turning into energy that flowed into his body.

Cultivation! Hurry and hunt blue bird!

The second morning, Lu Ze had breakfast with everyone and received news from the HQ.

The support was about to arrive so they needed to be arranged first. Due to the special circ.u.mstance of the 25th planet, new students didn’t get new missions. Meanwhile, they, along with w.a.n.g Wenze, needed to go to HQ and listen to arrangements.

Seeing this, Lu Ze let everyone get back to cultivation.

The entire day pa.s.sed in cultivation. After using Core Martial State beast orbs, Lu Ze’s spirit force grew rapidly.

He believed it wouldn’t be long until he rose another level.

In the afternoon, w.a.n.g Wenze and the rest came back. Two more fourth year senior schoolmates came over, too. It’s said that there were Aperture Opening State blade demons on this planet, so fourth year senior schoolmates were sent over.

They and Lu Ze had seen the two fourth years at the drill, too. The skinny and warm, smiling one was called Gui Yuping. The bulky and coa.r.s.e-looking one was called Isaac.

These two were both at Aperture Opening State.

Other than them, a few powerful beings from the military also came. More elite troops were also transported over.

However, this had nothing to do with Lu Ze and them.

w.a.n.g Wenze said these new arrivals would be going to regions controlled by blade demons to search for information. This was too dangerous for new students.

At night, Lu Ze entered the Pocket Hunting Dimension again.

He hunted while sensing around to see if there was the growing strong chi.

Since it happened once, who was to say it couldn’t happen again?

Although it might not necessarily be the blue bird, other beasts would be good, too.

However, he waited in the Pocket Hunting Dimension until the second night and still didn’t encounter those newly-born bosses.

There was no star in the Pocket Hunting Dimension, but the sky emitted a faint, silvery hue. It covered the sky, but Lu Ze never knew what this light was.

After killing another beast, Lu Ze watched the rising sun and felt great.

He tasted a new way to die last time. This was sad.

Today, however, he struggled and lived!

He was about to leave the Pocket Hunting Dimension alive again.

At this moment, Lu Ze’s eyes flashed; he suddenly disappeared.

A few kilometers away, in a brush that was two meters tall, Lu Ze watched ahead.

What did he find?

Another rabbit!

Not far ahead was a two-meter tall rabbit eating gra.s.s.

Lu Ze was shocked. He didn’t expect to see rabbits here.

Although this rabbit was considered a super rabbit compared with the ones he saw before, the average height in this area was above four meters. The bosses were easily over 10 meters.

He hadn’t touched a cute rabbit in a long time.

This time, he’ll send it spinning into the sky.

Just when Lu Ze was planning to use wind G.o.d art, the rabbit suddenly stopped eating gra.s.s and looked at Lu Ze with dark blue eyes.

Then, Lu Ze’s eyes went black.


He was back in his room.

Lu Ze: ???

Oh s.h.i.+t! What happened there???

He didn’t even know what happened, and he just died like that?

He thought about what happened. After a long while, he sadly found that he indeed just died after being stared at by a two-meter tall rabbit.

…What was that?

Gaze of death?

That rabbit was definitely a boss. It pretended to be a noob and tricked him!

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. That rabbit probably had a terrifying G.o.d art.

However, he didn’t even know what it was.

Lu Ze rubbed his head. He thought he could come back alive, but he still died. He was a little disappointed.

However, Lu Ze died too many times to care. He soon closed his eyes and cultivated again.

The next morning, Lu Ze and the rest received news of the mission.

They just needed to deal with the beasts appearing in a heaven blue crystal mine already controlled by the base.

It was as far as the oasis. Last night, the miners seemed to have dug into a beast lair. The beasts attacked, and a small scale collapse occurred.