Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 152 - Listen to My Explanation, Boss

Chapter 152 - Listen to My Explanation, Boss

Chapter 152: Listen to My Explanation, Boss


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation


The huge, blue bird chirped again, and the sound waves pressed down the huge gra.s.s.

It stood up on its claws and was over 10 meters tall.

As it got up, the bird’s pressure became even stronger, making Lu Ze’s heart beat slower.

It wobbled a few steps forward like a chick that had just hatched from an egg.

Immediately, its steps became steady and elegant.

It chirped happily and jumped around in the gra.s.s.

Then, it stopped and looked up into the sky with its blue eyes.

Moments later, the bird slowly expanded its pair of blue wings.

It was tens of meters long after expansion, and the wind spun even faster around it.

Lu Ze instantly felt that all the wind elements acted like kids finding their mothers and scurried to the bird. He finally felt the feeling of abandonment Andrew had.

It wasn’t good.

Lu Ze wanted to cry.

With this, it chirped again and started to flap its two wings.

Wind spread in all directions, except the gra.s.s it was at. Quite some gra.s.s was blown into the air.

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed as he crawled onto the ground. He stuck his hand deep inside the earth.

As a young duke candidate and a wind G.o.d art user, it would be a joke if he was blown away.

After flapping a few times, the bird seemed to have gotten familiar with its wings. It chirped again and then flapped, soaring into the air.

Wind followed it, and with a casual flap, it disappeared from the spot and appeared a few kilometers away. With another flap, Lu Ze could only see a small, blue dot.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed.

He stayed p.r.o.ne for a few more minutes. Seeing the bird didn’t come back, he got up.

He looked at where the bird appeared.

This chi appeared so suddenly and grew stronger so rapidly.

Lu Ze was very curious about the treasures that were here.

At this moment, quite some powerful chi emerged around him.

There were large, black-scaled leopards and anacondas. They ranked from low Core Martial State to Core Martial State peak. They all charged toward the direction of the blue bird.

Their b.l.o.o.d.y eyes contained desire. They attacked each other as they charged toward where the blue bird appeared.

Roars were thunderous and the battle spread out. The scene was chaotic.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. He was more certain that there was something in here for sure.

Otherwise, why would the beasts charge up like that?

At this moment, a Core Martial State peak stage leopard scratched at Lu Ze’s face.

Surging black spirit force formed a huge black claw.

Lu Ze disappeared and then reappeared above the leopard’s head.

Lu Ze palmed down on its head.


The leopard’s head was immediately pressed down on the earth, while the legs fumbled.

Lu Ze saw that there were other beasts nearing. He ignored this leopard and charged deeper into the gra.s.s.

Perhaps due to the blue bird, the wind element here was abnormally active. Using wind G.o.d art at full power, Lu Ze instantly surpa.s.sed huge beasts and dashed into the brush.

In the depths, there was a region surrounded by whirlwinds. Terrifying wind blades shot in all directions. Even Lu Ze felt it was dangerous.

He frowned as he used wind G.o.d art to change the direction of the wind blades while he pressed forward.

Wind blades sliced past him.

Quite some beasts arrived behind him. They roared in the wake of the whirlwind, wanting to charge ahead.

Those unlucky beasts were sliced into pieces, and blood splashed everywhere.

However, they seemed to have lost their brains and kept charging inside.

Blood splashed all the way, turning the brush red.

Lu Ze glanced behind and guided the wind blades to where the beasts were gathered.

Thus, more beasts howled.

Lu Ze smiled. They were going to die anyway, he might as well send them off.

Gradually, as he went deeper, the wind blades became more concentrated. Lu Ze sweated, too.

He used all his power to use wind G.o.d art as he pressed on arduously.

He couldn’t remember how many steps he had made. These sharp winds blowing past had cut many wounds on him. Blood trickled down.

The immense pain made his mouth spasm, but he didn’t stop.

His head ached due to the exhaustion of his mental force.

Lu Ze felt he could barely stand.

The weak spirit force he had—compared to his body and mental forces—were all consumed.

He could no longer hear the roars of the beasts. Even the sound of the wind blades couldn’t reach his brain.

Gradually, there were less wind blades, and the strong wind calmed.

He looked around with difficulty.

This was a s.p.a.ce with a 100-square meter area. Wind was spinning outside, but it was calm inside.

There were a few huge egg sh.e.l.ls in the middle. The egg sh.e.l.l was like a blue crystal.

In the middle of the eggsh.e.l.ls was a slowly spinning blue wind and a broken blue rune that was glowing.

The wind emitted the secrets of wind G.o.d art.

However, that broken rune was something Lu Ze had never seen.

The blue wind and broken rune was growing dimmer and about to disappear.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed.

He had a bold guess.

Did the organisms in the Pocket Hunting Dimension need to be born?

He had never seen young rabbits in the rabbit caves. He thought they appeared out of thin air. He thought that all organisms appeared like this.

Now, that didn’t seem to be the case?

At least that blue bird seemed to have been born from the egg sh.e.l.l.

The blue wind and rune seemed different compared to the wind G.o.d art crystal b.a.l.l.s. There seemed to be things left behind upon the birth of the blue bird.

Lu Ze moved his injured body to the wind and broken rune.

He tried putting them in his mental dimension but found he couldn’t do so.

He couldn’t take it if they weren’t little orbs?

The blue bird boss didn’t seem to be coming back, and it was very safe here. If he stayed here to learn, no one would object, right?

Lu Ze looked around. There was no one but him. Thus, he sat down.

Lu Ze chose to devour the wind G.o.d art secrets first.

He had never seen the broken rune before and didn’t know what it was. It was already broken; and if the things he learned from it was broken too, then it wasn’t worth it. He might as well learn wind G.o.d art secrets first.

Lu Ze closed his eyes.

Indeed, the secrets contained here were much more profound than the ones the green wolves had. Even with a weak strand, Lu Ze felt it was hard learning it.

He couldn’t use purple orbs in here to increase his learning capabilities; but after using so many, his learning capabilities already increased significantly.

A few hours later, Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes.

His lips raised like crazy. His wind G.o.d art improved.

He grew stronger again. This wasn’t too good.

He moved his body excitedly. Immediately, the pain made his mouth spasm.

He was this happy from the leftovers of a big boss’s birth. Lu Ze felt he had no right to be proud.

Lu Ze recovered his mentality and proceeded to look at the broken rune.

Due to spending a few hours, quite some lines seemed to have disappeared. Only two simple lines remained. Even the blue light was weaker.

Lu Ze grabbed the rune without hesitation and tried to send his mental force in.

Immediately, the rune turned into a blue light and shot into Lu Ze’s forehead. Incomplete information was released in his brain.

Compared to wind G.o.d art secrets, these information were even harder to understand. Lu Ze was confused.

But of course, this was also due to their fragmentation.

A few hours later, Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes. He had a strange face.

Before he could think, he suddenly felt a shadow cover the sun.

Lu Ze: ?

Was it dark?

Lu Ze looked up and then felt dazed.

The blue bird boss he thought wouldn’t come back was standing before him with cold eyes.

The gaze from the boss made Lu Ze feel death.

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed as he spoke awkwardly, “Um, listen to my explanation…”


Perhaps, if he was genuine, then the boss would let him go?

They usually wouldn’t go hard on noobs, right?

Before he finished thinking, he was surrounded by countless wind blades.

Lu Ze’s eyes went dark in huge pain. When he opened his eyes again, he was back in his dorm.