Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 151 - Growth Diary of Big Boss

Chapter 151 - Growth Diary of Big Boss

Chapter 151: Growth Diary of Big Boss


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lin Ling couldn’t resist bulging her eyes as she asked in shock. “Ze can cultivate a G.o.d art martial technique?”

Lu Ze: ???

He looked at the two. Everyone here was learned, only he was a noob.

He scratched his head and asked, “Senior schoolmate, what is a G.o.d art martial technique?”

w.a.n.g Wenze said with aspiration, “A G.o.d art martial technique is called divine art in some races. It’s an art that can only be used through G.o.d art. It’s not necessarily an attack. It has other capabilities too such as remote vision. It’s said that when powerful people use it, they can watch a few galaxies away. Nothing can hide from their eyes. Every divine art was a deep level use of G.o.d art. Only truly talented prodigies would be able to learn it. It has extremely high requirements for use.”

Then, he said, “It’s said G.o.d art martial techniques are arts created by powerful beings in the Cosmic System State and above when they understood the law of the universe. The entire human race only has a few of these. Some were brought by sages of the human race from the outside.”

Lu Ze opened his eyes. “It’s that precious?”

w.a.n.g Wenze smiled, “Of course, it brings a rather huge increase in power to a martial artist. In the entire Federal University, only the most talented senior schoolmate of the fourth year can have a G.o.d art martial technique. However, they didn’t come to this trial as they have other missions.”

w.a.n.g Wenze smiled, “With junior schoolmate Lu Ze’s talent, he can probably learn a G.o.d art martial technique in four years.”

Xilin said, “I feel he can learn one in two years.”

She watched Lu Ze become stronger bit by bit. That terrifying learning capability almost made her a recluse.

w.a.n.g Wenze glanced at Xilin in shock. He felt he already considered Lu Ze highly and yet Xilin thought of him even higher.

He smiled and didn’t deny it. “G.o.d art martial technique costs more than a million Federal contribution points. Let’s talk about it when Lu Ze can afford it.”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed.

He only had 80,000 federal contribution points. He was in poverty.

w.a.n.g Wenze glanced at Lin Ling and them and smiled, “While there’s time, I’ll teach you guys a little.”

These people were all his junior schoolmates. They could get a bit closer.

Although everyone was just students now, most of the elite cla.s.s students would be able to reach high levels in the human race. They would pretty much see each other everywhere. Thus, a senior schoolmate helping a junior schoolmate was a tradition.

Ye Mu and the rest smiled, “Thank you, senior schoolmate.”

Then, w.a.n.g Wenze smiled at Lu Ze. “Junior schoolmate Lu Ze, there’s nothing we can teach you. If possible, you can teach them, too.”

Lu Ze nodded. “No problem, I’ll teach Lin Ling.”

He felt great about how he suddenly became a teacher.

Then, Lu Ze looked seriously at Lin Ling. “Lin Ling, now, I’m your teacher. Call me teacher Lu.”

Lin Ling’s mouth spasmed. Seeing Lu Ze’s serious face, she gritted, “Teacher Lu!”

Lu Ze, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

She was going to remember this.

Lu Ze nodded with satisfaction. “Okay, let’s begin.”

Then, Lu Ze started teaching Lin Ling. Her G.o.d art was the spirit eye so Lu Ze focused on teaching her battle technique.

The night fell. Officers came and went. Every time someone new came in, they would look curiously at the group of youth.

At this moment, w.a.n.g Wenze smiled, “Let’s call it a day. Perhaps there will be new missions tomorrow.”

Lu Ze, who just caught Lin Ling’s sword with his finger, flicked it away and stretched. “I’m hungry.”

Lin Ling was very annoyed. During those few hours, she wasn’t able to threaten Lu Ze even once.

She finally realized how big the difference was between her and Lu Ze.

However, this guy acted like he didn’t care at all. This hurt her pride again.

Determination flashed in her eyes. She had to work harder, so she could slap his face!

Then, everyone went to eat together.

w.a.n.g Wenze and the others told them about the interesting stories of the school. This made them even more curious about the university.

A month later, their entrance test would finish, and they would enter the school officially.

After dinner, they went to their own rooms.

Lu Ze took a photo of his second lieutenant rank and then sent it to the group chat.

Lu Ze: From today onwards, I’m second lieutenant Lu Ze!

Alice: Senior schoolmate is so amazing! But… how did you get promoted so fast?

Lu Li: Lu Ze! Did you do some dangerous mission today?

Lu Ze’s smile froze.

He completely forgot about this. He was promoted to second lieutenant as soon as he came. Lu Li and Alice were both very smart. They would be able to guess it quickly.

He could only say obscurely that he completed an important mission.

The group chat fell into silence.

On planet Lanjiang, Lu Li squirmed on the bed and looked at the messages on her phone with a complicated feeling.

She took out the same panda toy that Lu Ze had and looked into the moon. Her eyes were worried. “Brother, stay safe…”

She then typed, “Brother, stay safe. Don’t do those missions you’re not confident in. There are people worrying about you at home.”

However, she wasn’t able to press the send b.u.t.ton. She deleted it and typed again.

Lu Li: Okay, but if you go do those dangerous missions again, you’re dead!! (Smiley face)

She put her phone in her storage ring and touched it.

Then, she sat down and used light orbs to cultivate.

She would grow faster, so she could stay with him.

In Alice’s room, the cute, blue-haired girl looked up at the moon with a face also full of worry.

Moments later, she showed an angelic smile and typed.

Alice: Senior schoolmate is really amazing! But you need to stay safe~ When you come back, I will cook for you~ I’ve learnt many new dishes lately.

Then, she put away her phone and started to flick through her dad’s spirit chef diary.

She would give him a surprise when he came back.

Lu Ze looked at their messages and scratched his head. He felt he was rather safe now.

Cultivation, cultivation~ being strong was true safety.

Then, he sat down and went into the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

He chose the new map. The gra.s.s plain came into his eyes again.


A gust of wind came behind him.

Green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes, and he disappeared. A huge, black anaconda that was tens of meters long dashed at where Lu Ze was.

Lu Ze appeared next to the anaconda. Fire light and wind flashed around him. He stepped down on the anaconda.


The terrifying power cut the anaconda in half. The wound was full of burnt marks, and there was the smell of roast meat.


Blood splashed everywhere. The immense pain made the anaconda go crazy as it attacked everywhere.

Gra.s.s and mud splashed. The earth became dented.

Green and red light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes. Wind and fire blades sliced the slithering head of the anaconda.

The motion stopped, and the body slowly turned to dust, leaving behind a few light orbs.

Lu Ze glanced at it and gasped in disappointment. It was still red and purple light orbs, no G.o.d art orbs.

Indeed, were these beasts too weak?

The anaconda was about Core Martial State level nine, but he still instantly killed it. There was no G.o.d art.

Could it be that only Aperture Opening State beasts had G.o.d arts?

Lu Ze was disappointed.

If he went to find Aperture Opening State beasts now, did he not want to live?

If it was an early level Aperture Opening State, he could think about fighting it. It was fifty-fifty. As for higher level ones, they weren’t something a noob like him could mess with.

Lu Ze shook his head and stopped thinking.

A few hours later, Lu Ze killed more Core Martial State beasts and earned quite some orbs.

There were still no G.o.d art orbs.

Lu Ze would dodge early when he sensed dangerous chi from afar.

When he picked up the red and purple light orbs again, his eyes suddenly focused. He looked to the left and frowned. A very strange chi was emerging.

It wasn’t strong at the start, but it rapidly became stronger.

What was this?

This was his first time encountering such a situation.

It was now at Core Martial State level seven and still wasn’t stopping.

Lu Ze gritted his teeth and dashed to the left.

Although curiosity kills, it was also the motivation for progress.

In a few short seconds, this chi had reached Core Martial State level nine and still didn’t stop.

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed.

Was some boss opening a smurf account or something?

Soon, Lu Ze stopped and gazed at the over 15-meter tall gra.s.s brush.

The chi had reached Aperture Opening State and still didn’t stop.

He didn’t dare to go forward anymore. If he went too near, it would be suicide.

Thus, Lu Ze retreated a little, cowering back and waiting for the chi to stop growing.

Another few seconds later, the chi had turned more powerful that Lu Ze couldn’t even sense how strong it was anymore. This was at least high Aperture Opening State level.

It was going through the heavens!

So envious.

This way of getting strong by laying down was too admirable!

At this moment, the chi finally stopped growing stronger. Lu Ze held his breath as he watched the brush.


It was a dry but powerful chirp. It seemed like it was the first time that the mouth made a sound.

Moments later, there was a terrifying chirp that could pierce stones.



Lu Ze gazed in disbelief.

The gra.s.s spread aside like a wave, revealing the beautiful and elegant creature inside.

It was a huge bird completely covered in blue. It has two blue wings and a long, elegant neck. Its plumage looked smooth, and there was wind spinning around it.

Lu Ze had seen this before.

When the socialists mosquitos struck yesterday, such a bird had flown above his head.

It really was a boss!

Should he write the growth diary of a boss??

From the moment it appeared up to now, this kind of chi had only lasted a little more than ten seconds!!

So, big bosses come about this easily??