Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 150 - Like an Abandoned Kid

Chapter 150 - Like an Abandoned Kid

Chapter 150: Like an Abandoned Kid


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Naturally, Lu Ze didn’t reject the request of the three senior schoolmates. He wanted to spar with stronger people too.

What was the saying?

If you didn’t go out for a spin, you would never know how noob you were.

Lu Ze felt he was too c.o.c.ky now. The senior schoolmate could let him realize he was still a noob.

Thus, the group left the meeting room and returned to their dorms.

w.a.n.g Wenze and his group didn’t even organize their rooms yet and just dragged Lu Ze and the others downstairs.

There was a large training ground near the dorms for resting military officers.

Lu Ze and the others were helplessly dragged here by the three excited senior schoolmates.

There were ten stages here, and each stage was a few hundred meters long and wide. There were a few people fighting on the stages already. There were also people watching and cheering.

The scene was on fire. When Lu Ze and the others entered, they felt their blood boiled.

w.a.n.g Wenze smiled. “Each district has such training ground. Many people would come to play when they took breaks. Some people would have small bets and things.”

Xilin smiled. “I remember a few days ago, Andrew betted with a prodigy from the prodigy barrack. He seemed to have lost 50k federal contribution points?”

Andrew’s face went red. “Who knew Xi Zhong, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, had a breakthrough without saying a thing?! His heart is dark!”

Xilin snorted. “Pfft… would you say it if it was you?”


Andrew was speechless. He wasn’t going to reject free money.

Was 50k federal contribution points a small gamble?

Oh my!

Lu Ze realized that he was so poor he could only play a small gamble once.

Indeed… gambling was harmful to health. He must not do it!

As for Lin Ling and the others, they couldn’t even afford a small gamble.

w.a.n.g Wenze smiled. “Okay, stop roasting Andrew. Let’s play.”

Xilin and Andrew’s eyes lit up.

Their combat power was similar to Babatos. They were also core martial state peak. If they fought with their life, they could fight with those who just entered aperture opening state.

They were extremely curious about Lu Ze who could capture Babatos, an equivalent of them.

Xilin threw a seductive glance at Lu Ze. “Junior schoolmate Lu Ze, let’s spar first?”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “Sure!”

Xilin tapped on the ground and disappeared. The next instant, she appeared on the stage.

Lu Ze followed on and stood on the opposite side of her.

Everyone else watched with antic.i.p.ation.

People would be able to realize their own mistakes by watching the battles of others. This was especially the case for battles between prodigies.

Xilin formed fists and said, “Junior schoolmate, I’m going to attack.”

Then, she kicked the stage.


A shocking sound came. A shallow ditch was created on the extremely tough ground.

Xilin charged at Lu Ze.

Feeling the powerful spirit force from Xilin, Lu Ze flashed with crystal color. Five times the strength G.o.d art was activated. Full powered wind G.o.d art activated.

Although Xilin didn’t use any G.o.d art, her spirit force cultivation level was much higher than his.

The chi wave formed by Xilin arriving next to Lu Ze blew his hair up. Her small fists clenched with barbaric chi, which made Lu Ze feel scared.

Oh my!

This senior schoolmate is probably the same type as that alcoholic.

She loved smas.h.i.+ng people with her fists?

Lu Ze opened his hands, and green wind flowed as he blocked her fists.

Terrifying power exploded from her fists. It tore open Lu Ze’s wind G.o.d art and clashed with his palm.


It was the clash of raw power. Chi wave spread in all directions. Thunderous sounds filled the entire training grounds, making those audiences and the officers fighting look over.

Let me see which G.o.ds were fighting?

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. His hands hurt.

He was right!

Her fists were very tough!

She was the same type as Nangong Jing.

If he didn’t use fire G.o.d art, it felt like he couldn’t win.

Xilin charged at Lu Ze again.

Lu Ze thought about the battle experience he learned at the drill and started using it.

The two flashed around on the stages, clas.h.i.+ng. Thunderous sounds came nonstop.

Lin Ling and the others were protected by Xilin’s spirit force.

Xilin said in shock, “Junior schoolmate Lu Ze’s wind and strength G.o.d art are much stronger than when he was at the drill.”

Andrew nodded in disbelief. “Although Xilin hasn’t used G.o.d art yet, this power is at core martial state level eight.”

They were all there when Lu Ze fought Frances. Lu Ze at the time couldn’t compare with the current him at all.

But the problem was, it has only been a few days??

In a short few days, Lu Ze’s strength and wind G.o.d art improved this much?

They felt like they were living in a dream.

They weren’t the strongest in the third year, but they were rather excellent.

It was alright that they were surpa.s.sed by the top prodigies of the second year, but never have they thought they would be surpa.s.sed by a new student who hadn’t even finished registering.

This junior schoolmate was too scary.

Lin Ling and the others watched without blinking, trying to learn what they could.

Almost everyone worked hard in cultivation after seeing Lu Ze.

They were prodigies admired by thousands of peers. Now that Lu Ze far surpa.s.sed them, they weren’t satisfied.

Lin Ling almost watched Lu Ze grow up and watched him get farther and farther ahead. Her pride wouldn’t take it.

Her talent was hopeless, but she felt she could save the situation through ten times hard work?

The audience’s eyes bulged.

“Oh my, who are these two?”

“Even us, 1st lieutenants, can’t compare with such power. They’re so young too. Why did they come to our planet?”


In another clash, the two separated.

Lu Ze glanced at the shocked Xilin and waved his hand.

His hands were numb.

He used a purple orb to fuse all the battle experience he learned at the drill. He could fight even better now.

Xilin’s heart was full of shock.

In terms of absolute power, Lu Ze couldn’t compare with her.

However, his battle experience was rising at a terrifying speed. He dealt with her attacks so well that eventually, she didn’t even know how to attack anymore.

What was this?

Why was his progress this terrifying?

She felt she was losing her confidence.

Moments later, Xilin smiled. “Junior schoolmate Lu Ze, from the power you just showed, you wouldn’t be able to capture Babatos alive. Senior schoolmate is going to use full power now, don’t hold back.”

She really wanted to know where his limit was now.

Although she usually didn’t want to use her G.o.d art, she couldn’t resist it now.

Lu Ze nodded. “Don’t worry Senior schoolmate, I won’t hold back.”

Xilin smiled and then her body cracked. Her skinny figure bloated. Huge lumps of muscles grew. Accompanied by her exquisite face, the scene changed.

Lu Ze looked dazedly at the bulky man figure of Xilin, which was in contrast with her beautiful face. He opened his mouth, but couldn’t say anything.

Oh my G.o.d…

Iron barbie??

A cute girl like senior schoolmate turning into this was quite scary.

The quality of the military uniform was great. Although Xilin was twice as big, the uniform still managed its form.

Xilin scratched her head. “My G.o.d art is barren G.o.d body. It’s a powerful body G.o.d art, but I haven’t learned it well yet, so this would occur when I transform. When I learn it better, this wouldn’t happen.”

That’s why she didn’t want to use her G.o.d art. Before she fully mastered it, it was too ugly.

Lu Ze smiled. “Senior schoolmate’s transformation is… very strong.”

Her G.o.d art was clearly very powerful. The vibrational power of her body alone was shaking the air.

She had the same chi as when Babatos used full power.

A red light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes. Since she wanted to use full power, he would accompany her.


Suddenly, Andrew was dazed.

w.a.n.g Wenze asked, “What’s wrong?”

Andrew’s mouth spasmed, and he said bitterly, “Maybe, I sensed wrongly.”

w.a.n.g Wenze: “???”

Xilin stomped on the stage, and the alloy stage cracked under her feet.

Her chi exploded like a volcano.

Lu Ze was surrounded in vibrant red flames and green wind. He ignored her ancient barbaric chi as he clenched his fist. Fire and wind entwined. A terrifying fist was being charged.

Lu Ze punched.


The red-green fist force slammed toward Xilin. The air became scorching hot. The fist force made breathing difficult.

Luckily, the officers here weren’t weak. Otherwise, just that force was enough to crush low-level martial artists.

Too powerful!

Xilin gritted her teeth and used her full power. She punched with both fists, releasing terrifying fist force.


The audience felt great pressure. Those weaker ones almost got injured.

Lin Ling and the others were the weakest, but they were protected by w.a.n.g Wenze so they were in a better state than the others.

After the light dissipated, Xilin put away her G.o.d art. She wiped some blood from her mouth and threw a seductive glance at Lu Ze. “Junior schoolmate Lu Ze is quite a gentleman for being soft with me? I’ve lost, you’re really strong.”

At the last minute, Lu Ze took back some of his G.o.d art and didn’t make her look bad.

He was a really good junior schoolmate.

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed after thinking about how she was a bulky man before.

Lu Ze smiled at Andrew. “Senior schoolmate Andrew, let’s have a spar too?”

He hoped he would learn something different from Andrew.

However, Andrew looked dazedly at Lu Ze as though he was looking at a ghost.


Xilin frowned. She had quite a good impression of this junior schoolmate.

Why was this guy looking at junior schoolmate like that?

Andrew came back to his senses, and his mouth spasmed, “… nothing, I just wanted to be quiet.”

Then, Xilin and w.a.n.g Wenze froze slightly. They knew that Andrew had fire G.o.d art too. Seeing him like this, the two glanced at each other and said, “Andrew, what’s wrong? You don’t want to spar with Junior schoolmate?”

Andrew’s body stiffened as he said lifelessly, “I don’t really want to. Lu Ze’s fire G.o.d art is far superior to mine. When he used that fire G.o.d art, fire elements completely ignored me!”

Andrew looked like an abandoned child now.

Seeing this, Lu Ze felt awkward but also had a strange look.

He was very innocent. He didn’t want to crush Andrew like this.

w.a.n.g Wenze smiled. “Junior schoolmate Lu Ze is very proficient in three G.o.d arts. This is talent. Andrew, don’t mind it. Junior schoolmate isn’t our enemy.”

“With your current level of G.o.d art, perhaps you can cultivate G.o.d art martial technique.”

“G.o.d art martial technique?”