Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 149 - Very Envious

Chapter 149 - Very Envious

Chapter 149: Very Envious

After calming down, Lu Ze got up from the bed and stretched. Then, he walked out of his room to clean himself.

When he was finished, Lu Ze came to the living room. Immediately, another door opened, and Ian walked out of the room.

Ian’s exquisite face blushed as he looked down and said softly, “Good morning, Ze.”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. “… morning, Ian.”

He didn’t know why this guy was embarra.s.sed, but Lu Ze felt this person was really hopeless.

He needed to stay away from Ian.

Then, Ye Mu and Xavier came out of their rooms.

The three cleansed themselves, and all sat in the living room.

Ye Mu smiled sycophantically to Lu Ze. “Ze, um, do you still have more of that spirit food your junior schoolmate cooked for you?”


Lu Ze ignored their pitiful looks.

What a joke? He didn’t even have enough himself!

That was his beauty food for the next few months.

If he finished up Alice’s food, he would have no extra reserves.

Even he ate modestly. There was no way he was going to take it out!

Seeing Lu Ze’s resoluteness, Ye Mu and Xavier could only eat other things.

Suddenly, there was the sound of knocking on the door.

A green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes, and he used wind G.o.d art to open the door.

Wind G.o.d art was perfect for lazy people!

Lin Ling and her group walked in.

Lu Ze saw Lin Ling’s happy smile and immediately said, “Lin Ling, if you found money, you must split it with me!”

Lin Ling’s smile froze for a moment. She rolled her eyes and then said, “I had a breakthrough!”


Ye Mu heard this, and his body shook.

Lin Ling was already stronger than he is, and now that she broke through again, she would be far beyond him?

Even Xavier and Ian looked at Lin Ling in shock.

Xuan Yuqi and the others clearly knew already.

Lu Ze said calmly, “What a coincidence, I just had a breakthrough too.”

Elder Lin said to keep her ego in check. He needed to be very responsible.

The atmosphere instantly fell silent.

Lin Ling’s smile disappeared as she bulged her eyes, looking at Lu Ze in disbelief.

Ye Mu’s pitiful voice came out, “I don’t want to live! You guys are all big bosses, secretly getting strong behind my back!”

As a man who was determined to become a young duke, Ye Mu felt very pressured.

Lu Ze looked at Ye Mu speechlessly. He felt this guy completely forgot about copying Luo Bingqing’s mannerisms.

Xuan Yuqi glared at Ye Mu. “Shut up! You’re making me annoyed!”

Everyone else looked amicably at Ye Mu. This instantly made him stop.

They felt the same too, but Ye Mu, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d, still groaned.

Then, after breakfast, everyone began to work harder due to the influence of Lu Ze and Lin Ling.

They haven’t received Fuu Lang’s notice yet.

So, everyone started discussing martial arts, as well as their experience.

Sometimes, discussing was better than cultivating alone.

Everyone here was a prodigy and had their unique knowledge. Even Lu Ze benefited quite a lot from the discussion.

Soon, the morning went by.

After lunch, that young soldier came to them again.

Then, Lu Ze, along with the others, followed the young soldier to a discussion room.

There were more than ten people inside already. Other than the high authorities of the base, there were two men and one woman wearing military uniforms. They were young.

One man was a major, the other man and woman were captains.

Seeing the three, Lu Ze and his group were slightly stunned.

These three were their senior schoolmates. Lu Ze and the others had seen the three before.

They were all third-year students. The senior, with the rank of major, was called w.a.n.g Wenze. His battle power was about to reach aperture opening state.

The other male senior, with the rank of captain, was Andrew, and the female, with the rank of captain, was Xilin. They all had core martial state peak battle power.

Seeing Lu Ze and the others come, w.a.n.g Wenze smiled. “Junior schoolmate Lu Ze, you guys are here.”

Lu Ze asked curiously, “h.e.l.lo Senior schoolmate, why did you guys come?”

The three glanced at each other, and their mouth spasmed.

This guy still asked why they came.

Of course, it was for Babatos!

During the drill, they knew that Lu Ze was very powerful, but now they realized they were too naive.

This junior schoolmate wasn’t just powerful, he was scary!

They knew some things about Babatos. After all, this was a potential enemy of theirs.

However, they didn’t expect this blade demon prodigy was captured alive by a junior schoolmate who hadn’t even finished his entrance test yet.

Everyone was dumbfounded upon hearing this news.

They really wanted to know what this junior schoolmate fed on. Why was he this ferocious?

The atmosphere fell awkward for an instant.

Then, w.a.n.g Wenze smiled. “We took the mission to interrogate Babatos. My G.o.d art is spiritual a.n.a.lysis. It’s good for interrogation.”

Lu Ze showed the look of realization.

He asked, “Then, did the interrogation yield results?”

Lin Ling and the others looked at w.a.n.g Wenze curiously.

w.a.n.g Wenze said heavily, “No specific results. A restriction has been placed on Babatos regarding why he came here. If we touch that, the restriction will backlash.”

Hearing this, their faces became serious.

Just the restriction itself meant a lot of things.

If the intel wasn’t important enough, why would a restriction be placed?

w.a.n.g Wenze continued, “And, we did get other news. There are around five powerful beings like Babatos that came to the 25th planet. There’s even a powerful being who reached aperture opening state.”

Lu Ze: “…”

They were speechless.

They were just noobs!!

Couldn’t they just complete the entrance test safely and leave the battlefield??

Why did it become like this?

Was there a gold mine here?

Everyone wanted to get rich??

Fuu Lang laughed bitterly, “We’ve already reported this back to the higher authorities. They would arrange powerful people to come here. The latest arrival would be tomorrow morning.”

Clearly, Fuu Lang was very helpless with what happened on his land.

Powerful beings were limited. They were usually fighting over for higher-level resources.

Fuu Lang looked at Lu Ze and the others and smiled, “You guys have done great merit this time.”

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up and said hopefully, “Would my rank be promoted above 2nd level sergeant major?”

Lu Ze didn’t really have much need for resources. The resources he got from the pocket hunting dimension was enough. There was even a surplus. He wanted military rank the most right now.

He felt very annoyed each time Lin Ling wore the level three sergeant major badge in front of him.

When his rank was higher than hers, how would she be able to flaunt it in front of him?

Fuu Lang smiled. “Lu Ze’s wish is very simple. Level two sergeant major is enough?”

Lu Ze smiled even brighter. “Can it be higher?”

The three senior schoolmates smiled. Eventually, w.a.n.g Wenze said, “Junior schoolmate, just capturing Babatos alive is a huge merit. After all, he’s near aperture opening state. At the same time, with the intel we got this time, of course, you can go higher than level two sergeant major.”

Fuu Lang smiled. “The reward this time is that Second-grade soldier Lu Ze will be promoted to 2nd lieutenant and receive 80k federal contribution points. 3rd level Sergeant Major Lin Ling will be promoted to second level sergeant major and receive 5k federal contribution points. Second-grade soldier Ian will be promoted to corporal and receive 5k federal contribution points…”

Fuu Lang announced the rewards slowly.

Ye Mu and the others reached corporal, but the awarded federal contribution points were much lower. The lowest, Jessica, only got 2000. She almost cried.

The main merit this time belonged to Lu Ze. Other people just killed some abstruse beasts.

80k federal contribution points could buy quite some martial techniques and resources. His rank also reached 2nd lieutenant.

Although it was just an honorary rank for students, the promotion speed was scary!

Even w.a.n.g Wenze and the others looked at Lu Ze with green eyes.

They were very jealous.

They thought back to their hard road to promotion and wanted to cry.

Especially Andrew and Xilin, they were third years and still only a captain.

Lu Ze saluted and accepted the new rank. He felt great. Now, Lin Ling had to call him officer.

As for federal contribution points, it was transferred to his account.

Fuu Lang smiled at Lu Ze. “Congratulations, 2nd Lieutenant Lu Ze.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Thank you, Commander.”

Then, Fuu Lang became serious again. “When the support arrives tomorrow, we need to investigate what the blade demon knows. Hence, missions may change. Rest up today everyone.”

Lu Ze and the others nodded. “Yes, Commander!”

w.a.n.g Wenze smiled, “Junior schoolmate, we’ll go with you. Our dorms are in the same place.”

Andrew and Xilin nodded. “Yeah, Junior schoolmate, we also want to spar with you.”

The three’s eyes flashed.

They were rather curious about Lu Ze’s combat power.

They wanted to see just how talented this junior schoolmate was.