Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 146 - Don’t Worry, Catch a Blade Demon First

Chapter 146 - Don’t Worry, Catch a Blade Demon First

Chapter 146: Don’t Worry, Catch a Blade Demon First


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

The four enraged beasts roared while flas.h.i.+ng with spirit light.

The distant sandstorm rushed into the oasis, forming sharp arrows in the air.

Soon, these arrows struck at Lu Ze and the others.

These soldiers wanted to block it, but the attacks were too strong. These were core martial state high-level attacks!

Even if they had spirit force, they wouldn’t be able to stop it, much less now.

Lin Ling gritted her teeth. Although she had no spirit force, she wasn’t going to sit and wait.

She glanced at Lu Ze and saw his face was cold. He wasn’t worried at all. She found it a bit funny.

She didn’t need to worry about this idiot.

Just when Lin Ling was planning to dodge, Lu Ze grabbed her arm.

Then, Lu Ze said in a serious tone, “Stand here, don’t move.”

Before Lin Ling could speak, an extremely vibrant red flame suddenly appeared in the air.

Then, more and more flames appeared, forming a red flame barrier encapsulating everyone.

Lu Ze’s mastery of the fire G.o.d art was extremely great. It was like Merlin’s pale flame; it wouldn’t harm those he didn’t want to be harmed.

Although Lu Ze didn’t reach this stage yet, it was only a bit hot inside the barrier.

The sand arrows made ripples on the barrier but didn’t manage to break through.

The scene fell silent.

The humans and blade demons looked at this in disbelief.

There was the joy of surviving in the eyes of the human soldiers.

They thought they were going to be dead for sure.

Who saved them?

Meanwhile, the blade demon warriors stared in disbelief.

These attacks were equivalent to four core martial state level nine!

Who stopped it??

Only the purple armored blade demon stared deadly at Lu Ze’s eyes. It was where the last gust of flame disappeared. His body was tense.

This person… was a huge enemy!

Someone who could fight with him.

Why was such a powerful person on the 25th planet?

Was it the same as them?

Impossible! If the humans found out too, they wouldn’t be this successful!

His eyes flashed.

Regardless, these humans had to die!

He couldn’t let any of them go!

The blade demon growled.

At this moment, the beasts roared again, and their yellow spirit force expanded.

Lu Ze said, “Shut up!”

Then, flames rose in Lu Ze’s eyes again. Vibrant flames burned around these four beasts. The fire started burning the beasts’ spirit force.

Sensing danger, the four beasts growled. They were sometimes conscious, sometimes mad.

The purple blade demon roared again as faint black spirit force emerged. His pressure spread out.

The four beasts went crazy again. Spirit force flashed around them as the sand flew. They started to resist Lu Ze’s flame.

Lu Ze glared at the four beasts and took back his gaze. He looked at the purple armored blade demon.

At the same time, this blade demon looked up and gazed murderously at Lu Ze.

The atmosphere felt suppressed.

Now, everyone finally realized where the fire came from.

Everyone opened their eyes in disbelief and looked at Lu Ze’s back.

They knew that Lu Ze’s understanding of wind G.o.d art was profound. They didn’t expect his fire G.o.d art to be even stronger than his wind G.o.d art.

Just how did this guy cultivate??

Those who could enter the Federal University elite cla.s.s were the most talented bunch of the human race. Everyone was probably on the same level.

Now, they realized they thought too much.

They weren’t on the same level at all.

Even if this guy went to the second year, he would still be one of the most talented!

If this guy went to the third year, he would be considered strong!

Back at their home place, they were the coolest but now, this guy was the only one acting cool.

Lin Ling’s eyes flashed. She knew Lu Ze had fire G.o.d art but didn’t expect it was this strong. Her pride was struck again.

Soon, her eyes became firm again. She wasn’t someone to give up easily.

On the other hand, the three girls looked at Lu Ze grabbing Lin Ling’s arm, and their eyes flashed with envy.

Such an excellent man always attracted attention.

At this moment, Lu Ze’s eyes flashed.

He let go of Lin Ling’s hand. He clenched his hands into fists as red and green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes.

Lu Ze had decided to use the fusion of wind and fire G.o.d art immediately to kill this blade demon as quickly as possible.

After all, there were soldiers here. They would be hurt by the commotion of the battle.

Miki glanced at the purple armored blade demon and then the four beasts. Then, his eyes widened as he exclaimed, “I know who this blade demon is!! He’s a prodigy of the blade demon military. He’s called Babatos. He has beast control G.o.d art! No wonder there are so many beasts controlled by them!”

This made Lu Ze stunned. He didn’t attack the blade demon and instead looked at Miki.

Other new students did the same.

Unless it was a very famous prodigy, ordinary prodigies wouldn’t appear on this planet.

The 25th planet wasn’t very important. There shouldn’t be beings with high battle powers here.

Why did this blade demon prodigy suddenly appear?

Miki frowned. “Babatos has a core martial state peak battle power. He should be active on the 22nd planet. Why would he appear here?”

Then, Lin Ling’s eye bulged, “Beast control G.o.d art… In that case, the sand eagle we just ate…”

Everyone: “…”

Everyone glanced strangely at Lu Ze. Was the sand eagle they ate Babatos’ pet?

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. “Don’t look at me like this! You guys ate it too??”

They all ate it, why was he treated like this?!

Babatos was dazed too.

That sand eagle was indeed his. When it was alive, he used it to send off the human militaries.

However, why the h.e.l.l was it eaten??

He was furious.

His dead pet was actually eaten by humans??

… By the way, would humans eat blade demons…?

At this moment, Lu Ze looked at Babatos with cold eyes. “A prodigy who shouldn’t be here. There must be some secret? I’ll capture him alive.”

Everyone: “Huh?”

Capture him alive?

Red and green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes as he disappeared. Then, he appeared next to Babatos.

He opened his right hand and a huge inferno covered Babatos.

The inferno spun vigorously, and the huge pulling force dragged the nearby blade demon troops inside.

Even the human soldiers felt a huge pulling force inside the barrier.

Soon, howls of pain came from the inferno, and then, there was a burnt smell. Lu Ze frowned.

It smelled bad.

At this moment, a howl could be heard and an opening appeared in the inferno. A purple figure charged out.

It was Babatos.

His black spirit force was dim, and there were burnt marks all over his body.

He floated in the air and looked at Lu Ze in terror.

Babatos roared, “Who the h.e.l.l are you??”

How could there be such a strong human on the 25th planet?

One strike, and he was almost heavily injured. This was infinitely close to aperture opening state or even aperture opening state battle power already?

Was it really discovered?

No, he must bring the news back alive!

To prevent humans from leaking the news, they’ve neutralized all methods of communication within a ten k.m. radius. Now, they couldn’t send messages out too.

Lu Ze didn’t reply.

Since they fought, he would beat him half dead first!

Flames rose from his body and the green wind circulated around him. He disappeared from his original spot instantly.

The dim black spirit light of Babatos burst out again. Even his force rose many times.

At the same time, a crack appeared on Babatos’ body as he spitted out blood.

He used a forbidden art of the blade demon that burned his life.

He only had one thought, ‘Charge out and send the intel back!’

Lu Ze felt this sudden rise in force, but he didn’t change his attack. He appeared on the side of Babatos and punched.


The vibrant green force flashed in the sky like a roaring dragon.

Babatos felt the power that made him quiver. He used all his power on his blade and sliced both of them down, weakening the fist force while he retreated out.

Lu Ze disappeared again, seeing his punch wasn’t effective.

Then, he appeared before Babatos and struck with his fist, palm, and elbow. Each strike contained the power of wind and fire fusion, strength G.o.d art, as well as his own terrifying power.

Each strike created ripples in the air that turned to a hurricane blowing across the oasis.

On the grounds, the huge trees shook vigorously. Some bushes were blown into the air. The original beasts in the oasis all quivered in their hideouts.

At this moment, the audience inside the flame barriers were dazed.

“Oh my! Lu Ze is so terrifying!”

Someone finally couldn’t resist speaking.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Lu Ze attacked nonstop.

However, he was stopped by Babatos who used the forbidden technique.

Each time he blocked, Babatos would spit blood. His body was bleeding from the cracks.

Lu Ze didn’t know where he had all this blood.

But as a warrior, Lu Ze felt this blade demon was worthy of respect.

Very strong and tenacious.

Meanwhile, Babatos felt this human was too abusive! He was contained and beaten up within a ten-meter diameter!

As soon as he ran out a little, he was smashed back!

Let him go!!

The backlash of the forbidden technique was starting to show. His power was receding.

Seeing this, Lu Ze pressed his right hand on Babatos.

Then, vibrant red flames surged into his body.

“Arghhh, I’m getting roasted!!”

Babatos cried out.

Then, Lu Ze took the red flames back. He then used wind G.o.d art to seal the organs of the blade demon.

Seeing the stiff Babatos, Lu Ze smiled.

Don’t be in a rush after catching a blade demon. Use the fire to roast it first and have it receive a heavy injury. Then, seal his body with the wind. That way, a blade demon captive was made!

At this moment, Babatos finally knew true despair!