Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 147 - His Path of Conquest Has Become Different

Chapter 147 - His Path of Conquest Has Become Different

Chapter 147: His Path of Conquest Has Become Different


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Ze scratched his head in embarra.s.sment when everyone looked at him in shock as he brought the well-behaved Babatos down from the air.

“Um, if you want to compliment me, don’t overdo it… I’m very bloated right now.”

Everyone’s face went stiff after hearing his words, and their mouth spasmed.



Originally, they almost couldn’t resist complimenting Lu Ze.

But looking at this guy… they instantly don’t want to anymore.

At this moment, a sharp shriek came from the air. At the same time, roars could be heard from the ground too.

Since Babatos was heavily injured and subjugated, he could no longer control these beasts.

They were happy to watch when they were trapped by Lu Ze’s flame G.o.d art.

When they watched Lu Ze beat Babatos up and they gained their freedom, they chose to run immediately.

Oh my!

They couldn’t mess with such a big boss.

Thus, when Lu Ze and the others looked over, the sand eagle had broken free and flown away. The three sand tigers also wanted to run away.

Lu Ze looked up and then down. His eyes flashed.

Moments later, he scratched his head and asked, “By the way, do sand tigers taste good?”

He had never tasted a sand tiger…

Seeing how eager Lu Ze was to eat, everyone’s mouth spasmed.


This guy was still thinking about food?!

Lin Ling glared at Lu Ze once. She then glanced at Babatos and frowned. “Don’t think about eating now! Something definitely happened for the blade demon to come to the 25th planet. Let’s contact the base and report this.”

Miki nodded. “Indeed, let’s leave first. We’ll set aside the expedition first. The signal had been blocked here. Let’s leave, and send a message to the base.”

Lu Ze heard this and took his eyes back from the sand tigers with regret.

He could only wait until the next opportunity.

In the distance, the sand tigers suddenly felt a little chill. They growled and exploded in speed as they disappeared in the sand storm.

Everyone packed things up and started to leave the oasis.

Due to the battle between Lu Ze and Babatos, the usually active beasts in the oasis were all cowering in their homes, so they left the oasis easily.

Getting on their car, they drove back to base. At this moment, Miki gained contact with the base.

After that, Miki said, “We’ll go back first. The base has sent powerful people to come and greet us.”

Lu Ze and the others nodded and breathed easier.

Then, Lu Ze glanced at the disappearing oasis and then looked at Babatos. Lu Ze grinned. “You, blade demon brother. We got to know each other through a fight. Tell me, what are you guys secretly doing?”

Babatos quickly closed his eyes and sunk into silence.


He also felt a little more relieved.

At least, they had not been caught yet.

But his exposure would make the human race vigilant.

The problem occurred at his part, and he couldn’t even kill himself.

He really wanted to die…

Lu Ze sighed, seeing that Babatos didn’t reply despite knowing that Babatos probably wouldn’t reply.

If one’s head was beaten up, he might answer, right?

Humans needed to have dreams.

Lu Ze felt he was a youth with a dream.

However, his dream wasn’t realized. Lu Ze felt a little disappointed.

The vehicle fell in silence.

At this moment, the sun was slowly sinking into the sea of sand. The weather was getting cooler.

The temperature difference between day and night on this planet was rather huge.

The group had been through two battles and were rather tired. They still forced themselves to be on alert.

After driving towards the base for an hour, news came from Miki’s communicator.

Miki looked at it and grinned. “Our support has arrived!”

Everyone got dazed. “That quickly?”

Miki said, “Captain Fuu Lang reported this to the higher authorities. This incident is very special, and there are new students of Federal University here, so they have decided to use a s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p to pick us up.”

At this moment, a s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p stopped before the convoy.

Soon, the doors opened, and a squad of armored warriors came out. A few captains and 1st lieutenants came out.

The convoy stopped, and the soldiers went out on guard while Lu Ze, Miki, and the others came before the officers. A youthful captain glanced across everyone before setting his gaze on Babatos.

Miki saluted to the officers. The young man with the rank of captain nodded. “Get on the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p first!”

Everyone went on.

Then, the captain looked at Lu Ze. “2nd-grade soldier Lu Ze, thank you for your hard work. All of you, thank you for your hard work. This captive…”

He glanced at Babatos who was covered in wounds, and his mouth spasmed.


Oh my! Just what did this blade demon go through?

Why was he like this?

But he didn’t ask and continued, “Due to the special nature of this, we’ll send him to cryo-sleep first to prevent suicide.”

Lu Ze glanced at Babatos and nodded.

Then, Lu Ze and the officers came to a cryo-sleep chamber and sent Babatos to sleep.

After that, everyone went to rest.

An hour or so later, the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p stopped at the s.p.a.ce station.

At this moment, Captain Fuu Lang was already waiting at the square.

Everyone came up to him. Fuu Lang smiled as he said, “Lu Ze, Lin Ling… Ian, thank you for working hard this time. The difficulty of the mission changed. We will explain this when we make your entrance test report.”

Lu Ze and the others nodded. “Thank you, Captain.”

Fuu Lang shook his head. “I should be thanking you guys.”

He glanced at Babatos’s chamber and said, “If it wasn’t for you guys, quite a lot of people would die this time. Plus, we wouldn’t be able to get the first news of what happened on this planet.”

“You guys must be very tired now, right? Go back and rest first. We’ll gather intel first. We’ll give you your military merits and awards tomorrow.”

The most important thing was to understand what happened that made Babatos run over here.

Lu Ze smiled. “Okay, Captain, we’ll go rest first.”

Fuu Lang nodded and ordered the young soldier to accompany them to their dorms.

Lu Ze and the others followed the soldier in the car and left.

At this moment, Ye Mu stretched and smiled. “I did quite a lot this time. I would probably get at least a corporal promotion?”

Tianyuan Qianhua sneered, “It’s clearly all Ze’s effort. You are acting up now.”

Ye Mu’s mouth spasmed. “I know my effort can’t compare with Ze, but when the first wave of beasts attacked, I killed eight abstruse beasts. It’s definitely more than you guys!”


The cold Xuan Yuqi said, “What a coincidence, I have eight too.”

Ye Mu’s face stiffened as he looked at Xuan Yuqi in disbelief. Then, he saluted with his fists. “I didn’t expect you had such power. It could shock the heavens and surprise the G.o.ds. My respect for you is endless like the yellow river…”

Everyone looked at this in speechlessness. This guy had the same numbers of kills as her. Complimenting her was complimenting himself.

So shameless.

At this moment, Ye Mu looked at Ian and Lin Ling. “Ian, Lin Ling, how many did you guys kill?”

They were all abstruse martial state level two.

Ian spoke softly, “I killed nine.”

Lin Ling smiled and said, “I killed 12.”


Everyone’s eyes bulged.

They were the same cultivation level, why did Lin Ling have so much more?

Lin Ling smiled. “That day at the drill, the battle tactics Ze explained to me were very effective. It’s coherent with my G.o.d art. I’ve been thinking about it, so my combat power has improved.”

Tianyuan Qianhua listened with envy.

Other people were envious too.

Everyone had a different G.o.d art. They needed to learn themselves how to best use it. Lin Ling had a very good method of use now.

At this moment, they had arrived at the dorms.

Everyone went up into their own rooms.

Lu Ze stretched and lay on his bed.

Today was indeed a bit dangerous. Luckily, he was strong enough, or things would be bad.

If he still had the power he had yesterday, they would probably need to run back to the base when they encountered the first sand eagle.

After all, his power yesterday wasn’t much stronger than the sand eagle.

Lu Ze took out his phone and reported his safety in the group chat and talked with Alice and Lu Li for a while.

Half an hour later, Lu Ze put away his phone. He grinned, and his tense state of mind eased up.

He felt good.

Lu Ze looked outside, it was completely dark now.

He sat on his bed and closed his eyes.

Practice cultivation!

The 25th planet seemed a bit dangerous now. If he didn’t cultivate hard, he might die.

He didn’t want to die early.

He wanted to enter the pocket hunting dimension like usual.

However this time, Lu Ze was shocked.

When he opened his eyes, he found he wasn’t in the pocket hunting dimension. He was in some dark unknown s.p.a.ce.

There were two fist-sized light rings floating before him. There were scenes in each ring.

The scene in the first ring was very familiar. Lu Ze saw those cute white rabbits and green wolves.

The other ring had some living beings too. Lu Ze had only seen one type. It was the black scaled leopards he encountered when he ran out of the white rabbit area.

Lu Ze looked at the two rings with shock.

Did this mean he could choose where he entered the pocket hunting dimension?

Was the pocket hunting dimension evolving?

Or was it something else?

Just what was this pocket hunting dimension?

Lu Ze thought about how he killed that male lion last night.

That male lion was definitely the strongest beast there.


Would this new ring have such an animal?

If he killed it, would a new ring appear?

Lu Ze made a bold guess, but he would need to verify it.

Lu Ze smiled. This felt like a game—level after level.

However, death was too painful inside. It affected user experience.

This must be given a bad review!

Lu Ze used his mental force to touch the other ring.

His eyes went dark. When he could see again, he was in the gra.s.s plain.


This time, his path of conquest was different!