Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 145 - You Don’t Know True Despair

Chapter 145 - You Don’t Know True Despair

Chapter 145: You Don’t Know True Despair

Just when the surveyor was planning to get to work, a huge formation suddenly lit up below everyone’s feet. The formation was glowing in the color of blood. It instantly covered everyone.

“This is… spirit lock formation, everyone spread out!” Miki roared.

Subsequently, everyone showed the quality of elite soldiers. In a short instant, all of them managed to leave the formation.

The formation was already starting to collapse on its own.

Lu Ze looked at the pieces of the formation in confusion and examined his body. He didn’t feel anything.

What was the point of this formation?

It didn’t feel like anything at all?

Was it just for show?

At this moment, Lu Ze heard someone say worriedly, “I, I can’t use spirit force! My dan tian feels like it was separated!”

Hearing this everyone’s face changed and started to sense their own spirit force.

“Oh s.h.i.+t! Same!”

“Me too!”

Everyone’s face changed. It wasn’t just one person. It seemed everyone’s spirit force was locked in their dan tian.

Lu Ze felt strange. He was a spirit body, so his spirit force wasn’t stored in the dan tian. He didn’t feel anything.

He looked at Lin Ling and asked, “You too?”

Lin Ling’s eyes flashed and nodded.

Then, she said coldly, “We were set up! There are blade demons here!”

Humans focused on cultivating spirit force, at least, before reaching planetary state. Spirit force gave a huge increase to humans’ bodies and battle power. Yet, their spirit force was locked.

That way, their combat power would drastically decrease!

Clearly, they were set up!

Only blade demons would be doing that here.

The faces of Ye Mu and others were bad too.

Perhaps, they might die here.

Miki said, “This is spirit lock formation. We only stayed in there for an instant, the duration of spirit lock won’t be long. Let’s leave here first.”

However, before the effects were over, it would be the most dangerous time.

Blade demons clearly weren’t nearby, otherwise, they would definitely notice this.

They had to leave here before blade demons got here.

However, they didn’t expect blade demons had such precious formation. It had no offensive power and wouldn’t have any spirit force wave before activation. Even their detection devices couldn’t detect it.

It seemed the blade demons already knew they were coming.

How did they know?

Did they have a demon who has a farsight G.o.d art come over?

Lu Ze frowned. Within his senses, more than a hundred blade demons were nearing rapidly.

Clearly, they noticed the activation of the formation.

Thus, he reminded, “Blade demons are coming.”

As soon as Lu Ze said this, everyone’s face looked worse. They didn’t expect the blade demons reacted this quickly.

Without spirit force, those who didn’t have G.o.d art had to rely on their bodies.

Here, only Federal University students had G.o.d art!

Despite this, G.o.d arts would be much weaker without spirit force!

In this state, they couldn’t even run away from those full-powered blade demons.

In just a few seconds, a huge shadow came across the sky.

Everyone looked up and narrowed their eyes. It was a sand eagle.

Its 150-meter golden wings seemed very familiar.

After all, they just ate one before.

However, this one clearly seemed stronger than before.

At the same time, there were vibrations coming from the ground. Three huge beasts rammed away the trees and trapped everyone in the center.

These were three golden tigers that were 15 meters tall. Sand waved around them, and they looked extremely ferocious.

At this moment, there were quite some blade demons riding on them. After surrounding the people, the blade demons jumped off.

Feeling the ferocious chi from the beasts, as well as the hundred blade demons, Miki’s heart went cold.

What was this??

They were tricked into stepping on the spirit lock formation, and now, there were four high-level wild beasts???

They only had two core martial state, and he was a noob core martial state.

Was this necessary?

There was no way out of this at all??

The soldiers already had a pale face from the ferocious chi of the beasts.

A blade demon wearing luxurious purple spirit powered armor walked out.

Although blade demons looked hideous, this one seemed even more hideous.

He looked at the surrounded Lu Ze, as his blood eyes flashed. He said, “Humans, die!”

Then, the other blade demons roared while looking at the purple armored blade demon with reverence.

Lu Ze looked at this blade demon and then asked Lin Ling, “Lin Ling, did you see? This blade demon can actually speak human tongue!!”

Lin Ling: “…”

Miki: “…”

Soldiers: “…”

Ye Mu and others: “…”

Purple blade demon: “…”

The atmosphere felt a little awkward.

Eventually, the purple armored blade demon said hoa.r.s.ely, “It seems you don’t know true despair yet!! Allow me to help you taste what is true despair!”

The sand eagle let out a cry, and the sand tigers roared.