Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 144 - Just How Far Ahead Of Us Do You Want To Be?

Chapter 144 - Just How Far Ahead Of Us Do You Want To Be?

Chapter 144: Just How Far Ahead Of Us Do You Want To Be?


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

In one desert of 25th planet, the wind blew furiously.

Everyone looked up at the figure flas.h.i.+ng with green light that can’t be covered even be the sand and was lost in thought.

This temperament…

He was just 18 and killed core martial state level seven sand eagle with just two punches.

This power was truly terrifying.

At this moment, Lu Ze landed slowly from the sky next to the sand eagle. He looked at it and touched his chin as though in contemplation.

Just when everyone was curious, Lu Ze grabbed one wing and smiled.

Then, Lu Ze dragged the eagle by this wing towards the vehicles.

Lu Ze ran as he spoke “Everyone, let’s have this sand eagle today? How about it? Is it tasty?”

Everyone: …

What is this?!!

They thought this guy found something and that’s why he was thinking.

Keep that temperament of yours!!

Everyone held their chest.

This guy changed styles so fast that they couldn’t react.

These soldiers felt Lu Ze’s great image collapsing.

Miki, Ye Mu and them completely couldn’t relate this guy who was laughing like a stupid kid with the prodigy who killed the sand eagle in two punches.

Only Lin Ling who knew about Lu Ze’s unreliable character was prepared for this.

But despite this, Lin Ling felt it was uneasy to breathe. This guy was too angering!

He was clearly just a little bit handsome before. Why didn’t he keep it!

Lu Ze dragged the eagle to everyone and saw their strange face. He thought they were worried that the eagle wasn’t dead yet so he smiled “Don’t worry, I killed this sand eagle.”

Then, Lu Ze looked at Miki “Um, 2nd lieutenant, the vehicles have stopped. Do you think we can eat first?”

He pointed at the sand eagle “Is this tasty?”

Miki: ….

Seeing Lu Ze’s ravenous eyes, Miki’s mouth spasmed as he said “Okay, rest here for now.”

The soldiers were indeed tired from that battle.

Then he said “… I’ve never had sand eagle meat. I don’t know if it’s tasty.”

Oh my!

Even he wanted to try it after Lu Ze said it.

Lu Ze heard this and his eyes lit up. He glanced at Lin Ling “Lin Ling can you cook?”

Lin Ling rolled her eyes “I’m not a spirit chef. I can’t cook as well as your little junior schoolmate. Don’t blame me if it doesn’t taste good!”

Lu Ze smiled “Definitely not, you will at least cook better than me.”

The timid Jessica said “Um, I can help.”

Then, Xuan Yuqi and Yuantian QIanhua also smiled “We can help too.”

Then, everyone started handling the meat while the girls started making spices for the meat.

The wing was over a hundred meters but most of it was feathers. The meat wasn’t enough for all the soldiers.

Lu Ze had decided that if it was tasty, he would share some with everyone and have more of the leftover. If it was bad, he would eat less.

The vehicles pushed out the defense barrier to block the sand. Everyone sat down and the sand eagle was roasted ready.

Lu Ze took the meat Lin Ling pa.s.sed over and bit down. Immediately, the intense flavour and texture bloomed in his mouth. He closed his eyes in satisfaction.

Lin Ling wasn’t a spirit chef but her cooking wasn’t bad?

Mhm, he was going to have more!

Lin Ling looked at Lu Ze and smiled “How is it?”

“It’s good!”

Lin Ling smiled and started eating herself.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed as he looked at Miki “Commander, do you often come across such beasts when you leave the city?”

If there was often such beasts, this planet would need high level core martial state martial artists to lead the team.

Miki said slowly “This is my first time encountering such strong beast. Powerful beasts have their own domain. There shouldn’t be such wild beast in this region.”

“But although I haven’t come across migrations but some people in the base have. Those unlucky squads would be entirely annihilated but such chances are very small.”

Everyone: …

Oh my!

Was this planet this dangerous??

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. This was too unlucky.

Luckily his power was strong and because he had the fight with the sand eagle, he had a clearer knowledge of his power.

If he used fire G.o.d art or the fusion of wind and fire, at least he could show off in core martial state.

“However, I’ve already notified Captain Fuu Lang of this incident. If something else occurs on the way, we’ll ask for a.s.sistance.”

Lu Ze and them nodded.

The military power of the base was limited. One accident wasn’t adequate for the base to send powerful beings over.

They had their own missions.

Ye Mu smiled “Ze is that strong, I feel our mission isn’t hard to finish.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up and they nodded.

The bold Yuantian Qianhua smiled at Lu Ze “Ze, just how strong is your battle power?”

Lu Ze smiled “About core martial state level nine?”

If he used fire G.o.d art he could reached core martial state level nine power.

Hearing this, everyone went stiff as they clasped their heart.

Ye Mu’s voice was shaky “We’re clearly the same age. Why are you that much stronger than us? Just how far ahead of us do you want to be?”

Lu Ze was an entire state higher than them!

Everyone else nodded in agreement.

Lin Ling’s eyes flashed. It seemed her improvement wasn’t big enough!

She needed to work harder.

Miki felt extremely bad. Lu Ze was this much younger than him and yet his power was that much stronger than his…

Prodigies really left no way out for others.

After everyone was rested up, they once began driving off.

They had driven half way. In just a few more hours, they could arrive.

They didn’t encounter other accidents on the way. There was the occasional beasts but they were low level abstruse beasts.

A few hours later, the speaker said “Commander, we’re almost at our destination!”

Everyone looked out. there seemed to be a huge patch of shade in the sandstorm. As they got closer, the sade cleared up.

It was a huge oasis. There was full of tall trees inside the oasis. It decorated the sand like a green gemstone.

Miki said “Get close carefully!”

Then, the convoy slowed down and neared the oasis.

Lu Ze asked “Commander, are there powerful beasts inside the oasis?”

Miki nodded seriously “According to the finder of this resource point, there should be low level core martial state beast inside.”

He looked at Lu Ze and said “It shouldn’t be considered strong.”

After all, this guy could kill core martial state level seven with two punches.

The convoy stopped outside the oasis. Everyone got off the car and watched.

There was constant beast roars inside and they could even hear fights.

It seemed the beasts inside were quite naughty.

The soldiers naturally kept the expedition squad in the middle.

Miki said “I’ll pave the way ahead. Lu Ze stay at the rear. Everyone stay on high alert and keep quiet. Let’s go!”

Then, everyone pushed forward.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling and them stayed at the rear. He kept his wind G.o.d art open and scanned out his mental force.

The surveyor took out his detection devices and started scanning.

An hour later, they were deep into the oasis.

They encountered quite some beasts on the way. They were pretty much all abstruse beasts. There was also a low level wild beast.

However, before it could even howl, its huge head was sliced off by Lu Ze’s wind blade.

Just when they pa.s.sed a small hill, the surveyor suddenly said “Stop! There’s a reaction!”

Everyone felt excited.

Miki said “Quickly finish the surveying. If there’s enough resources we can call teams over to excavate.”