Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 143 - The wind is too big I can’t hear

Chapter 143 - The wind is too big I can’t hear

Chapter 143: The wind is too big I can’t hear


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Ze looked at the nearing sand eagle and then at Miki. He asked curiously “Commander, is this sand eagle very strong?”

Miki nodded “Very strong. Sand eagle is a wild beast. It has sand control G.o.d art. Its wing span is over a hundred meters. It has at least core martial state level seven power.”

Miki’s eyes focused as a sliver of hesitation in his eyes finally turned to harshness.

He took out a black ball from the storage ring and said “I’ll stop the sand eagle. Everyone return to the base. Listen to Lu Ze’s command.”

Then, he turned to Lu Ze and said “Second grade soldier Lu Ze ! Your’e the strongest soldier other than me. Now, protect the expedition team and send them back! Act immediately!”

Lu Ze grinned “The wind is too big, I can’t hear you.”

What a joke. This guy clearly wanted to die himself. How could he leave now. it was just a large bird.

He wondered if a sand eagle tasted ncie.

Lu Ze’s words dazed Miki and everyone else.

Core martial state level seven power was enough to destroy them. Yet, Lu Ze chose to resist order at this time?

Those soldiers who had some respect for him frowned.

On the battlefield, such ignorant fool died the quickest and would bring his team down with him.

It was already bad luck that they encountered the sand eagle.

However, the worst was yet to come.

Ye Mu and them frowned too. Lu Ze’s talent was very respectable but saying this at this time was too ignorant.

Ian said “Ze… it’s best to listen to the commander at this time.”

Even Lin Ling frowned. To her, Lu Ze didn’t seem like this sort of person.

“Ze, you have a way?” Lin Ling looked up and said seriously.

Lu Ze dazed. He didn’t expect Lin Ling would ask him his way directly.

She trusted that he could deal with this bird that much?

She knew well.

Lu Ze smiled “It’s just a big bird. Does it taste good? If it is, then we’ll be having bird meat tonight.

This idiot still thought about food now.

However, everyone’s face looked worse.

They knew Lu Ze’s power.

At the drill, it was said he easily beat core martial state level one Frances. According to higher up estimates, Lu Ze’s power would be no higher than core martial state level five.

This was already extremely high estimation.

However, this sand eagle was core martial state level seven.

Miki’s face went green as he gritted his teeth “Second grade soldier Lu Ze, do you know what you’re saying?”

Lu Ze smiled and said nothing.

Sometimes, it was just much more useful to let them see.

He could feel everyone’s eyes but he didn’t care.

No know knew his real power anyways.

If his power didn’t have a huge improvement yesterday, he wasn’t confident he could beat this eagle even if he used wind and fire G.o.d art.

But now, Lu Ze felt it was easy.

Green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes as he disappeared from the spot before everyone could react.

“Oh s.h.i.+t!!”

Miki cursed and charged at Lu Ze.

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

Although Lu Ze wasn’t mature but he couldn’t just leave him there.

To him, Lu Ze didn’t even have the means to kamikaze with that eagle. He might as well let Lu Ze distract it and the two could stall while everyone else left.

Lin Ling’s eyes flashed as she said “Open all defense barriers. Get ready for the battle waves!”

As a level three sergeant major, she was a high level commander here. With her order, everyone woke up and opened their barriers.

In the air, the sand eagle felt Lu Ze’s approach. It clearly didn’t feel much energy but its instincts made its feather stand up. The sand spun around it faster.

At the same time, countless sand gathered in the air.

Eventually, it formed countless sharp yellow feathers.


That stone piercing sound came again. It shook its wings and all the yellow feathers turned into flowing light shooting at Lu Ze.

Miki wanted to chase up to Lu Ze but found he couldn’t even keep up with Lu Ze. When he saw the heavens covered in yellow fathers, his heart went cold.

It was beyond help.

Lu Ze grinned. Green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes and the wind around him turned into a green s.h.i.+eld.

All the feathers were immediately blown off their original course when they touched the light s.h.i.+eld.

Miki and Lin Ling and them bulged their eyes.

“How was this possible??”

“Oh s.h.i.+t!”

“Ze’s power…!”

All sorts of exclaims sounded.

Everyone’s suppressed feelings felt a little better.

A sliver of hope appeared in their hearts.

Perhaps… Lu Ze could really kill this sand eagle?

The sand eagle sensed Lu Ze easily stopped its attacks and became more vigilant. It even felt a sliver of lethal threat.

It felt it didn’t need to stay here and fight with its life. It was planning to leave.

Black rays flashed in its eyes and then a violent chi surged up turning its eyes red and hideous.

It shrieked at Lu Ze and charged at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze grinned and his eyes went cold.

His cells were extremely active right now. the crystal colour was completely flowing in his body. Only a sliver of crystal light seeped out. The terrifying power was almost all contained in his body.

After using that strange strand of energy yesterday, Lu Ze’s body was much stronger.

His eyes flashed, strength G.o.d art.

Five times increase!

Even now, five times increase wasn’t at the limit of his body. However, Lu Ze was still lacking on learning.

Lu Ze was just standing in the air and the sand storm seemed to have stopped becoming very quiet.

Miki who was planning to help saw this and his body froze.

For some reason, he felt Lu Ze was very scary now.

He instinctively felt it wasn’t smart to get close.

Miki almost couldn’t believe it.

This kid, was only 18! How could he be this strong???

The sand eagle felt Lu Ze’s power. Its beast eyes flashed and its yellow spirit force bursted out.

It used full power immediately.

Lu Ze gritted his teeth. Just strength G.o.d art alone wasn’t enough!

Green light flashed. He used wind G.o.d art at full power too!!

The power of a G.o.d art was related to one’s learnings but it was also related to one’s body, mental force and spirit force.

Now that Lu Ze’s mental force and body improved greatly, so did his use of wind G.o.d art.

The wind turned into a layer of armour as Lu Ze clenched his right fist.


A distant thud sounded like the strike of an ancient war drum. The air wave swept the nearby sand.

Miki retreated drastically.

He couldn’t help in the battle anymore.

But he didn’t need to use his life to trade the sand eagle’s life.

Everyone on the ground was extremely silent as they watched the bright green figure.

Lin Ling’s eyes flashed.

This guy became this strong. How could she catch up?!

Ye Mu and them looked at Lu Ze in disbelief.


The sand eagle was sometimes awake sometimes immersed in bloodl.u.s.t.

Lu Ze’s eyes went cold as he punched.


The green fist force with spinning whirlwind struck towards the sand eagle.

Green and yellow clashed in the air.


The sky was covered in green and yellow colour. Sand and wind as well as spirit force spread in all directions.

Miki appeared before the convoy and shook the remaining force away with his spirit force.

Then, everyone looked up.

Lu Ze didn’t stop after that strike.

He turned into a gust of wind and appeared next to the sand eagle who was still struggling to block his fist force.

Lu Ze punched again on its huge head.


A wail sounded as the terrifying sound of bones cracking came above the sand eagle’s head. Blood splashed. The sand eagle struggled a few times before losing life force.

Its huge body fell from the sky.

It created another sandstorm while its blood tainted the surrounding red.

Miki, Lin Ling and all the soldiers looked dazily at the lifeless body.

Two punches, killed a core martial state level seven sand eagle.

This was too shocking…