Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 142 - This Beast’s Name isn’t too friendly

Chapter 142 - This Beast’s Name isn’t too friendly

Chapter 142: This Beast’s Name isn’t too friendly


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Miki heard the message and his eyes narrowed “What beast is it? How many?”

“There’s a lot, quite some abstruse beasts and maybe even wild beasts.”

The voice of shocked soldiers sounded from the communicator.

Miki frowned “Stop, embrace battle! Protect the expedition team with priority!”

The four large vehicles stopped and surrounded the expedition vehicle.

Then, tens of black spirit powered armour soliders got off from each transporter vehicle.

They carried spirit powered weapons on their back and held small spirit cannons.

Lu Ze and them followed Miki off and looked into the distant sky.

Winds and sand ravaged. In the sand, some tall figures gradually appeared.

Miki frowned “How can there be that many?”

Lin Ling looked and said “There isn’t that many beasts?”

Miki explained “This region is 1000km from the base. Theoretically, its not a region where beasts ravage.

Soon, beasts started appearing from the sandstorm. There were a few hundred. They were tall and hideous. Roars and screams sounded non stop.

Miki said with cold eyes “Everyone watch out, suppress with fire!”

The cannons they held had abstruse martial state fire power. However, they took long times to charge and the trajectory was singular.

That instant, all sorts of scorching beams shot at the hideous beasts creating thunderous blasts.

Spirit beasts instantly died and abstruse beasts splashed blood.



The beasts roared in anger and all sorts of spirit lights flashed.

When a few hundred powerful beasts raged, the force was overwhelming. Weaker martial artists might even lose the will to resist.

However, warriors who had survived the battlefield wouldn’t do that. Their faces remained calm as they continued their attacks.

The beasts resisted the energy blasts and charged over.

Gradually, the distance between the two sides were shrinking. Miki said “Melee battle!”

The cannon fires weren’t as agile as martial artists attacks. Once the enemies got close, melee fights were the best.

Thus, the warriors clashed with the beasts.


The attacks stirred up the sand and air waves. Luckily the expedition car had a barrier or they would definitely be hurt.

Miki glanced at the battlefield and said to Lu Ze “You guys go too.”

Lu Ze smiled “I’m already fighting.”

As he spoke, green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes and a wind blade sliced through the beast that was about to ambush another soldier.

It sliced the beast in half. Blood splashed o the brave soldier.

The soldier’s face went pale.

Oh my, so close!

He almost died!

Luckily someone saved him!

Who was it that was so strong?

He was saved in such a chaotic situation.

Although death was unavoidable on the battlefield, Lu Ze wouldn’t watch if he could save them.

At this moment, Miki smiled to Lu Ze “Sorry about before, you’re a nice kid!”

Lu Ze grinned “I was even thinking of beating you up before I left. Now, it doesn’t seem necessary. Thank you for your compliment commander!”

Miki …

This guy was that insidious? He was almost beaten up?

So close…

Lin Ling smiled “then I’m going in too.”

She flashed in white light and charged into the battlefield. She pa.s.sed by a ferocious beast. Her long sword sliced and the beast fell to the ground.

Ye Mu smiled “I’m the man to become a young duke. This battlefield is all too easy!”

Sword will spurted as he turned into a sword light shooting towards a ferocious beast. Then, all sorts powerful sword chi exploded piercing the beast into a beehive.

Xavier laughed “Then I’ll be going in too.”

Then, his body turned to a black metal look. With each stride, the earth shook. He grabbed the tail of a ten meter long abstruse beast and smashed it onto the gorund.

The beast struggled while wailing.

Lu Ze dazed. Black t.i.tan fighting monster?

If this was during the Earth era, no special effects were needed and it would be a huge blockbuster.

Ian smiled meekly “I’ll just support here.”

Then, purple light flashed in his eyes. a roaring beast suddenly stopped and then slapped the head of another snake like beast next to it dazing the beast.

What is this?

Why hit him?

Didn’t they agree on beating these two legged people?

Then, the beast slapped down again and the two beasts started fighting each other.

Lu Ze dazed “Ian? You hypnotised that beast? That beast is abstruse beast middle stage. Your G.o.d art is that strong?”

Ian scratched his head shyly “The mental force of abstruse beast are much lower than other intelligent beings. I just slighty interfered with its mind making it think that sand snake to be a soldier.”

Lu Ze: “… I envy you.”

Mental force was really scary. It was completely toying with enemies!

He really wanted such a G.o.d art…

Meanwhile, green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes as he sliced another beast in half.

Ian watched this and looked at Lu Ze unhappily “Don’t kid me Lu Ze!”

Lu Ze looked at Ian and his mouth spasmed. Lu Ze said seriously “… Ian, you need to remember you’re a guy! You need to be angry like one!!”


Why was this guy like a girl even when he was angry?!

Ian blushed and looked down in embarra.s.sment.


Lu Ze: …

This guy was beyond help.

He had decided to stay away from Ian.

Xuan Yuqi and them also joined the battlefield.

Miki didn’t join the battlefield. Although the beasts out numbered the soldiers but with Lu Ze here, his wind blades harvested the beasts like the scythe of doom.

Those invisible wind blades made Miki s.h.i.+ver.

This youth was too scary.

One man army!

Even those expedition members looked at Lu Ze in shock.

“… Was that youth Lu Ze, the one who was so famous now?”

“He’s indeed a terrifying prodigy. It’s the luck of the human race to have such a prodigy.”

The battle lasted half an hour. A few hundred beasts fell to the ground and their blood tainted the sand red. Pungent smell of blood was everywhere.

The soldiers looked amongst each other and found that not a single soldier died.

“We, have a complete victory, over this many beasts?”

“… It seems so.”

“Since when were we this strong??”

“Are we some unknown prodigy?”


Miki was cringing to death from hearing this. At least bluff after Lu Ze was gone.

Lu Ze was still here and you guys are bluffing like this.

Nevertheless, Miki breathed easy. It was best that no one died.

And, there didn’t seem to be wild beasts?

He had been on alert for wild beasts. After all, he was one of the only two core martial state powers.

In that case, he could rest up.

At this moment, a rock piercing call sounded.


Those spirit martial state soldiers howled in pain as blood dripped down their ears.

Everyone looked into the sky.

A huge figure that covered the sun appeared.

It was a huge eagle like beast whose wings stretched more than a hundred meters. It was completely yellow and had a shrouds of yellow sand covering it. Each time it stretched its wings, it turned into yellow light and disappeared quickly before appearing again.

The terrifying pressure made the soldiers abstruse martial state primary stage and below unable to breathe.

Even Miki’s face went bad “This… sand eagle! Why is it here??”

Lu Ze dazed: ??

Sand eagle??

It was called sand eagle??

Lu Ze felt this beast’s name wasn’t too friendly.

Lu Ze felt pity.

TL note: sand eagle in Chinese has another meaning – r.e.t.a.r.d