Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 141 - Second Grade Soldier and Sergeant Major

Chapter 141 - Second Grade Soldier and Sergeant Major

Chapter 141: Second Grade Soldier and Sergeant Major


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

The young soldier led Lu Ze and the others to a square in the military area. A convoy with four huge military transport vehicles and an expedition vehicle was present there.

There were soldiers wearing basic black spirit powered armor. They were about to ride the vehicle.

The young soldier took Lu Ze and his companions to a youthful soldier and saluted, “2nd Lieutenant Miki, the commander has arranged a Federal University squad to conduct the mission with you.”

Miki frowned, and he glanced at Lu Ze and his group.

The protection mission wasn’t simple. The soldiers here have partic.i.p.ated in many wars. They were strong and experienced.

If they were to bring a few new people with them, these people might be a hindrance at times of emergency.

Pfft, what is that old man thinking?

Increasing the difficulty for him?

But since the mission was here, Miki couldn’t reject this.

He walked to Lu Ze and his group. Then, he glanced at Lu Ze with confusion. He felt this student didn’t seem too right.


But Miki didn’t think much and said seriously, “Since Commander Fuu Lang wants me to take you guys, then you must listen obediently! This mission isn’t a game. I don’t care how talented you are or what background you have. If you can’t carry out the mission effectively, then don’t blame me.”


Although his words didn’t sound nice, their mission was like this. They could only comply.

Subsequently, Lieutenant Miki said, “We will depart after ten minutes, so change into your armors.”

Lu Ze and his group nodded. They took out spirit powered armors from their storage ring and changed into it.

Then, Lu Ze found that in addition to Lin Ling, Ye Mu, Ian, Xuan Yuqi, and Tianyuan Qianhua, everyone used his or her own spirit powered armor.

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. Were they all wealthy?

Seeing them change, Miki glanced a bit more at Lin Ling and the others before saying, “Get on first.”

Then, Lu Ze followed Miki onto the first vehicle.

Ten minutes later, the expedition team came to the square. Everyone was ready to go.

The vehicles floated in the air and left through the western city gates.

At the city gates, Miki showed his identification before the city guards opened the defense barrier.

The convoy pa.s.sed through and left the base.

As soon as they left the base, a strong wind blew over. The yellow sand was everywhere. At the same time, the floating cars wobbled a little.

Moreover, the temperature inside rose a few degrees instantly.

Lu Ze looked into the distant sand and sighed. Ordinary people couldn’t survive here at all.

Miki slowly said, “The most dangerous element of the 25th planet isn’t the blade demon soldiers, it’s the harsh environment and the terrifying beasts.”

“Just be careful everyone.”

Lu Ze and the others nodded.

The squad headed to the west. All that they saw was sand. The city behind them had already disappeared.

Lu Ze asked, “Commander, where is our destination?”

Miki glanced at Lu Ze’s second-grade soldier badge and felt contemptuous. He answered plainly, “New recruits just need to follow orders. They have no authority to ask!”

Lu Ze: “…”

He seemed to have been looked down on.

Lu Ze was speechless. He was stronger than this guy.

How annoying!

Seeing this, Lin Ling smiled and said, “Commander, I believe I have the right to know.”

Glancing at Lin Ling’s rank and then her exquisite face, Miki was a little shocked.

They were all new students, but she was the only one who wasn’t a new recruit. Her ranking had reached level three sergeant major.

This was a very high rank in their squad. Old soldiers couldn’t be promoted even if they were strong enough if they didn’t have enough military merit.

Miki was naturally shocked to see a level three sergeant major this young.

Miki’s tone eased, “We’re going to an oasis, two thousand kilometers west. Civilian excavators have found a copper mine there.”

Lin Ling nodded and raised her brow at Lu Ze, making him speechless.

He had to hurry and get promoted. Lin Ling was more welcomed than him.

How could he take this??

Miki then said, “By the way, introduce yourselves and tell me your power, so I can make the arrangements.”

With how talented Federal University new students were and how they were a.s.signed here, they would at least be an abstruse martial state, right?

They could still be of some use.

Their squad was mostly made up of high-level spirit martial state and ordinary abstruse martial states. Only a rare few had a high level abstruse martial state. He was the only core martial state.

“You first, level three Sergeant Major.”

Lin Ling smiled, “Reporting, I’m Lin Ling. Cultivation level, abstruse martial state level two.”

Miki nodded and looked at Xuan Yuqi.

“Reporting, I’m Xuan Yuqi. Cultivation level is abstruse martial state level two.”

Everyone said his or her cultivation level.

Perhaps Lu Ze asked a question and this made Miki have a bad impression of him, so he looked at Lu Ze last.

Should he secretly beat this guy up when he left the planet?

“Second-grade soldier, what is your cultivation level?”

Lu Ze smiled. “Reporting, I’m Lu Ze. Cultivation level, abstruse martial state level three.”

Hearing this, Miki’s face instantly stiffened.

His mouth spasmed. “You’re Lu Ze?”


Miki felt very awkward.

Although they couldn’t go to the military drill, the news still came to them. Pretty much the entire Xiaer system knew the name Lu Ze.

After all, he was the new student who had beaten the strongest prodigy in the prodigy barrack.

He was just 18 and had a core martial state power.

He really didn’t know Lu Ze was this second-grade soldier!

… Lu Ze’s power is probably stronger than his own?

The atmosphere fell silent.

Lin Ling held in her laugh. She found Miki’s expression quite interesting.

The other people wanted to laugh too.

Moments later, Miki coughed and said, “Okay, I understand your basic information. I’ll make the arrangements for you.”

Then, silence surrounded the car. There was only the furious howl of the wind and sand being blown into the gla.s.s.

Everyone was getting ready for any incoming threat. Lu Ze used his wind G.o.d art and mental force to survey the surrounding.

A few hours later, Lu Ze suddenly opened his eyes and said to the speaker.

“Commander, there are beasts advancing near our location!”