Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 140 - Crushed

Chapter 140 - Crushed

Chapter 140: Crushed


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

After using all his power to maximize his G.o.d art again, Lu Ze’s body ached. He coughed up a few mouthfuls of blood, and even his vision was blurring.

But Lu Ze watched the lion turn to ash and smiled.

He finally killed this lion.

From today onwards, he was a true, cold, ruthless, and mature hunter!


The ashes were blown away by the wind. Following such, light orbs were left behind.

There were 12 red orbs that emitted even brighter light than the red lions.

There were also 12 brighter purple orbs.

Furthermore, there was also a vibrant fiery red crystal orb that seemed to be filled with life.

Lastly, there was a hazy white orb that Lu Ze had never seen. Perhaps, this wasn’t even considered an orb. It was just a strand of energy. Its shape kept changing; sometimes it turned into light orbs and sometimes into strands.

Lu Ze’s eyes were getting blurrier. He didn’t think too much and collected all the light orbs first.

Afterward, he struggled to move toward the fire tree. He then proceeded to touch the flame.

This time, Lu Ze wasn’t just burned to dust by the flame. Instead, it turned into a red light and entered Lu Ze’s mental dimension.

After doing all this, Lu Ze’s eyes darkened. When he opened his eyes again, he was back in his dorm.

He took a few deep breaths to ease his pains.

Then, excitement flashed in his eyes.

His current harvest was richer than before.


There was even energy that Lu Ze had never seen before!

Thinking about this, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. He went into his mental dimension and observed.

At this moment, there was a small flame and a strange strand of energy other than the orbs.

The flame was waving and burning in the s.p.a.ce. Lu Ze felt that he was constantly learning about fire G.o.d art in his brain.

That strand of energy only seemed distorted. Nothing else was special about it.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed as he sat down again. His mental force touched the energy, and he chose to digest this energy.

As soon as it entered his body, Lu Ze’s body s.h.i.+vered. His face changed.

This felt quite good!

It was as if a small soft hand was ma.s.saging every inch of his muscle.

Lu Ze closed his eyes in comfort. He could clearly sense his body being filled with life force.

Even his mental force was growing stronger.

Although it was just one strand of energy, it gave Lu Ze the feeling of the vast oceans. It washed Lu Ze’s body incessantly.

Lu Ze felt a fundamental change about him. This sliver of change was extremely profound.

Lu Ze didn’t think much. His state now was too good. He was more enlightened than when he used faint purple orbs.

Lu Ze quickly used the fire crystal ball from the male lion.

The small flame kept emitting G.o.d art runes. The fire G.o.d art of the male lion flowed through his body. The addition of the strand of strange energy improved his perception further.

Lu Ze felt his fire G.o.d art seemed to be accelerating extremely fast.

The next morning, sunlight shone through the window onto Lu Ze.

Lu Ze looked like an ordinary person right now. Not a strand of energy was seeping out from him.

Lu Ze slowly opened his crystal and dark eyes. They seemed to be containing starlight.

He clutched his fist, and a heavy sound came from his palm. Ripples spread across. It was like a breeze blowing through the small s.p.a.ce of the dormitory.

At the same time, Lu Ze scanned the area with his mental force. Previously, he could only use the combination of wind G.o.d art and his mental force to sense his surroundings, but now, his mental force alone could sense movements within a radius of one kilometer.


His mental force increased like crazy!

There was not a sliver of pain in his brain, just coolness.

This meant that his physical body could perfectly handle his increased mental force.

That meant, his body also improved a lot…

And, his fire G.o.d art seemed to have skyrocketed too…

Oh my!

He didn’t even know how strong he was anymore.

Not too good…

He was going to get even more prideful.

Lu Ze felt he was almost in the state: ‘If the heavens defy me, I shall annihilate the heaven.’

… should he find an opportunity to have a fight with the alcoholic?


No… he must not commit suicide!!


He took a few deep breaths and calmed down his mood.

He got up and found that Ye Mu, Xavier, and Ian were all waiting in the living room.

The instant they saw Lu Ze, they showed a confused look. They stared at Lu Ze so intently that Lu Ze was embarra.s.sed.

At this moment, Ye Mu asked shakily, “… Ze, don’t tell me you got stronger again?”

Lu Ze scratched his head. “A bit stronger, it’s not much.”

The three breathed a sigh of relief. They were really scared that Lu Ze had another breakthrough.

If that was so, they would be crushed to death.

After cleaning themselves, they left the dorms and came knocking on the female dorms.

Lin Ling soon opened the door. She froze the moment she saw Lu Ze.

Her crystal eyes glared at Lu Ze while the expression on her face kept changing.

Eventually, Lin Ling silently closed the door, leaving the three outside.

Meanwhile, the others saw Lin Ling close the door lifelessly and asked worriedly, “What happened Lin Ling?”

Lin Ling’s mouth spasmed and she smiled. “Nothing, I’m in a complicated mood right now. I want to have some peace.”


Before, she could see some things about Lu Ze, but now, even when she used her spirit eye G.o.d art with full power, all she saw was a mist. That mist contained power that made her tremble.

That guy… it was just one night. Why did he become so much stronger?!!

How could she catch up to him like this!

Lin Ling wanted to cry. Beating Lu Ze was her goal.


Now, this goal seemed even further than before.


At this moment, the knocking sound came again. Lu Ze’s voice could be heard, “Lin Ling, what happened?”

Lin Ling opened the door again and glared at Lu Ze. “Nothing.”

Lu Ze was confused. He could only conclude that it was her time of the month.


Lu Ze still decided to care for her.

Thus, he smiled at her. “Remember to drink warm water.”


Lin Ling: “???”

Then, Lu Ze walked inside the female dorms.

The eight people chatted about some tactics and soon, that young soldier from yesterday came over.

Thus, they followed him to the military quarters. After some serious security checks, they were brought to the office of the head commander.

Inside sat a stern-faced, middle-aged man. He was the commander of the base, Fuu Lang.

The 25th planet wasn’t so rich in resources, so it didn’t need a lot of manpower. Fuu Lang was just a core martial state level nine captain.

Fuu Lang glanced at them and said, “Second-grade soldier Lu Ze.”

Lu Ze went up and saluted, “Yes!”

Fuu Lang was expressionless, but he was shocked inside.

He actually felt threatened by this youth?

What a joke. He was a core martial state level nine!

How young was this person??


Even if he was the most talented, he was still just a new student!

He actually felt some threat.

He was a little dazed.

The atmosphere fell silent. Just when Lu Ze felt that the commander had something against him, the commander came back to his senses.

His cold voice grew a little soft as he said, “You’re students of Federal University. You’re different from other soldiers, so during your time on this planet, I will be directly responsible for you.”

Fuu Lang didn’t really want to care about these Federal University soldiers. Prodigies were prideful and didn’t really listen. They didn’t understand the dangers of war.

But since the Federal University entrance test was at the Xiaer system, they had to manage this.

However, Fuu Lang didn’t expect Lu Ze to be this strong. This made him feel a little better.

The stronger one was, the fewer the dangers. He didn’t need to mind too much.

Fuu Lang said, “Since it’s your first time at the battlefield, your first mission is to stay with other armies and gather experience.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Yes!”

If he could work with old soldiers, it would be very good.

Fuu Lang glanced at the mission panel and eventually stopped at one.

He said slowly, “Perfect, I have an expedition team going to research a new resource point, you guys can go with the protection army.”


Lu Ze nodded. “Yes!”