Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 139 - A Father Smacking His Son

Chapter 139 - A Father Smacking His Son

Chapter 139: A Father Smacking His Son


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

The 25th planet was very big, at least much bigger than planet Lanjiang.

When the s.h.i.+p entered the atmosphere, they even saw the distant blade demon wars.h.i.+ps.

However, as long as there was a wars.h.i.+p of the blade demon race, there will be a wars.h.i.+p of the human race nearby.

After all, transporter s.h.i.+ps were the main way for the human forces to send reinforcements. There would be heavy protection.

Within half an hour of entering the atmosphere, Lu Ze and his companions saw a few small-scale wars.h.i.+p battles.

Soon, the transporter s.h.i.+p landed in a huge metal city surrounded by sand.

The city was a dozen kilometers away. It was covered with a light protective barrier.

The buildings in the city weren’t tall, only about tens of meters. However, they were completely forged by alloy and seemed very st.u.r.dy.

The transporter s.h.i.+p landed in the s.p.a.ce station. When the shuttle doors opened, the soldiers immediately turned serious.

As long as they were on this planet, even the base wasn’t necessarily completely safe.

They had to stay alert at all times, or they might lose their lives.

Lu Ze and the others also became serious.

They got off and waited for verification.

After that, they would be sent to different departments.

When Lu Ze and his companions alighted, there were already soldiers waiting just for them.

The young soldier saluted and then said, “Lu Ze, welcome to our base. The commander has ordered me to take you to your dorms. Tomorrow, he will a.s.sign missions to you.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Okay.”

Then, they followed the soldier and left the s.p.a.ce station.

They went on a flying car and crossed the city.

Lu Ze found this base was more like a warzone city. There were quite some merchants as well, other than soldiers.

When these merchants found resources, they seemed to be required to pay some taxes before leaving.

Half an hour later, they arrived at their dorms.

It was similar to the dorms of the Xiaer system. The inside arrangements were similar too.

Then, the soldier left.

Lu Ze stretched his back. “Let’s rest today. Tomorrow, we need to do missions.”

Lin Ling smiled. “I didn’t expect Sister Jing would let a second-grade soldier like you be the captain.”

Lu Ze heard her words and smiled. “Then, if any problem arises, an old soldier like you need to give me pointers.”

This was his first time on the battlefield. He didn’t know a lot of things, so he didn’t want to be in control of everything.

He was not only responsible for his own life but also for the lives of others.

Lin Ling was surprised for a moment. She didn’t expect Lu Ze would say this. Then, she smiled and saluted, “Yes, Captain!”

Then, everyone went into their own rooms.

After that, Ye Mu seemed very interested in the base and wanted to call everyone out to play. Lu Ze wanted to cultivate for a while, so he rejected it.

In such a place, power was everything.

Ian rejected too.

Eventually, only Ye Mu and Xavier left.

Lu Ze sat on the bed. Red orbs in his mental dimension disappeared one by one while his cultivation level and body grew stronger.

This feeling of getting stronger mesmerized Lu Ze.

He could even see his cells becoming more lively under the nourishment of spirit force and crystal color.

A few hours later, he opened his eyes, and a red light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes.

He got up and stretched.

His spirit force power seemed to have increased by a level.

Now, if he used his wind G.o.d art with full power, his power should be at core martial state level three.

If it was fire G.o.d art…

His combat power would probably be stronger than core martial state level four. Lu Ze didn’t know specifically how strong it was.

But Lu Ze touched his chin.

He should be able to take on that male lion, right?

Lu Ze was excited.

He wondered what surprise that lion would give him.

He would wait until night and see.

Lu Ze looked outside. The star was nearing the horizon. The dusk light drew out long shadows.

Outside the barrier of the base, the sandstorm raged. The environment looked extremely grim.

Lu Ze took out his phone, took a photo of himself in military uniform, and sent it to his group chat.

Just when Lu Ze was chatting with Lu Li and Alice, someone knocked at his door.

Lu Ze got up and opened the door to find Lin Ling standing there.

Lu Ze felt apprehensive of Lin Ling’s smile and asked nervously, “What do you want?”

Lin Ling rolled her eyes, seeing how nervous Lu Ze was. “I came to eat with you. Didn’t you say you were going to treat me to food?”

Lu Ze nodded. “Okay, come in.”

Lin Ling smiled and entered the room. She sat at the side of his bed and moved the desk over.

It was almost as though she was in her own room.

Lu Ze moved the chair over and took out Alice’s food. Immediately, the food’s aroma spread everywhere. Lin Ling’s eyes lit up a little more.

As they were eating, Lu Ze suddenly remembered something and asked, “Lin Ling, is there anything we need to watch out for on the battlefield?”

Lin Ling thought about it and answered, “There are too many things. Our cultivation levels are still weak, so many high technology weapons are quite damaging to us. There’s also the environment of the planet, as well as the natives here.”

Then, Lin Ling started to give some examples. Lu Ze listened intently.

What Lu Ze experienced was just a trial. It was just martial arts.

On the battlefield, it wasn’t just martial arts, but also high tech weapons, as well as special products of other civilizations such as formation, magic scrolls, curses, and stuff.

On the battlefield, the end goal was to kill the enemy.

It didn’t matter what means you used.

Lu Ze learned, and Lin Ling taught. Soon, it was dark.

The sound of an opening door could be heard. Ye Mu and his companion were back.

After dinner, Lin Ling smiled with satisfaction and waved her hands to Lu Ze before leaving.

Lu Ze packed things up and sat on his bed again. He proceeded to enter the pocket hunting dimension.

Lu Ze came before the fire tree.

The beautiful and dominating male lion was sitting under the fire tree, enjoying the ma.s.sage of the flames.

Lu Ze’s eyes went cold.

Hunting mode activated.

He was going to truly mature into a cold and merciless hunter.

Crystal color flashed around his body. His body turned crystal, and then, vibrant red flames burned while the green wind slowly wrapped around the flames.

The red flames and green wind fused together. Following such, the flames flowed faster and also became stronger.

Eventually, the light receded, and a terrifying power was contained in Lu Ze’s body.

Four times the strength G.o.d art, wind G.o.d art, fire G.o.d art, crystal body, and spirit force.

Lu Ze clutched his hand and felt the entire world was in his hands.

Oh my!

During the drill, his opponents were too weak. Lu Ze didn’t use his full power.

At this moment, he truly used his full power.

This terrifying power awoke the lion.

Its body tensed, and its violent flaming eyes glared at Lu Ze.


It crouched, and the blood jade-like horn emitted a red light.

Without hesitation, a hot red beam of light, tens of centimeters thick, shot out toward Lu Ze.

In every place it pa.s.sed, the air became twisted, and the gra.s.s was instantly turned to ash.

A terrifying heat!

Lu Ze raised his lips as the red light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes. Then, the initial hot red beam of light showed signs of collapsing.

Lu Ze used his fire G.o.d art with full power to interfere with the lion’s fire G.o.d art.


Sensing this, the lion roared and forced the pillar to stabilize.

However, more than half the power was already reduced.

Lu Ze reached out his hand and slapped down.


A red light flashed, and fire waves spread through the plains, turning hundreds of meters of land into burnt grounds.

When the red light dissipated, Lu Ze stood on the spot without moving.

The beam of light just now was destroyed by him.

Lu Ze grinned and waved with his hand. “Come!”

A few days ago, I was chased around by you.

Today, I will smack you like how a father smacks his son!!


The red lion wasn’t dumb. It sensed Lu Ze’s provocation and roared furiously. Its entire body suddenly rose up in flames.

Then, it dashed towards Lu Ze in red flowing light.

Lu Ze grinned and charged over too.


Red-green fist force shook away the air and smashed towards the lion.

The male lion formed a huge spirit force flaw on its front claw and slapped towards the fist force.


The fist and claw clashed.

A range of thousands of kilometers was enveloped in the scorching heat, sharp wind blades, as well as terrifying spirit force. The place was covered in ditches.



Again, terrifying waves exploded.

Only the fighting sounds of the two could be heard. Everything else faded into the background.

Red lions cowered on the ground, s.h.i.+vering. The green wolves had already been long gone. Those cute rabbits emitted tasty aromas after being lit up by fire sparks.

Within ten minutes, countless clashes sounded. Their battlefield extended out from the fire tree. Everywhere they went, burnt grounds formed and animals cowered in fear.


It was another clash, and Lu Ze blocked the sharp claw with his left hand.

He punched with his right hand onto the soft belly of the lion, but a red whip flashed in the air and struck Lu Ze’s waist.

The man and lion both flew back, spitting blood in the air.

There was a sound of bones cracking.

The man and lion fell to the ground and didn’t get up for a long while.


Lu Ze coughed, and his mouth spasmed.

So painful…

His ribs were definitely pretty much broken. He wondered if his spine was broken too.

His entire body was in pain.

Lu Ze gritted his teeth and a green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes as the wind circulated around him.

Then, his body was lifted up as he flew towards the spasming lion.

Lu Ze came above the wailing lion.

Sensing Lu Ze’s approach, the lion roared and wanted to attack.

Lu Ze lifted his right hand with difficulty and sliced down with a green wind blade.

The lion’s spirit light was cut open. Its huge head was severed as blood splashed.

Then, a huge head fell down.