Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 134 - The Feeling of Being Left Behind by the Times

Chapter 134 - The Feeling of Being Left Behind by the Times

Chapter 134: The Feeling of Being Left Behind by the Times


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

No. 1 was a tall, handsome-looking youth. He stood up and proceeded to glide onto the stage.

“First year, Ji Zhengtian, abstruse martial state level four, please enlighten me.” He looked at the practical party as he spoke, his eyes were somewhat proud.

He was very calm and confident in himself.

“Abstruse martial state level four?”

The practical party froze for a moment. The few people sitting at the very front glanced at each other and shook their heads, not wanting to go on.

“Don’t look at me, I’m not interested in fighting such little rabbits.”

“… I’m not going up.”


At this moment, a bulky man grinned. “If you guys don’t want to go up, then I’ll go.”

He jumped heavily onto the stage and said, “William, abstruse martial state level three.”

Abstruse martial state level three against abstruse martial state level four?

Several freshmen at Federal University frowned slightly.

The other side was looking down on them, right?

At least in the previous years, the opponents were of equal cultivation level.

Lin Kuang smiled faintly without saying anything. “Begin.”

Ji Zhengtian used a long sword while William used his fists.

Both had G.o.d arts. Although William’s cultivation level was lower than Ji Zhengtian, the battle was actually even.

Even the new students gasped in disbelief. But those older students didn’t show much surprise. They’ve been through it already.

Everyone was talented, but the difference was that the practical party had dense killing chi. Their attacks were more violent then new students.

Plus, they fought battles all the time. Their battle experience was many levels higher.

Ji Zhengtian’s face looked bad. He kept releasing his power, but he couldn’t make an effective attack against William. His attacks were clearly stronger, but he couldn’t grasp a good opportunity. Instead, he was shocked by William’s fighting spirit.

For a prodigy like him, this was an insult.

However, those higher-ups seemed a little interested now.

Compared to the students from the higher year, these new students, who were not yet sculpted, were the most interesting.

Looking at the compet.i.tion between Ji Zhengtian and William, Barry smiled slightly. “It’s quite good that a new student could have such level. He seems to have gone through quite some battles.”

This meant real-life battle, not virtual reality battles.

On the other hand, Nangong Jing kept on drinking. She glanced at the stage and lost interest. “Only so so.”

Nothing new, nothing interesting.

Luo Bingqing kept looking coldly without saying anything.

That other golden-haired woman smiled. “Nangong, you are asking too much. I feel it’s not that bad.”

Nangong Jing stretched out in a lazy manner. “Ordinary level, I didn’t say it was bad.”

Lu Ze and the others watched silently. Lin Ling smiled and said, “That Ji Zhengtian’s cultivation level is clearly higher than William, but his mentality and control of the battle are much weaker than William. He doesn’t have much practical experience.”

Ian nodded and glanced at Lu Ze shyly. “What Lu Ze said was really helpful.”

Xavier scratched his head. “I think I can do better than that Ji Zhengtian.”

Even Lin Ling’s roommates nodded in agreement. They looked at Lu Ze with glimmering eyes.

This guy was quite nice.

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. “Stop complimenting me. I’ll get too c.o.c.ky.”

Lin Ling patted Lu Ze’s hand and pointed at the opposition. “They’re not wrong. But Ze, do you see that dead faced guy?”

Lu Ze looked in the direction and saw a cold faced handsome youth. He nodded. “What’s wrong?”

“That guy is called Frances, he’s the new recruit of the prodigy barrack. He entered the army at 15 years old, and he’s 18 now. His battle power is already core martial state. He had killed countless blade demons. Although his cultivation level is only abstruse martial state level five, he was promoted to 1st lieutenant.”

Lu Ze glanced strangely at Lin Ling. “How do you know so well?”

Ye Mu and the others mentioned this guy, but they didn’t know nearly as much.

Lin Ling smiled. “I stayed on the battlefield for a month, didn’t I? I saw him there when I saw my brother. He’s really annoying.”

That person just only saw her for the first time, but he said, “I fell in love with you at first sight. You can only be mine.”

What the f.u.c.k??

“Your brother?”

Lin Ling pointed at Lin Kuang. “That guy.”

Lu Ze turned around and saw the handsome fierce-looking Lin Kuang.

“That person is your brother?”

That guy looks very strong. Lu Ze even felt he was not far from Nangong Jing.

Lin Ling’s brother was that strong?

Lin Ling smiled. “Yes, my brother is a young duke too. He’s called ‘Crazy Sword Young Duke’. He has a natural sword soul and bloodthirst G.o.d art. His power is on par with sister Jing. He has been serving in the military. Furthermore, he is one of the instructors of the prodigy barrack.”

Lu Ze: “…”

Oh my!

He couldn’t mess with him.

Other people looked at Lin Ling in shock. “You’re the sister of Crazy Sword Young Duke??”

Seeing everyone’s glances, Lin Ling was a little unhappy. “So what if he’s a young duke? I am me, he’s himself.”

She hated when people mentioned she was the sister of the crazy sword young duke.

As though feeling Lin Ling and Lu Ze’s glance, Lin Kuang looked over.

Lu Ze felt cold for some reason when he saw Lin Kuang’s eyes.

He was speechless. “Does your brother have a problem against me?”

Lin Kuang looked at him in the same manner that the alcoholic Nangong Jing does.

It showed the desire to beat someone up.

He was a good kid, he didn’t mess with anyone.

Lin Ling thought for a while and then smiled. “Oh by the way, my brother told me to go to the prodigy barrack. I rejected, and my reason was because I sold myself.”

Lu Ze: “???”

She was setting him up.

“Lin Ling, I feel we’re on quite good terms right. Why set me up??”

Lin Ling smiled even brighter and said, “I was kidding. My brother told me to go, but I said I wanted to study with Sister Jing. It has nothing to do with you, so don’t worry. He probably doesn’t have anything against you.”

Lu Ze glanced at Lin Ling silently and felt relieved.

He was scared of these young dukes the most now.

That alcoholic was after him, and Qiuyue Hesha might have something against him. If he messed with another crazy sword young duke…

Oh my!

As a noob, he managed to provoke three young dukes at once.

Lu Ze felt his brain was shaking.

At this moment, the battle ended.

Ji Zhengtian’s face was bad. His cultivation level was higher, but he still couldn’t take out William. It ended in a draw.

William smiled. “Hehe, abstruse martial state level four. You’re probably the strongest amongst the new students. In my year, there are six stronger than me. They don’t want to fight noobs like you, so I had to do it.”

William’s words made Ji Zhengtian’s face worsen. He glanced over, and there were indeed a few young people who didn’t even look at him.

The new students heard this too, and their faces looked bad.

They were so condescending.

Ji Zhengtian got off with an ugly expression on his face.

Lin Kuang smiled and continued, “No. 2…”

A few of the new students couldn’t even release their original power when they were charged by the killing chi of the practical side prodigies.

They were beaten up in all directions.

Barry smiled on the stand. “Let Lin Kuang control them. Don’t deter the will of the new students.”

Nangong Jing scratched her long hair and said, “No need. If they can’t take even this little setback, then how can they improve? You must accept reality first before you can change it.”

Luo Bingqing nodded. “Nangong Jing is right.”

Every new student went through this. Otherwise, they would all think they’re the strongest.

The battle of new students wasn’t as intense as the old students.

The difference was huge, and the new students resisted in fancy ways. The practical side prodigies crushed them.

After more than ten battles, there were more than a dozen students with swollen and blue faces.

“Next, No. 15,” Lin Kuang said.

“It’s my turn.”

Lin Ling, who was chatting with Lu Ze, got up and smiled.

“Go Lin Ling.”

“Hmm, you just watch.”

Lin Ling appeared on the stage.

With a smile on her face, Lin Ling said, “Lin Ling, abstruse martial state level two, please enlighten me.”

Quite some people looked at Lin Ling with flas.h.i.+ng eyes. They knew about her due to the practice she did on the battlefield for one month and how she was Lin Kuang’s little sister.

Then, many people turned to look at Frances. This guy publicly proclaimed that he fell in love with Lin Ling at first sight.

However, the result was not very good. Lin Ling ignored him.

Frances said calmly, “She’s an opponent now, whoever wants to go up can go up.”

At this moment, a sweet and busty looking girl raised her lips. “I’ll go.”

She got on the stage and smiled. “Lin Ling, I haven’t seen you for a few days, and you went to the burrow of little white rabbits.”

Lin Ling looked at the girl in shock. “Lily, it’s you?”

Then, Lin Ling, with a twinkle in her eyes, smiled. “What? You want to beat me and show that you’re better than me to the person you like?”

Lily’s face changed, but she didn’t answer. “Lily, abstruse martial state level two, please enlighten me.”

A long sword appeared in her hand, and she turned into a blur, aiming to pierce Lin Ling.

Sword chi shrouded the sword and tore through the air, making a sharp howl.

Lin Ling moved to the side.

The long sword pa.s.sed next to her. The terrifying sword chi stirred the air, blowing Lin Ling’s short hair around.

Clearly, Lily had a sword related G.o.d art.

Lily didn’t expect Lin Ling could dodge her attack so easily. However, she was worried. She flicked her wrist and planned to strike back.

However, Lin Ling’s sword suddenly appeared at lily’s snow-white neck.

“You lost.”

Lin Ling said plainly.

Lily’s eyes bulged. Her whole body was in a state of distraction.

Everyone including the higher-ups looked at Lin Ling with shock.

The scene was silent.

The dodge and counter-attack were perfectly timed.

“Impossible, how can you improve so much?” Lily screamed in disbelief.

Lin Ling smiled. “Because I have a very strong friend.”

She didn’t completely digest what Lu Ze said, but with just a small amount of knowledge, her battle power increased.


Lily showed a face of disbelief.

What does that have to do with you?!

Even everyone else looked at Lin Ling with speechlessness.

The higher-ups glanced amongst each other.

Even if someone was strong, it wasn’t easy to teach someone else.

One could only teach if one knew the knowledge deeply.

Even they might not necessarily be able to teach like that!

Lin Ling seemed to mean this person was a new student??

Were young people this terrifying now??

They suddenly felt they were being left behind by the times.