Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 135 - Ah, I’m about to die!

Chapter 135 - Ah, I’m about to die!

Chapter 135: Ah, I’m about to die!


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

The atmosphere was quiet.

Major General Barry looked at the drunk, red-faced Nangong Jing, and smiled. “Nangong, the friend that Lin Kuang’s sister talked about is your new student, right?”

These words made all the higher-ups look at the tipsy Nangong Jing.

As long as they had a good shovel, they could dig anything away.

Who didn’t need prodigies?

Even if he didn’t enter the prodigy barrack, they could pull him to the Xiaer military during military service.

“Burp… you will know that soon.” Nangong Jing sipped her drink and laughed.

Seeing this, they looked at Luo Bingqing and then looked away.

This ice block wouldn’t talk. There was no use asking.

Lin Kuang, who was worried that his sister might get hurt, had his eyes bulging right now.

Oh s.h.i.+t!

Is this really my sister?

My sister couldn’t be this strong!


Although he approved of her talent, she grew up with great-grandpa. Her personality was wild. It was already beyond everyone’s expectation when she suddenly cultivated like crazy.

However, she improved again!

Lin Kuang thought about what she said and seemed to have noticed something.

He looked at the smiling Lu Ze and raised a brow.

This kid?

He looked quite dumb, it didn’t seem like it…

Lin Kuang smiled. “Okay, Lin Ling is the victor. Go down.”

Lily bit her lips and stared at Lin Ling.

But she still turned and got off the stage.

A defeat was a defeat. As prodigies of the prodigy barrack, they’ve been taught to face failure the right way.

She glanced at Frances and saw all his attention was focused on Lin Ling. She bit her lips.

Next time…

Next time, she must win!

Meanwhile, the Federal University side cheered during Lin Ling’s return, especially the new students. They cheered loudly as they were abused too hard before.

Lin Ling sat next to Lu Ze and asked, “How is it? Am I very strong?”

Seeing how prideful Lin Ling was, he remembered what Elder Lin said. He needed to keep her ego in check. “That’s because I taught you well.”

Lin Ling heard this and wanted to rebuke, but she realized Lu Ze was right. She turned around in annoyance.

The drill continued.

The newly raised morale of the freshmen was quickly annihilated.

Not everyone was Lin Ling.

The atmosphere fell silent again.

Lin Ling glanced at Lu Ze and asked, “What student number are you?”

Lu Ze sighed. “50… I’m the last.”

He really wanted to finish early, so he could rest.

Lin Ling laughed.

“… p.i.s.s off! The last to enter the scene is the main character!”

Then, Ye Mu and the others went up.

They all had some sort of progress, so they showed some quite nice performance.

Ian looked very weak, but he was abstruse martial state level two, and his G.o.d art was the rare mental G.o.d art. Every time he used interference, his opponent would show a brief pause.

Eventually, he achieved a hard-earned victory.

“Ze, thank you so much! If it wasn’t for you, I really might lose!”

Ian wiped some blood from his mouth. His exquisite neutral face had some redness. He looked at Lu Ze with glimmering eyes.

Lu Ze was getting gooseb.u.mps from this.

Oh my G.o.d…

This guy was too similar to a girl.

Lu Ze smiled. “It’s fine.”

Although Ye Mu and Xavier lost, they struggled for quite a while and almost ended up with a draw.

Ye Mu held his bruised face and said, “That girl is so cruel! I just asked for her contacts, and she hit me in the face!”

Everyone looked at him speechlessly.

His opponent was a beautiful young girl. The first thing he did was recite a poem and then show his love and asked to exchange contacts.

Thus, his opponent chased after him and beat him up.

“50,” Lin Kuang said plainly as he glanced at Lu Ze.

Almost all the well-performing new students were related to him. It was almost certain.

He, is that mysterious person!

“Ze beat them up! … if it’s a girl be gentle.”

Ye Mu yelled.

Everyone cheered for Lu Ze.

They didn’t know what cultivation level Lu Ze was at, or what level his battle power was at, but it shouldn’t be low.

The other practical side prodigies heard this and couldn’t resist laughing.

Beat them up?

With what?

“I’m going up.”

He tapped the ground, turned into a wind, and disappeared. He then quickly reappeared at the stage.

“Lu Ze, abstruse martial state level three, please enlighten me.”

“I’ll go.”

A youth sitting at the front row wanted to go.

At this moment, Lin Kuang said, “Ayla, sit down, and let Billy go.”

That youth looked at Lin Kuang with dissatisfaction and confusion.

He was abstruse martial state level three, and his battle power could reach abstruse martial state level seven. He felt he was enough.

Yet, Lin Kuang wanted to send Billy?

Billy was the strongest in their year other than Frances. He was abstruse martial state level five, and his battle power could reach abstruse martial state level nine!

Did they need to take Lu Ze so seriously?

He just looked a little handsome??

However, Ayla didn’t dare to disobey his commander and could only sit down.

Meanwhile, the tall build Billy got up.

He was full of questions too.

That little rabbit Lu Ze already said he was abstruse martial state level three, did he need to fight?

Just in terms of cultivation level, he was two levels higher than this little rabbit.

He jumped onto the stage, and the stage shook a little.

He smiled at Lu Ze. “Billy, abstruse martial state level five. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.”

Lu Ze scratched his head. “Um, no need. Do your best.”

He needed to show some power. This concerned his entrance test.

The nervous crowd became more nervous after hearing Lu Ze tell Billy to use full force. Only Lin Ling kept a smile.

Ye Mu and others looked speechlessly at Lin Ling. “Ze’s opponent is abstruse martial state level five. Aren’t you worried at all?”

Lin Ling smiled. “Ze said it, didn’t he? He told Billy to go full force?”

Everyone: “…”

What was this!!

Barry smiled as he watched Lu Ze. “Isn’t this new student a bit too confident?”

Nangong Jing smiled. “Why is he confident? He’s getting too c.o.c.ky. I’ll go beat him up later.”

The seniors were speechless. You don’t need to be that cruel to your student even if he got a little c.o.c.ky?

Only Luo Bingqing’s mouth spasmed.

Billy’s smile disappeared slowly as he overheard the conversation.

This little rabbit didn’t want his gentleness?

Even Lin Kuang glanced strangely at Lu Ze.

But he guessed this kid was the mysterious person, so he didn’t underestimate Lu Ze. He glanced at Billy and said, “Billy, use full force.”

Hearing this, Billy looked a little stunned and then nodded. “Okay.”


Lin Kuang flew into the air.

Billy and Lu Ze stood tens of meters apart. Both sides were silent.

Billy clutched his fists as all his power surged. A golden glow flashed as he grinned hideously. “My strength G.o.d art can double the power. I also have metal G.o.d art. The two combined makes the power of my punch reached abstruse martial state level nine. With this punch, you might die.”

Lu Ze listened silently and nodded. With some encouragement, he said, “Go you!”

Billy reminded him? What a nice person!

Lu Ze felt he should compliment him.

Billy’s smile froze. He wanted to ask Lu Ze again if he really wanted him to use full power.

But then he thought about it. Since instructor Lin Kuang said it, he would definitely save Lu Ze.

Thus, Billy hesitated no more and punched.


Abstruse martial state level nine power!

No freshmen from the Federal University can reach this level.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on the stage.

Ye Mu and the others looked nervously at Lu Ze.

This punch was too powerful. If it was them, they would die.

The fist force tore through the air while turning into a golden pillar striking at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze’s hair blew in the air.

He was a bit speechless…

This didn’t seem…

As strong as Billy said…

A green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes. It formed a vibrant green veil surrounding Lu Ze.

The golden fist force struck the green barrier and made a little sound. It was like a pebble that had been thrown into a lake.

There was a light ripple.

And… nothing else.

Billy: “…”

Federal University students: “…”

Practical party prodigies: “…”

Military high ranking officials: “…”

Audience: “…”

Lin Kuang: “…”

The scene was very silent and awkward.

Lu Ze looked at Billy who lost his smile and looked around at the shocked audience. He suddenly remembered what Billy said.

With this punch, you might die!

Lu Ze felt he overdid it.

This guy reminded him out of goodwill…

What if he crushed this guy’s confidence?

Lu Ze blinked his eyes and went to lie on the ground, stirring up dust.

Lu Ze felt it wasn’t enough, so he yelled, “Ah! I’m about to die!”


He quickly closed his eyes and pretended to be heavily injured.

He had already completed the script.

He would say his recovery was great, and he got over it with his iron will.

He can still fight another 300 rounds!

In the end, he would have had beaten Billy with a slight edge, winning the battle.

End of story!

Everyone looked at Lu Ze: “… ???”

You blocked all the fist force. Can you tell me how you got injured??