Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 133 - Is there anything special about this kid?

Chapter 133 - Is there anything special about this kid?

Chapter 133: Is there anything special about this kid?

Three minutes pa.s.sed quickly. Lin Kuang opened his hand and blood spirit force poured out. The two people who were fighting were pulled away from each other.

Both of them had injuries. A trace of blood was dripping on the corner of Yue Bo’s lips. On the other hand, Liang Zongguang’s condition was rather worse. His entire body was covered in dense wounds due to being cut by the strings. Some of the wounds were shallow, but some were visibly deep to the bone.

If it weren’t for the sufficient advancement of the medical skills in the current galactic era and the adequate amount of life force possessed by martial artists, they would probably die from their injuries.

Although it is hard to tell who won in the end, Yue Bo clearly had the upper hand up until now.

Yue Bo stopped for a moment and then sneered, “You’re already a senior, but I don’t see you being strong. It’s quite a shame, haha.” His words were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with disdain.

Liang Zongguang’s eyes went cold, but he only gritted his teeth and remained silent.

He was weaker, so there was nothing he could say.

Then, Lin Kuang smiled and said, “Okay, both of you performed well. Go receive treatment first.”

The victory of the practical party made Lin Kuang quite happy.

After the two left, the second fourth-year student went to the arena. His opponent soon followed.

The elite cla.s.s of the Federal University only had one cla.s.s for each grade. One cla.s.s had around 50 students. Many students in the fourth year did missions, so only 20 or so came in the senior year.

It took almost an hour for these people to finish the test.

During this time, there were wins and losses on both sides.

With respect to the fourth-year students, a difference in battle experience existed, however, such gap was limited.

After all, as long as they were not special battle prodigies, the upper limit was there, and the difference would only grow smaller.

Lu Ze who was watching the battles found them quite enjoyable.

He had always been fighting beasts in the pocket hunting dimension. He didn’t have much experience fighting humans. Now that he saw more than 20 battles, his experience was growing.

He even sneakily used a faint purple orb to increase his enlightenment.

He would also discuss with Lin Ling some specifics of the battle. But as time went on, it was pretty much Lu Ze explaining and Lin Ling listening.

Although Ye Mu and the others were blinded, Lu Ze’s talks still opened their eyes.

It was too useful for them.

They looked at Lu Ze like he was some rare animal.

This kind of progress was terrifying.

What ghastly insight did he have!

Everyone was shocked.

Lu Ze didn’t hide it. He just discussed ordinarily with Lin Ling, but this made the second- and third-year students throw strange glances at them.

This little junior schoolmate was quite significant!

The final battle of the fourth-year students was finished. Following this, a 20-minute rest was given.

Lu Ze stretched his back and smiled.

He benefited quite a lot from this.

Lu Ze found that his battle experience increased quite a bit after watching his fellow prodigy senior schoolmates fight.

Although he crushed many battles, what if he encountered a prodigy who was equal to his level? Sometimes, using the way to fight beasts isn’t the best way.

Today, I grew up again. Today, I grew stronger again!

Lu Ze was very satisfied.

At this moment, a handsome man sitting on the side said to Lu Ze, “Junior schoolmate, I’m Bainiao Qingkong, a third-year. Thank you. With what you just said, I’m more confident about later! What’s your name? if there’s something you need in the future, just let me know!”

“And me! I’m Lude Weiger. Second-year, if you need me come find me!”

“And me!…”


Although this junior schoolmate’s explanation was not directed to them, they still expressed their grat.i.tude.

After hearing their words, Lu Ze replied with a warm and open smile, “I’m Lu Ze, if I really do need help, I won’t be too polite.”

Lu Ze’s roommates saw this and had the expression, “Oh s.h.i.+t.”

So they weren’t just the only ones who learned from this. Even these senior schoolmates learned?

Why was this guy so excellent when they were all new students??

Even Lin Ling’s roommates looked at Lu Ze with flashy eyes as though he was very excellent.

One beautiful senior schoolmate looked at Lu Ze and smiled. “By the way Junior schoolmate, I have something I want to ask you.”

“What is it?”

The senior schoolmate’s eyes flashed with dangerous rays. “Do you have a girlfriend?”

Lu Ze: “???”

Oh s.h.i.+t, were girls so daring now?

He was still a child.

Lin Ling looked strangely at this senior schoolmate.

Ye Mu’s body stiffened. He looked at this beautiful senior schoolmate in disbelief.

Why wasn’t she interested in him?

His goal was to become an amorous young duke!

Come find him!

Was Lu Ze a magnet?

Why did all the girls go to him?

Lu Ze showed a polite smile and answered, “Sorry, Senior schoolmate. I already have someone I like.”

Hearing this, the senior schoolmate’s eyes flashed with a sliver of disappointment. Then, she smiled. “Is that so, okay.”

After everyone thanked Lu Ze, they left behind their contact details telling him that if Lu Ze needed help he could come to them.

Lu Ze took it. He was a noob. Who knows when he would be able to use it?

After the senior schoolmates left, Ye Mu jabbed Lu Ze’s waist with envy. “Lu Ze, I despise you! She was so good looking. You actually rejected her!”

Lu Ze rolled his eyes.

There were so many good looking girls, how could he deal with them all?

Even Lin Ling’s roommates were looking at Ye Mu in contempt as though he was some trash.

Lin Ling patted Lu Ze’s shoulder. “Lu Ze, you actually have someone you like. Who is it?”

Lu Ze was stunned. He then looked at Lin Ling with a grin. “I’m not telling you.”

He didn’t know himself too.


Soon, the drill began once again.

This time, it was the third-year students.

Their cultivation levels were usually at core martial state middle or high level. Only a few exceptional people broke through to aperture opening state.

Even Ye Mu and the others could see the majority of these battles, so they watched very closely.

After listening to Lu Ze’s explanations and then witnessing the third-year battles, Lin Ling felt her battle power could increase again.

After all, her G.o.d art was one of the G.o.d arts that was the most suited for battle.

Lu Ze used another faint purple orb to check everything he learned and find the weaknesses.

After another 30 or so battles, Lu Ze slowly breathed a sigh of relief. Their battles were only so so to him now.

He saw that Lin Ling was frowning in contemplation. She probably didn’t want to disturb him.

He smiled and began explaining again.

His roommates, Lin Ling’s roommates, and the other second-year senior schoolmates started to listen as well.

There were around 50 senior schoolmates in the third year. It took another two hours to finish.

There were wins and losses in the third year, but it was mostly losses.

Those senior schoolmates who listened to Lu Ze all did quite well and frequently made some flashy moves.

This shocked the higher levels and the prodigies of the practical party.

Then, it was the drill of second-year students.

This time even more people lost.

The practical party started talking s.h.i.+t again after seeing this.

“Guys, be gentle. Don’t beat them to the point of crying. They’re so cute.”

The difference in their real-life battle experience was huge. There were very few people who could win.

However, that long sword-wielding second-year girl won easily. Her G.o.d art seemed to be speed-related. After listening to Lu Ze, her improvements seemed huge.

She winked at Lu Ze on the stage. This made everyone look over at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze felt quite awkward.

Lin Ling patted his shoulder again, making him feel even more awkward.

Now, it was the turn of the first-year students.

Their battle experience and mental state were the worst.

Feeling the timidness of the new students, the practical party immediately showed their fangs. They sneered, “Your senior schoolmates could at least put up a fight. You’re way too weak.”

“Brothers on the other side, how about I just use one hand?”

“How about we’ll do two vs one?”

“Hey, don’t be like that. You’re making them lose face. I respect them. I’ll let you attack ten times first, not one more!”

“If it’s a pretty lady, I’ll be gentle.”

Lin Kuang said plainly, “Okay, let’s start based on the student number, No. 1.”

Lin Kuang felt very unhappy. His little sister was chatting happily with a guy??

What was this??

He glanced a few times and didn’t understand what was special about that kid.

He wanted to beat the kid up.