Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 132 - Just this level of skill?

Chapter 132 - Just this level of skill?

Chapter 132: Just this level of skill?

The number one training ground wasn’t too close to the dorms. The students sat on the autopilot s.h.i.+p for nearly an hour before arriving at the destination.

The place looked like a gymnasium. The group crossed the big doors and arrived at a few hundred meters of length and width stage, which had an open roof. The surrounding was filled with seats.

Nangong Jing, Luo Bingqing took these few hundred elite cla.s.s students in and then went on the high stand.

There were quite some people with rather high military badges sitting there.

It was an annual drill. Those who didn’t have missions would usually come.

It was the battle of the young generation. They already bought their snacks just to watch this show.

Lu Ze found that these people started discussing amongst themselves.

Meanwhile, a few hundred young people were on the other side of the stage. There were both guys and girls.

However, they didn’t wear casual clothes. They wore their military outfits and looked very cool.

These young people glanced at them with scorn and contempt.

Lin Ling glanced at them and said to Lu Ze, “Those are the prodigies of the prodigy barrack.”

Lin Ling had a complicated expression on her face when she looked at the people on the opposite side.

A month ago, the prodigy barrack invited her to join.

But, she rejected them.

After all, she owed Lu Ze half a life.

Ye Mu said, “Pfft, the eyes of those people are really annoying.”

A higher year student looked at Ye Mu after overhearing him and grinned. “You don’t feel good, yeah? Go beat them later!”

Everyone was used to the annual fight.

At this moment, a voice that sounded scornful from the prodigy barracks was heard. “Yo, the rabbits have come to the other side. We’ll be gentle with you later, don’t worry!”

Then, laughter erupted.

“Oh s.h.i.+t!”

“The rabbit b.a.s.t.a.r.ds on the other side. If I don’t beat you to the point of crying this year, I’ll write my name backward! Remember, my name is Kaka!”

The reaction was vehement, especially the second-year students. They probably got beat up hard last year.

Lu Ze wasn’t interested in this mouth battle. He preferred to fight.

A serious-looking middle-aged man sitting at the top also wore a black and red-rimmed military outfit. His badge showed a golden sword and a star—he was a major general.

He was the highest commanding officer of this base, Major General Barry.

Unlike honorary major generals like Nangong Jing and Luo Bingqing, he was the commanding officer of the base.

Nangong Jing and Luo Bingqing sat to the left of Barry. Another young man and woman sat on the right of Barry. They also wore military outfit showing major general badges.

More than ten high-level officers sat behind the five. They were all brigadier generals.

Barry looked at the arguing youth and smiled. “They’re very like you guys back in the days? Very lively.”

Barry’s words made Nangong Jing and the young man wearing military uniform quite embarra.s.sed.

The two were even more talkative back in the days.

They caused quite some trouble.

The handsome military suit man grinned and looked at Nangong Jing with pride. “Nangong, you’re probably going to lose this time. I have a very good little guy on my team. No one is a match for him this time.”

Nangong Jing reclined on the chair and took out a bottle and drank before laughing. “Lin Kuang, you’ve never beaten me in a fight. Do you believe that your soldier is still no match for my student?”

Lin Kuang heard this, and his mouth spasmed.

Nangong Jing was one year younger and a part of the academic party at that time. He was then part of the practical party. The two were the strongest of the parties back then, but in every drill, he lost to Nangong Jing.

He felt very annoyed.

Nangong Jing’s words made him more annoyed. He said, ” With just Ling alone? She’s very weak. I told her to stay with me, but she chose you.”

Lin Kuang’s heart spasmed when he spoke of this.

When she wanted to come to the battlefield, she was very obedient, but she ended up following this alcoholic.

His own little sister didn’t follow him and went to Federal University instead.

Yet, she used her great-grandpa to suppress him.

She was probably a fake sister, right?

Nangong Jing laughed. “You will know.”

Seeing Nangong Jing’s confident look, Lin Kuang was confused, but since she said nothing more, he could only look at the expressionless Luo Bingqing. “Old Luo, is Nangong right?”

Luo Bingqing’s eyes flashed, and he thought of the formation of blade demons. His mouth spasmed, and he said plainly, “You will see.”

Seeing this, Lin Kuang was even more confused. Was there really a prodigy like that in the first years?

Even the exquisite looking golden-haired girl in uniform glanced over at the elite cla.s.s with curiosity.

At this moment, Barry smiled. “It is almost time. I’ll speak first.”

He got up and spoke, “Quiet down, I’ll speak about the things to watch out for in this entrance test.”

Barry’s voice wasn’t high, but it reached everyone’s ears. Everyone quietened down as they looked at the middle-aged man.

Then, Barry began talking about mission distribution and things.

An hour or so later, Barry said, “That’s all. Now, I’ll be talking about the drill.”

“The purpose of the drill is to understand the power of the new students and the improvement of the old students. The old students didn’t do their entrance test at Xiaer system, so we need to know your battle power to arrange suitable missions for you.”

This time, the drill is aimed at the prodigies of the prodigy barrack. It’s a free challenge. The Federal University students need to go on stage once. Each battle will last for 3 minutes.”

“You must cause lethal or debilitating injuries. If you sustain injuries, we have the best medical equipment, so don’t worry.”

“That’s all, do well.”

The Federal University students agreed in unison, “Yes, Sir!”

The battle power was a part of the entrance test. It would determine what special treatment you got once you got back to university.

Lin Kuang got up. He disappeared from the stand and appeared on the stage.

He glanced at the Federal University before stopping at Lin Ling. However, Lin Ling poked her tongue out at him, making his heart ache even more.

He looked away and said, “Okay, the drill will commence based on student number, starting from the fourth year. The others go back to your seats.”

As soon as Lin Kuang said this, the practical party students sat down in unison.

Then, Lu Ze and the others sat down.

Only a mature senior schoolmate stood.

Then, he kicked and jumped onto the stage.

The senior schoolmate looked calmly at the prodigies from the practical party and said, “Liang Zongguang, aperture opening state primary stage. Who will come up?”

Aperture opening state?

Lu Ze’s eyes narrowed.

This strong?

Aperture opening state was the strongest in Telun system.

Lin Ling’s eyes flashed. She saw Lu Ze’s shock and smiled. “Most of the senior schoolmates in fourth-year are aperture opening state.”

“Why are they that strong?” Lu Ze asked in shock.

Lin Ling rolled her eyes. “Even the ordinary students of our school are at least the very top prodigy of a planet or even a solar system, alright? Plus, we’re the elite cla.s.s. Mortal evolution state breaking through to planetary state is the hardest thing.”

Lu Ze felt she was right.

Just like him, he used two months to reach core martial state power from the martial warrior state.

That way, he seemed more absurd.

So he was that strong?

At this moment, a handsome clean looking man got up from the practical party and drifted to the stage.

The man grinned with a sliver of bloodthirst. “Yue Bo, aperture opening state primary stage, hehe, I’m here to beat you up.”

Liang Zongguang raised a brow and sneered, “So c.o.c.ky!”

Lin Kuang smiled. “Begin.”

Then, he left the stage.

Liang Zongguang’s eyes flashed. Strands of yellow light flashed over his body. A set of yellow armor attached to this body. It seemed to be his G.o.d art.

Yue Bo licked his lips and didn’t do anything, but Liang Zongguang stepped on the ground.


An explosion sounded, and his body disappeared in yellow light. The high strength alloy ground was unscathed but drops of blood remained.

Ye Mu and the others bulged their eyes. “What did this person do??”

“It seems to be strings?” Lin Ling’s eyes flashed with a glow.

Yue Bo was so much stronger than her. She could only vaguely see a faint trace of lines.

Lu Ze nodded. “They are indeed strings.”

Oh my!

Is it you? Spidey man?

He could see translucent stings shooting out from Yue Bo’s fingers at an extreme speed toward Liang Zongguang.

Perhaps, Liang Zongguang wasn’t too serious and only reacted when the strings were near him. Thus, he was injured.

Lu Ze wondered if it was poisonous.

Meanwhile, Liang Zongguang felt the blood on his face, and his eyes became serious.

These G.o.d arts were rare. They were insidious and dangerous.

He often did missions to earn points, and thus, wouldn’t be noobs like the new students.

That’s why new students were more likely to get beaten up, but the older students were better.

Liang Zongguang wasn’t going to fall for it easily again.

Cheers sounded even from the audience. For the soldiers, they were happier that their prodigies could win.

Yue Bo glanced at the wound on Liang Zongguang’s face and sneered, “Just this level of skill?”

“You will soon know.”

Yellow spirit light spurred from Liang Zongguang. A long spear appeared. The tip pointed and shot at Yue Bo.

Yue Bo’s eyes went cold. Killing chi spilled out.

This was a sign of killing several aliens on the battlefield.

He opened his hands and made his ten long fingers dance.

The two clashed like this. The spear ray struck through the air, and the invisible lines severed the air, making sharp howls.

Their bodies disappeared from the stage. High-level spirit martial state and even low level abstruse martial state couldn’t even keep up with their movements.

Ye Mu and the others were almost blind.

Lin Ling’s eyes glowed, but her white forehead dripped with sweat.

Only Lu Ze could see their movements rather easily.

Ye Mu and the others looked at Lin Ling and Lu Ze with admiration.