Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1329 - Chaos

Chapter 1329 - Chaos

Chapter 1329 Chaos

Fight! Huachi roared.

The elemental spirits charged at those gray figures. Rumble!

Cosmic lord state battle erupted. s.p.a.ce was torn apart immediately. The battle was so intense that nearby beings looked over.

Huachi and the other three peak cosmic lord states fought the two gray peak cosmic lord states.

Huachi was shocked. He was no match for the gray figure.

At the same level, he was being suppressed!

That gray figures chaotic power was too terrifying, and it greatly weakened his dao


He didnt even understand what this eerie power was.

Huachi and the other ice spirit barely suppressed one of them.

Soon, there was a howl. The lightning spirit was penetrated by a punch from the gray figure.

That gray energy surged and tainted the lightning spirit gray. Rumble!

The other spirits watched as the lightning spirit exploded and dissipated into the warp dimension.

All the elemental spirits felt a chill.


Huachi roared without hesitation. He used all his power and clashed with his opponent.



The shockwave stopped the battle in an instant.

All elemental spirits unleashed their power and retreated.

They fled with their tails between their leagues.

The gray figures didnt talk at all. They chased after the elemental spirits like shadows.

Huachi and the other elemental spirits felt cold.

They sped up like crazy. All the planets in their way were shattered to pieces, and they startled countless people. Everyone was confused. That is Huachi?!

Am I seeing this wrong?

Its not just him, there are also many elemental spirits. Theyre all cosmic lords, holy!

Theyre being hunted?!

Who are those gray figures? They dare to hunt elemental spirits??

Huachi and they are no match for them? Why have I never encountered their power before?

Everyone retreated away fearing that they would get caught in this.

First, the Barren Emperor awakens, and then the emperors fight, and now, there is that eerie gray shadow The Barren Realm is really getting chaotic.

When emperors were involved, cosmic lords might die at any moment.

Those who werent emperors were still insects in the end.

All the other emperor races also encountered these eerie gray shadows. They were all fleeing.

The gray figures also killed countless non-emperor race beings.

Even the Barren Emperor sensed this chi and became more restless.

Barren Realm, City of Destruction.

Rozz fled back there injured. He turned around and saw those gray figures had disappeared.

He looked at his pals.

There were nearly thirty insectoid cosmic lords, and now, there were just five.

Rozzs face shuddered.

d.a.m.n it, what thing is that?!

Lord Rozz, should we ask the Master? Its not just us, all the civilizations in the Barren Realm are being attacked. That thing is too strange. Their power is so strong! Another insectoid cosmic lord said.

Rozz thought about it and nodded. He contacted the Insectoid Mother.

The Insectoid Mother opened her eyes. Rozz, why wake me? If you cant give me a satisfying answer, you will turn into nourishment.

Rozz shuddered. Master, the Barren Realm is in chaos. A strange group of beings appeared out of nowhere. Theyre completely gray, and they possess a chaotic power weve never seen before. They attack all living beings.

The mother was stunned. The power of chaos he infiltrated by that much? What is that gray being?

Even she didnt know what sort of beings lived in chaos.

However, she had no time to deal with this. As long as she reached the beyond, she could fix the situation even if chaos flooded in.

She said, Dont need to mind this. Keep searching for the beings the Mechanical Race was searching for. Retreat if you encounter those gray figures.

Rozzs mouth twitched.

This was much harder now to search for them, but he couldnt disobey her order.

The other Emperor Races also received the same answer.