Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1328 - Guardian

Chapter 1328 - Guardian

Chapter 1328 Guardian

The Star Spirit Emperor disappeared from the spot.

At the universal border, there was an invisible barrier. Outside was surging with gray airflow.

The flow of gray air currents was filled with chaotic terror.

Gray air flows charged on the barrier, and the barrier shuddered. Tiny cracks appeared in some regions.

As soon as these cracks appeared, they were instantly repaired.

Despite this, the Star Spirit Emperor still frowned.

The barrier was getting weaker and weaker.

He murmured to himself, I, the Lord of the star spirits, am also the guardian of the universe. In that case

He reached his right hand past the barrier and into the chaos.

The starlight around him surged vigorously.

Moments later, he took back his hand. There was a gust of gray energy inside.

Starlight fused into the gray energy and formed a gray figure.

This gray figure was exactly like the ones hunting the elemental spirits before.

However, this gray figure was very strong. It was a peak cosmic lord state and had even stronger combat power.

Star Spirit Emperor sighed. This isnt enough.

He reached out inside the chaos and grabbed more chaos chi.

More gray figures were created from level-1 cosmic lord state to peak cosmic lord state. With this, his chi weakened a lot. At the same time, the starlight on his hand was tainted gray. A speck of gray light flashed in his eyes before disappearing


The Star Spirit Emperor stopped taking chaos chi.

Go, go to the Barren Realm and create chaos. Even without my interference, youve escaped the hunt of the Mechanical Emperor. It seems youve mastered the law Although I dont know how you did it, perhaps, the future of the universe is really in your hands.

Void domain, Insectoid Hive.

The Insectoid Mother was sitting on the ground. Her chi was stronger than three months ago.

During these three months, the insectoid tide had wiped out countless civilizations. Each strand of destructive force around her seemed to contain the wail of countless lives.

She looked at the Barren Realm and grinned. Mechanical Emperor What are you doing?

The Mechanical Race seemed to be looking for someone? Did they find it?

Who is it? A prodigy with hopes of reaching the emperor? Or the key to the beyond?

It wasnt hard to derive the truth at their level.

The other emperors could do so too.

At this moment, Rozz reported. Master, the Mechanical Races Berica and a group of cosmic lords died.

Hmm? The Insectoid Mother grinned. I understand. Search for the people the Mechanical Race was looking for. Notify me after you find them. Dont act on your own.


The mothers eyes flashed with greed.

Interesting It seems he has found the chance to reach beyond What if I take it?

All the other emperors made similar orders.

Sensing the Mechanical Emperors furious chi, Nangong Jing grinned. Serves him right.

Lu Ze grinned. Lets keep cultivating. Best hide ourselves well.

Lu Ze and the girls went to a distant location and used s.p.a.ce law with all the other G.o.d arts to form a sealed hidden dimension.

Unless an emperor arrived, no one else would be able to find them.

In the Barren Realm, Huachi led a group of elemental spirits and searched.

Where did those d.a.m.ned rats go?

A peak cosmic lord state ice spirit said, Are they really that strong? They even killed the Mechanical Queen?

Another lightning spirit said, Our emperor seems to take them very seriously.

Not just us, the other emperors also take them seriously.

I wonder who they are.

At this time, Frost spirit said, Do you think they would be super prodigies with hopes of becoming an emperor?

I think it might be possible.


What rewards would they get if they could capture them?

At this moment, a few chaotic chi surged. More than ten gray figures appeared before them.

Huachi looked at the gray shadows and a bit of shock flashed in her eyes. Its them!

These few guys are so strong! The two leading figures were the peak cosmic lord state! At this moment, the gray figures charged at them.