Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1330 - Break Through In All Laws

Chapter 1330 - Break Through In All Laws

Chapter 1330 Break Through In All Laws

Time flew by. A year later, there was a bronze s.h.i.+p stopped on a barren planet.

Lu Ze and the girls were cultivating inside. Countless spirit forces flowed in from the void into their body. The s.p.a.ce around them became distorted.

Lu Ze panted and grinned.

His inner world had almost formed complete laws. The dao runes of his G.o.d arts were at their maximum.

His inner world had incomplete laws flowing. It was like the real universe but just missing the last step.

Now, it was time to break through to the emperor.

He looked at the golden orb in his head.

That was the key to breaking through to the emperor level. The last time he touched it, endless law knowledge went into his mind bringing his G.o.d arts to the max of dao rune.

Now if he did it again, he would be able to bring it to the law level.

Yes, Lu Ze planned to break through all G.o.d arts at once.

Although he could use s.p.a.ce law to break through to the emperor, this sort of emperor wouldnt be as strong as an emperor with all laws.

Soon, the girls also opened their eyes. Nangong Jing looked at Lu Ze. How is it? Youre planning to break through?

Lu Ze nodded. What about you guys?

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. Were still a bit away, but if we use your breakthrough phenomena, we can learn laws too.

The girls were all the same.

Then, lets prepare to break through.

Right now? Lu Li asked.

Lu Ze thought about it and answered, Ill have a look at the barrier again.

Lu Ze had no clue what sort of phenomenon would appear when he broke through to the emperor level.

His s.p.a.ce law should be enough to stop it but just in case, he would add a few more layers of insurance.

They came to the living room and brought Ying Ying out.

Everyone used their G.o.d arts to form barriers.

Their G.o.d arts were at the border of law. It was still a huge difference from the law, but there was strength in numbers. After they fused, it was still very powerful.

After this was all done, they went back to the cultivation room.

Lu Ze sat down, and his mental force fused into that dark dimension. He appeared before that golden ball.

Lu Ze suppressed his excited feeling.

He pressed his hand on the ball.


Golden light flowed, and endless law power fused into his mental force.

Lu Ze could see the secrets of all sorts of laws appear before him. He was instantly mesmerized.

After an unknown amount of time, the s.p.a.ce Lu Ze was at shuddered. Endless light appeared from the void and completely covered Lu Ze and the girls while expanding.

Soon, it reached the border of the barrier and stopped.

At the same time, all sorts of laws appeared in the heads of the girls.

Their chi started to erupt and head towards the emperor level.

Ying Ying was sleeping on the bed, and she looked at the phenomenon.

She was confused.

Why didnt she fall asleep this time? Her heritage ended? Ying Yings eyes lit up. Now, Lu Ze couldnt steal her food while she was asleep!

She ran out of the room and took out a controller to start playing games.

The elders and the others were also stunned.

Last time, Lu Ze was already a cosmic lord state. This time, it was obvious what he was breaking through to.

They were certain that if Lu Ze broke through to the emperor level, the Human Race would become an emperor race.

How glorious would that be?

They were so excited that they forgot to cultivate.

Lu Ze felt his understanding of all sorts of laws grow deeper and deeper.

Finally, there seemed to be bottlenecks that were broken. All the G.o.d arts formed extremely simple runes. These runes contained endless knowledge and power. These were source runes, the power of the laws, the essence of power.

These runes hid inside his inner world and fused into it.


The inner world shuddered and expanded like crazy. As it expanded, Lu Zes power grew like crazy. In that instant, he became the creator G.o.d of his inner world, and his inner world became no different from the real universe.

This feeling was very miraculous.

With this, the girls also sensed the power of the laws. The phenomenon intensified.

In the entire universe, illusions appeared and runes filled the s.p.a.ce.

All the life in the universe was shocked at this moment.

Land of the Stars.

The Star Spirit Emperor was dazed. Even he was full of shock.


This is source runes? Did he break through? Did he break through to the emperor-state? How is this possible?!

A year ago, Lu Ze and the girls had only broken through to the cosmic lord state!

He thought that they would at least need ten thousand years to reach the emperor level.

Yet, they did it in a year?!

Void s.p.a.ce, Insectoid Tide.

The Insectoid Mother suddenly opened her eyes. These source runes even appeared in her hive.

Someone broke through to the emperor


Wait, how can there be so many source runes? Did many people break through to the emperor?!

Wait, destruction source?!

When she saw that familiar rune, she was confused.

Those who reached the emperor state all mastered one law.

How many were there now???

There were over tens?!

And, she was clearly the master of the destruction source. Why did it appear too?

Were all the laws in the universe mastered?!

Even she was dumbfounded.

But she quickly woke up.

Now! No matter who it is, they are the weakest when breaking through. Ill go find that newborn emperor now!

This person must have a huge secret to know all these laws. It might even be related to the beyond!


An emperor with this many laws was too terrifying.

If he really broke through, how could emperors with one law hold up to him? All of them combined would be no match for him?

She had to destroy him even if she couldnt get


She no longer hid anymore. She ordered the insectoids, Children, go destroy as much as you want!


Countless insectoids roared.

Immediately, the light of destruction around the insectoid mother intensified.

She disappeared from the spot.

The Mechanical Emperor suddenly opened his eyes and also disappeared.

The Heaven Emperor, Divine Empress, and Elemental Emperor all woke up.

Immediately, they felt the chi of the Insectoid Mother and Mechanical Emperor appear in the Barren Realm. Without hesitation, they also left.

The Star Spirit Emperor sensed this and sighed. Whats to come will eventually come.

He disappeared from the spot too. Six figures appeared in the Barren Realm. The entire Barren Realm sunk into silence.

At this moment, a roar sounded.

The orb in the center of the Barren Realm flashed. A huge hideous beast appeared. However, there were chains of law on this...o...b..preventing the beast from escaping.

Insectoid Mother sneered. Why did you guys follow me here?

The Mechanical Emperor said, Stop wasting time. This being killed my races queen a year ago. He has to be given to me.

Haha The other emperors sneered.

The Heaven Emperor said, Everyone knows that its too abnormal to be able to activate so many source runes, including laws that we mastered. This newborn emperor is too shocking. Whether its for the peace of the universe or ourselves, we should control him.

The Elemental Emperor laughed. Stop talking nonsense. I just want to reach the beyond. As long as you share the secrets to the beyond, I dont care who gets him.

The Divine Empress spoke elegantly. Likewise.

Star Spirit Emperor wont stop us, right?

The Star spirit emperor smiled. Can you sense the chi of that newborn emperor?

Hearing this, they were shocked.

Then, their faces became strange.

They should be able to sense emperor-level chi even in the Barren Realm.

But, they couldnt sense his chi at all now.

What was going on???