Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1327 - Half An Emperor

Chapter 1327 - Half An Emperor

Chapter 1327 Half An Emperor

Outside the barrier, Berica and some Mechanical Race beings were attacking the barrier.

At this moment, Bericas body wasnt golden anymore. It became extremely dark, similar to the color of the Mechanical Emperor. At the same time, her chi was much stronger.

Keep attacking! The person the emperor is looking for is quite possibly here!


These beings were all cosmic lord states. Some were even peak cosmic lord states like Berica.

However, their combat power wasnt as strong as Berica.

Their combined power shattered s.p.a.ce and twisted s.p.a.ce.

Berica was very keen.

She was almost set up by Lu Ze and the girls last time. This time, she was stronger. Of course, she had to get revenge.

At this moment, the shattered s.p.a.ce seemed to have been calmed and smoothened by something

Lu Ze and the girls suddenly appeared outside the barrier.

Berica and the others felt Lu Zes and the girls chi. Their mechanical eyes flashed with red light.

They didnt even notice how Lu Ze and the girls appeared. This included Berica.

Its them! The emperor is looking for them!

Capture them!!!

All the cosmic lords charged at Lu Ze and the girls. Only Berica was vigilant and didnt charge at the front.

She stared at Lu Ze with uncertainty.

She had clearly progressed in power since last time, but why did she feel a stronger threat from this man?

How was this possible?!

She had the body of Eternal Barren Metal. How could she feel the threat of death?

Lu Ze and the girls frowned.

Lu Li opened her mouth and said, It really is the Mechanical Emperor. Hes probably interested in us.

Nangong Jing pursed the corners of his mouth. Lets hurry up and attack in case he descends again.

Lu Ze nodded. Lets end this quickly.

Although he had learned s.p.a.ce law, he was still just a cosmic lord.

He was only a level-3 cosmic lord state right now. He didnt feel confident facing a proper emperor at all.

Silver light glowed in Lu Zes eyes. Then, the s.p.a.ce around them changed. Many s.p.a.ce whirlpools formed. They were much stronger than the s.p.a.ce storms in the warp dimension.

The Mechanical Race froze and gasped. Why cant I control my body!


Those weaker cosmic lord states were pulverized by the terrifying s.p.a.ce law as soon as they neared the whirlpool. Their extremely tough mechanical bodies were defenseless.

Berica felt her bones chill.

She shuddered. Law?! s.p.a.ce law?!

This was definitely a real law. Even a fake law wouldnt be this strong.

She didnt believe it.

How was that possible?!

Three months ago, this mans s.p.a.ce G.o.d art was only fake law.

Now, how did he master a real law?

This meant that as long as he had enough cultivation, he could become an emperor without a bottleneck.

In Bericas eyes, Lu Ze was half an emperor now.

Notify the Mechanical Emperor!

Berica took out a black metal card without hesitation.

However, at this moment, Lu Ze looked at Berica.

Berica just felt her body stop. The body of hers made of the Eternal Barren Metal was twisted by the power of s.p.a.ce and devoured by a dark dimension. Before that, she had already turned to pieces.

The girls were dazed.

So strong!

Berica was a peak cosmic lord state. Even though her G.o.d art was fake law, it would still be very strong

Yet, Lu Ze killed her with a glance.

So, this is the power of a law?

Alice glanced at Lu Ze with admiration.

At this moment, Lu Ze saw that the black metal card didnt shatter. It was glowing with this orderly light.

Lu Zes eyes narrowed. Run!

He unleashed his s.p.a.ce law.

At this moment, beams of order law pressed down. Lu Ze felt his s.p.a.ce law paused, but the result was completely different from before.

The Mechanical Emperor was extremely far away. His law power here couldnt compare with Lu Zes s.p.a.ce law.

Lu Ze used all his might and broke free.

Immediately, a figure appeared on the card.

It was the Mechanical Emperor.

He looked coldly at this region and unleashed his power. Rumble!!

Cosmic realms were pulverized. Countless beings died before they could realize it.


The Barren Emperor felt this power and roared.

Then all the emperors looked at the barren realm.

Feeling the level of power the Mechanical Emperor unleashed, they were all confused.

Why was he so furious? The Star Spirit Emperor looked with uncertainty. Is it those few little ones how is it possible?!