Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1326 - Emperor Summoning Crystal, Space Law

Chapter 1326 - Emperor Summoning Crystal, Space Law

Chapter 1326 Emperor Summoning Crystal, s.p.a.ce Law

The group of people came to the inside of the white pillar.

There were two items slowly descending. Far away, powerful beasts were roaring and charging at them.

Lu Ze didnt have time to think and came before the two items. They were a black crystal and a silver ball.

Lu Ze put them into his mental force dimension.


Lu Ze planned to take them away.

At this moment, a black figure dashed before the pillar.

It was a giant black dragon with three pairs of wings. It was over tens of kilometers long.

Its claw grabbed at the pillar.


Lu Ze and the girls heard an explosion, and they died on the spot. The group woke up in pain, but they rejoiced.

Alice smiled and said, Senior, lets see what it


The girls looked over curiously.

He took two of the two items. When he inserted spirit force into the black crystal, a light flashed, and a roar sounded.

The group looked at each other.

They were too familiar with this roar. They were killed by the owner of this roar.

Soon, the black color dissipated and revealed what was inside the crystal.

It was a roaring black dragon with three pairs of wings.

It was that Black Dragon Emperor!

Lu Ze and the girls gasped. Summoning crystal?! Emperor level?

Then, wouldnt we be able to summon the Black Dragon Emperor to battle? They werent safe right now. With this Black Dragon Emperor, although they might not be able to kill an emperor, they would be able to get away. Lu Ze then took out that silver orb. He inserted his mental force in and information appeared.

Lu Li asked curiously, What is this Lu Ze?

Lu Ze raised his head, saw Lu Lis curious appearance, and smiled slightly. This is the heart of the law. After using it, you can quickly master a law. This law is s.p.a.ce law.

The girls gasped.

Qiuyue Hesha smiled and said, Thats great, if Little Brother Lu Ze can learn s.p.a.ce law, then we can resist even in front of emperors.

After all, only a law can go against another law.

Then, the group kept cultivating.

Lu Ze used the s.p.a.ce law heart.

The laws heart fused into his body. Lu Ze just felt the s.p.a.ce around his body become very distorted. Endless s.p.a.ce knowledge appeared in his mind.

Half a month later, Lu Ze gasped.

He opened his eyes and looked around.

The girls were still cultivating.

He closed his eyes to cultivate again.

But this time, he soon felt a trembling in s.p.a.ce.


The entire s.h.i.+p began to shake.

Lin Ling frowned. What happened?

Lets go see.


The group looked up.

The barrier they set up outside the solar system is shaking vigorously.

Powerful chi surged.

Lu Zes pupils shrank slightly. Were found?

Nangong Jing looked at Lu Ze quietly. What do we do?

Lu Ze smiled. Its fine, since were found, we can go out. Ive learned the s.p.a.ce law already anyways. The girls rejoiced. Youve already learned it?

Senior is truly amazing! Alice charged into Lu Zes arms.

Lu Ze rubbed her little head and nodded.

Lu Ze came to the living room of the s.h.i.+p. Ying Ying, Lily, and Louisa sensed what was happening outside and stopped playing games.

Ying Ying blinked at Lu Ze. Lu Ze, you learned a law?

Even she didnt notice how Lu Ze came over.

Lu Ze smiled and nodded.

Lily and Louisa were dumbfounded.

Law was the power of legends to them. Yet, Lu Ze learned it?

Ze, what happened outside? Lily asked.

Lu Ze said with a smile. Nothing, we mightve been found. Enter my inner world first. Well go out and see.

Lu Ze and the girls went outside the s.h.i.+p and put it away. Lets go see who it is? Then, the s.p.a.ce around them distorted, and they seemed to have fused into the water and disappeared.