Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1325 - The End of Destruction

Chapter 1325 - The End of Destruction

Chapter 1325 The End of Destruction

While Lu Ze and the girls were thinking, the Star Spirit Emperor dissipated into starlight.

Lu Ze and the girls looked at each other.

After a long silence, Lu Ze said, Lets go find a place to cultivate.

The girls nodded.

At the Mechanical Empire, there was a planet completely made of machines in the Machine Cosmic Realm.

The Mechanical Emperor suddenly opened his eyes as the nearby cosmos rattled.

He looked coldly at the land of the stars.

Star Spirit Emperor His voice was extremely cold.

Then, he got up and spread his will. Tell all the Mechanical Race to go to the Barren Realm and look for these few people!

He sent information about Lu Ze and the girls out.

Immediately, all the Mechanical Race received this information.

Those who could, all headed to the Barren Realm.

At the same time, the other emperors all felt the clash between the Mechanical Emperor and the Star Spirit Emperor.

Emperors rarely clashed. After all, they all mastered a law. It was hard to say who was stronger. Even if they fought, they could only see who had a greater mastery of their law.

Yet, the Mechanical Emperor just clashed with the Star Spirit Emperor like that.

The other four emperors were quite shocked.

They also made their race keep watch of the Mechanical and Star Spirit Race.

At the same time, they appeared in the Mechanical Empire.

The Mechanical Emperor immediately sensed their arrival. He appeared in front of them and said coldly, What business do you have appearing in my empire?

The Insectoid Mother laughed. I just want to know what the conflict between you and the Star Spirit Emperor was. Perhaps, we could help.

The Mechanical Emperor sneered on the inside. Help?

If they found out about those beings, they wouldnt just be helping.

He replied, It was just about the universal barrier. If you want to help, why dont we seal the Star Spirit Emperor? The Divine Empress smiled. Youre funny. If we keep fighting, the universal barrier would shatter even quicker. No one would be able to escape then.

Since its because of that, well be leaving first. The Heaven Emperor smiled and disappeared from the spot.

The rest of the emperors all left.

They didnt believe the Mechanical Emperor, so they could only find out another way. The Mechanical Emperor felt desperate. He couldnt hide it for that long. Hopefully, he could find these few beings quickly.

The Insectoid Mother smiled coldly.

Although I dont know what their conflict is Its enough.

The Insectoid Mother ordered all insectoid cosmic lords. Go, start from the border galleries and begin the destruction.


Countless insectoids disappeared.

At the border of the universe far away from those emperor race domains, insectoids appeared and showed their fangs.

Countless insectoids headed towards the galleries.

Countless races saw the infinite insectoids and shuddered in despair.

There were simply too many.

As soon as they made contact, the insectoids crushed everything along their path with absolute advantage.

Countless races and life were destroyed.

In the insectoid hide, the Insectoid Queen glowed with blood light. She was mesmerized. At the same time, blood light spun in her body.

It seems to be useful The Insectoid Mother let out a smile. Then, keep trying. Destruction. Destroy the universe, and I can reach the beyond?

If it was before, she would need to wait for an opportunity, but now, with the invasion of those gray figures, and the awakening of the Barren Emperor, it was time.

Even the Star Spirit Emperor and Mechanical Emperor had a conflict.

The chaos has begun.

She would start destruction from the border regions. By the time the other Emperor Races noticed, she would have attained enough power to continue the destruction.

Let me see what sort of scene there is at the end of destruction

Three months later in the Pocket Hunting Dimension, there was a vast black mountain range.


A black dragon roared.

Lu Ze and the girls were attacking the dragon. The dragons body was very powerful. Even Lu Zes and the girls fake law-level G.o.d art could only leave a shallow mark on its body.

The dragon wasnt fast and only had body G.o.d art.

The battle lasted an hour, and only then did the dragon fall heavily on the ground.

Nangong Jing looked at the black dragon who was slowly turning into ashes speechlessly and complained. Its finally dead. Its skin is quite thick.

Lu Li nodded. Any longer and my spirit force wouldnt be able to keep up. Lin Ling and Alice nodded.

Lu Ze smiled. Lets hurry and pick up the drop.

This black dragon was a peak cosmic lord state.

The emperor beast here was the black dragon that he had encountered on the first map.

A few days ago, their battle attracted that guy. They couldnt even use s.p.a.ce transmission and were slapped to death by that dragon.

Lu Ze and the girls quickly left the battle, but at this moment, the sky darkened.

Five pillars dropped from the sky.

One of them was not far from Lu Ze and the girls.

Lu Ze and the girls rejoiced.

This light pillar finally appeared.

They had been waiting for a long time.