Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1324 - Essence of Power, Sustainable Development

Chapter 1324 - Essence of Power, Sustainable Development

Chapter 1324 Essence of Power, Sustainable Development

The Mechanical Emperor glanced at the battlefield and stopped on those barren beasts.

Thats right, barren beasts and children didnt have souls. They only possessed a body, so they showed no fear.


With this, all barren beasts and children just turned to dust.

Lu Zes and the girls skins crawled.

It was terrifying?!

These beasts were on par with Berica in power. Yet, just one word and they all died.

This was just a shadow of the emperor.

The Mechanical Emperor looked at Lu Ze and the girls.

His calm expression changed. Hmm? He waved his hand, and Lu Ze and the girls flew towards him uncontrollably. Lu Ze and the girls used all their power, but they couldnt resist the emperors power.

Lu Ze said, Lets suicide!

At least, that way they could revive and survive.

At this moment, starlight surged, and Lu Ze and the girls could move again.

Lu Ze rejoiced and took the girls away. Star Spirit Emperor! The Mechanical Emperor said coldly.

Why stop me!

The Star Spirit Emperor said coldly, There is my race inside. Do you want to attack them?

The Mechanical Emperor looked coldly at the Star Spirit Emperor. You should know that those few beings are very special! The essence of their power is different to ours.

He immediately noticed the special attributes about Lu Ze and the girls when he looked.

If he could find out what it was, he would have the hopes of reaching beyond.

Yet, he was stopped by the Star Spirit Emperor.



s.p.a.ce distorted around the Mechanical Emperor. Even Berica fell back.

The Star Spirit Emperors chi also surged. One was the shadow of an emperor, one was the clone of an emperor. This wasnt their main body, but their power wasnt something cosmic lords could compare with. The clash of laws sunk the universal laws into chaos.

A small region of the barren realm began trembling

Everyone looked over.

Who is there?!

So terrifying!

This isnt a cosmic lord? Peak cosmic lord shouldnt be this strong??

Is it an emperor? But why would they have conflict?!

The fury of an emperor was enough to ruin all life in the universe.

Perhaps, sensing this, a roar sounded in the center of the barren realm.

With this, body law in the barren realm went into a frenzy again.

The Mechanical Emperor and the Star Spirit Emperor looked at each other and paused their chi.

The Mechanical Emperor said coldly, You cant protect them. I will find them.

He disappeared from the spot along with Berica.

Only then did the Star Spirit Emperor disperse into starlight.

Alices face was pale. The emperor is really strong.

Lu Ze exhaled slightly, and said with a dignified expression, Indeed, only the Star Spirit Emperor isnt really interested in us. If the other emperors found us, it definitely wouldnt be good.

Nangong Jing nodded her head. Lets keep cultivating.

Yea, cultivate to emperor level and kill the mechanical emperor first. Lin Ling said coldly.

They were almost captured alive.

At this moment, starlight formed into a figure.

Lu Ze and the girls relaxed. Star Spirit Emperor, thanks for saving us just then. Lu Ze thanked genuinely.

The Star Spirit Emperor shook his head, and his eyes fell on Ying Ying. Thanks for taking care of my race. Youve done a great job. Of course, I wont mistreat you guys.

Ying Ying studied the Star Spirit Emperor with curiosity.

Although her heritage had information about the Star Spirit Emperor, this was her first time seeing him.

The Star Spirit Emperor was like an elder to her.

Lu Ze smiled. Ying Ying is our family, of course, well take good care of her.

Hahaha! The Star Spirit Emperor laughed. Family, great. Hope you guys can keep taking care of her.

Lu Ze and the girls breathed easy. They thought that the Star Spirit Emperor was going to take Ying Ying away.

The Star Spirit Emperor said slowly, You guys are very special.

Lu Ze and the girls didnt know how to reply.

The Star Spirit Emperor said to himself, The universe is on the brink of destruction. Perhaps, you guys can help me. Lu Ze and the girls gasped. The universe is on the brink of destruction?

The Star Spirit Emperor sighed. Living beings always seek greater power. Perhaps, this isnt wrong, but the universe can handle such exhaustion. If this continues, the balance of power in the universe will be gone if an emperor makes half a step forward. By then, the universal barrier will completely shatter. The chaos outside will flow into the universe. The universe will be flooded.

Lu Ze and the girls were dumbfounded.

They had never been to the border of the universe. They couldnt comprehend how big of a disaster this was.

It seemed sustainable development was really important.

The Star Spirit Emperor said, Keep cultivating, especially you. Your chi is the most unique. The essence of your power isnt in the universe. Perhaps, you can reach the beyond.

Essence of power isnt in the universe?

Lu Ze was stunned.

All his power came from the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

Was the Pocket Hunting Dimension something not from this universe?