Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1321 - Encounter

Chapter 1321 - Encounter

Chapter 1321 Encounter

Could it be that what Gary has said before is right? Nangong Jing and the rest wondered.

Gary had long said that the Star Spirit Emperor wouldnt have ill will towards them.

Their power was poison to the Star Spirit Emperor.

They didnt believe it before, but now

They believed it.

Otherwise, why would the Star Spirit Emperor protect them instead of attacking them?

Lets find an opportunity to go visit the Star Spirit Emperor. Lu Ze said. After all, they didnt know what was going to happen when they tried to break through to the emperor state. They might be able to seek protection from the Star Spirit Emperor.

Just as they were talking, the starlight outside the solar system started to slowly dissipate.

Soon, it completely dissipated. Lu Ze and the girls were stunned.

Nangong Jings whole body flickered with golden rays of light, and her brows wrinkled. Why do I feel the body law in the Barren Realm is becoming chaotic.

Lin Lings eyes glowed as she looked at the center of the Barren Realm. There seems to be a very powerful chi recovering in the center.

Everyone looked over.

This chi its an emperor? Lu Li was in disbelief.

Is this the sealed Barren Emperor? Alice exclaimed.

Lu Ze had the same guess.

How did the Barren Emperor wake up?

Is it because of those gray shadows?

As everyone guessed, they were even more shocked.

We should continue in solitary cultivation.

They just needed to find a place and cultivate for a year or so. When they were just about to break through, they would go find the Star Spirit Emperor!


Terrifying power clashed far away.

More than ten powerful chi were coming rapidly.

Lu Ze and the girls gasped. Who is it?

They seem to be fighting. This force is so strong!

Lu Ze and the girls gasped.

Its probably all peak cosmic lords, and they arent ordinary peak cosmic lord states!

Lu Ze frowned. Why does one of the chi feel familiar?

The others were dazed. They felt this chi was familiar too.

Far away, Shuo Yuan and Berica were covered in wounds as they were fleeing.

There were over ten peak cosmic lord state barren beasts and barren children chasing after them.

They had extremely terrifying body G.o.d art.


Shuo Yuans face moved. He said, I knew I shouldnt have listened to you and stolen the Eternal Barren Metal. Now, we dont even know if we can get away.

They were hiding at the border of the central region before. After those beasts and children went into the sealing grounds, they could run away very easily. However, Berica still wanted to venture inside and get the Eternal Barren Metal.

This caused a ruckus with the barren beasts, and they were chased.

The blue mechanical light in Bericas eyes flickered frequently, and she said, But, I have the Eternal Barren Metal, and we are still alive.

Shuo Yuans mouth twitched. If we dont shake them off, we might not necessarily be able to continue living.

At this moment, they looked in front of them.

They felt powerful chi.

Bericas eyes flickered. There are people there? Cosmic lord states? They arent weak.

Shuo Yuan was shocked.

Its them?

Lu Ze and the girls chi were too special. Shuo Yuan had only sensed it once and was left with an extremely deep impression.

At this moment, Bericas eyes flickered, and she looked in the direction of Lu Ze and the others with suspicion Hmm? Whats wrong with their chi? Why does it feel strange?

Hearing this, Shuo Yuan raised his eyebrows. Are your senses going wild from being chased? Theres nothing strange?.

He could sense it too. Perhaps those guys cultivation level increased. That ethereal feeling was growing more intense.

Even Berica sensed it.

Lu Ze frowned. Lets leave. These chi arent easy to mess with.

They were cosmic lord states, and their G.o.d art mastery was very high. Even ordinary peak cosmic lord states might not be a match for them.

But this chi gave them a strong threat.

Clearly, they werent ordinary people.

Lu Ze glowed in silver as he took the girls away.

Berica was shocked. s.p.a.ce dao rune no, near law level s.p.a.ce G.o.d Art.

Who are they?

Shuo Yuan was shocked. When he encountered them before, he checked their power.

They didnt reach the fake law level!

How long has it been?

Not only were they cosmic lord states, but their dao rune had reached this level.

Berica suddenly changed directions and flew towards Lu Ze and the girls.

Shuo Yuan asked, Berica, what are you doing?

Berica said, I want to see who they are.