Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1320 - 0 Golden Orb, Fake Law, Break Through

Chapter 1320 - 0 Golden Orb, Fake Law, Break Through

Chapter 1320 Golden Orb, Fake Law, Break Through

The golden light didnt disappear straight up this time. It gradually got closer to Lu Ze and gradually grew larger.

Soon, the golden light came before Lu Ze and turned into a golden orb about the size of him.

The golden orb flashed with golden light. There seemed to be something flowing inside.

Lu Zes eyes flashed with confusion.

What was in there?

He thought about it and poked the golden orb. It felt tough. He couldnt seem to touch what was inside.

Was his cultivation level not high enough?

Lu Ze frowned.

At this moment, Lu Ze felt power surge out from the golden orb. It fused inside his body.

Immediately, he felt his body, spirit force, and mental force painted in a swap of golden light. The golden light slowly fused into his body, and he felt his body change. His power increased in all aspects.

He even felt all sorts of G.o.d art knowledge appear in his mind. Even though his G.o.d art reached dao rune level, he still felt this was hard to understand.


Lu Ze was shocked.

What was this?

Just a beam of light gave him this much progress?

At this moment, another rumbling sound came. He found that the connection between him and the Pocket Hunting Dimension increased. Even the sixth map was in his senses.

He could tell which region had a cosmic lord state and what G.o.d arts these beasts had.

Most importantly, he could choose the location of where he could teleport when he went into the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

Lu Ze gasped.

His mastery of the Pocket Hunting Dimension was getting deeper? If this continued, when he reached the emperor level, he should be able to completely control the Pocket Hunting Dimension, right?

Lu Ze was full of hope. He waited for a moment and didnt sense any other change. He left this s.p.a.ce.

He could enter it at will.

Lu Ze grinned.

While the phenomenon wasnt over, he started to learn the law from the golden orb.

Time flew by. This breaking through the realm took an entire week.

When the phenomena completely disappeared, Lu Ze and the girls opened their eyes.

Alice smiled and said, This is great! We werent interrupted. We wont be found in the Barren Realm indeed!

Qiuyue Hesha nodded. We should thank Gary.

Lu Ze didnt completely finish learning the law in the golden orb, but he was very close to the law level. He was at a fake law level!

Fake law s.p.a.ce G.o.d art was enough to allow them to go anywhere.

Unless they encounter an emperor, otherwise, even those most powerful peak cosmic lord state beings in the Emperor Race wouldnt be able to do anything to them.

He smiled. Since we finished cultivation, lets go out and eat something to celebrate. Lu Li smiled. Well go cook. The group of them left the cultivation room and went to check on Ying Ying first. She was enjoying sleep.

The group fed Ying Ying and left.

At this moment, Lily and Louisa came out.

After seeing Lu ze and the others, Lily said with some surprise, Jing Jing, I broke through to the peak cosmic realm state.

Louisa also smiled and said, Im a cosmic realm state too!

Oh! You guys are so amazing!

The group complimented them.

In the next few days, Lu Ze and the girls rested while feeding Ying Ying.

Of course, they still had to go to the Pocket Hunting Dimension at night.

This was because Lu Ze could control the location of the entry to the Pocket Hunting Dimension, so they wouldnt die too easily. Each of their deaths was caused by an emperor.

Otherwise, it was extremely hard for even peak cosmic lord state overlord beasts to kill them.

This time, Ying Ying slept even shorter than last time. This was because they were feeding her cosmic lord state spirit liquid.

She woke up in just a week.

Lu Ze put away the s.h.i.+p. We can go out now.

He waved away all the barriers and asked Ying Ying to do the same.

After all this, they saw a starlight barrier outside the system.

Everyone was stunned.

This light we didnt set it up, right?

The girls were also shocked.

They looked at Ying Ying. This chi is so familiar Its similar to Gary.

Hearing this, Lu Ze was stunned. A star spirit too? Is it Gary?

Ying Ying shook her head. Much stronger than Gary, stronger than me too. Ying Ying stretched out her hand and patted her small chest. Im stronger than Gary now!

They looked at each other.

Ying Ying was a peak cosmic lord state.

Stronger than Ying Ying and a star spirit

There was only one answer.

It was the Star Spirit Emperor.

They were found by the Star Spirit Emperor?!

Lu Ze and the girls felt cold.

However, after seeing the surging starlight, Lu Ze said hesitantly, Star Spirit Emperor doesnt seem to have ill intentions toward us?

Otherwise, why would he use this starlight to block the phenomenon for them?

This was protecting them?