Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1322 - Feeling's Cold At Heart

Chapter 1322 - Feeling's Cold At Heart

Chapter 1322 Feelings Cold At Heart

Lu Ze and the girls appeared, but immediately, they frowned.

A sharp look flashed across Lu Zes eyes.

They followed over.

Do they want to attack us or use us as s.h.i.+elds?

They still remembered what the Ice and Fire Gemini did last time.

These two wouldnt do the same, right?

Senior, what do we do? Alice asked.

Lu Ze smiled. Since they have followed, we will wait for them.

Nangong Jing was excited. Hehe, we just broke through to the cosmic lord state. We dont even know how strong we are yet. We can test our power.

Lu Ze smiled and didnt stop them.

He wanted to test it too.

Berica and Shuo Yuan were stunned, sensing that Lu Ze and the girls didnt keep running.

Bericas mechanical eyes flashed a little. Hmm? They know that they cant get away?

If it was outside, Berica wouldnt even bother trying to chase them as she wouldnt be able to.

However, the Barren Realm was different. It was covered in body law. It was much harder to use other laws.

Plus, the Barren Emperor has awakened. The body law has gone crazy. The suppression over other laws was much greater.

Even those with fake s.p.a.ce laws could no longer teleport that far, and the consumption of energy had greatly increased.

How could she let those guys who just reached the cosmic lord state go?

She was very satisfied that they stopped.

Shuo Yuans eyes flashed. Long before, the Star Spirit Emperor has told him about the wonders of Lu Ze and the girls.

It seemed that Berica was very curious about them.

After all, having a fake law upon reaching the cosmic lord state was too out of the ordinary. This was the s.p.a.ce law too.

As peak cosmic lord states, they wouldnt pa.s.s any sliver of hope of reaching the emperor.

To Berica, this was a sliver of hope.

Berica and Shuo Yuan brought a pack of ravaging barren beasts towards Lu Ze and the girls.

Lu Li frowned. Its him?

Shuo Yuan gave them great pressure last time.

Hes indeed a peak cosmic lord state.

The one on the side is a peak cosmic lord state too.

She seems to be from the Mechanical Race?

She wouldnt be that Mechanical Queen, Berica Elro, right?

They just came out and encountered such powerful bosses?

This was hard to deal with.

However, its not like they didnt have a boss. Ying Ying was a peak cosmic lord state too. Ying Ying looked at Shuo Yuan. Its that fellow race member.

Fellow race? Hes from the Star Spirit Race?

Lu Ze and the girls gasped.

Nangong Jing was a bit surprised. Watcher Shuo Yuan? Its him?!

No wonder, he said that we had the right to enter the monarch ranking. Lu Ze frowned. Ying Ying, since its your fellow race, can we negotiate? Ying Ying nodded. Ill try. Berica said coldly, Shuo Yuan, well attack immediately and cripple them. Then, well capture them and leave. As for why they can master a fake law as soon as they reach cosmic lord state, well share it.

Shuo Yuan shrugged his shoulders. Up to


To her, no one could resist the chance of reaching the emperor, including Shuo Yuan.

Berica was shocked as she got closer. That chi they have someone from the Star Spirit Race?

Shuo Yuan acted surprised too.

Ah, theres a fellow race? Then, I cant really help. Berica, you know that if my emperor found out that I helped the Mechanical Race attack a fellow race, I would be severely punished. It seems that youre on your own.

Shuo Yuan suddenly disappeared and appeared extremely far away.

Berica was shocked.

Shuo Yuan!!

She roared furiously.

That b.a.s.t.a.r.d left her alone.

This star spirit was a peak cosmic lord state.

She didnt dare to underestimate the star spirit at all.

She might not win in a one-versus-one match, much less there were helpers on the side.

After those barren beasts saw Shuo Yuan leave, they didnt chase him. They kept following her. This made her heart feel cold.