Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1319 - 9 Rejection, Interesting,

Chapter 1319 - 9 Rejection, Interesting,

Chapter 1319 - 9 Rejection, Interesting,

Chapter 1319 Rejection, Interesting,


Shuo Yuan gasped in disbelief.

His heart was very heavy. He frowned. Something big is happening in the barren realm. After the Barren Emperor has been sealed and been asleep for so long, this is his first time waking up. Its causing such a huge ruckus too!

What reason made the Barren Emperor wake


Berica was cold and had some dissatisfaction.

If she still wanted to get the Eternal Barren Metal under such a situation, it will be suicide!

I dont know.

Shuo Yuan shook his head. After countless years, the Barren Emperors power has only been weakening, but the power of the seal wouldnt weaken. Theoretically, the Barren Emperor would never be able to wake up

But now, he has awoken!

Berica interrupted Shuo Yuan and said coldly.

Shuo Yuan glanced at Berica on the side and said faintly. Calm down, if you attract those monsters, well die here.

Berica paused her breath and slowly calmed down.

What do we do now? Bericas tone was desperate.

The Eternal Barren Metal was so close, how could she give up?

Shuo Yuan glanced at Berica and slowly said, Wait. If you go out now, even you would die for sure.

In the vast cosmic sea, the six emperors opened their eyes at the same time.

They looked at the Barren Realm in shock.

In the Elemental Domain, the elements of the Elemental Emperors eyes flickered. With some doubts, he said, This chi is it the Barren Emperors? How can he still wake up? Strange

The Heaven Emperor narrowed his eyes. So what if he wakes up

The Mechanical Emperor looked in the direction of the barren realm and fell silent.

The Divine Empress eyes flickered. Is it because of chaos?

She thought of what the Star Spirit Emperor said and had some doubts.

In the void s.p.a.ce, there was an extremely huge insectoid tide.

The Insectoid Queen smiled. The Barren Emperor woke up? Interesting I hope you can break free. That way, my plan can perhaps be started

The Star Spirit Emperor looked in the direction of the barren realm. How did he wake up?

Then, he looked at a region in the barren realm and frowned.

That is

He felt a hollow wave, but he also felt that he didnt sense anything at all.

The Star Spirit Emperor was confused.

He was an emperor, and he had the greatest control over the universe. He could be called the son of the universe. Even he wasnt sure if that wave was real.

What was that?

In the Barren Realm, a star spirit formed, and Star Spirit Emperors clone formed before that barren solar system.

He looked through the layers of barrier and saw that vast last.


What is this chi?

Why cant I sense their essence? Why do I instinctively reject it?

Strange He glanced at Ying Ying who was sleeping on the bed and he grinned. There are other people of the same clan wait!

The Star Spirit Emperor shook his body. Wasnt she the chi I sensed before? Is she already in peak cosmic lord state?

Even he was shocked.

What is this progress speed?!

Since this little one is the chi I sensed last time then they

The Star Spirit Emperor had a realizing look. So Gary was talking about them? Does this mean that the Barren Emperor also woke up due to them? Indeed this is too interesting

He smiled and disappeared from the spot.

Starlight surged and completely wrapped the chi here.

Time flew by and the essence, spirit force inside Lu Ze had completely fused with his body. His body became a unified body.

His inner world was rapidly expanding. It was tens of times larger and still didnt stop.

Lu Ze had this sudden epiphany and all sorts of G.o.d art dao runes expanded in his inner world.

This series of G.o.d art dao runes started to remake his inner world, filling his world with life.

The change was so huge that the races in the elf and advanced demon realm felt this.

They all gazed and learned from the G.o.d art knowledge. Countless light was drawn into his inner world.

The Milky Way, the elders, and everyone looked at this in joy.

This light Elder Nangongs face shuddered.

Elder Lin smiled. Its Ze! Hes breaking through! This breaking through is? Saint Lin Dong nodded. Yes, cosmic lord state. Cosmic lord state!

This was the strongest power in the universe other than an emperor.

They didnt expect that Lu Ze would be able to reach it this quickly.

Hurry, we should cultivate too! Weve never enjoyed the phenomenon once. This time, we can finally enjoy it. Elder Nangong smiled and charged into a dao enlightenment room. The rest of them followed too.

At the same time, something seemed to have exploded in Lu Zes head.

He felt his mental force appear in this dark s.p.a.ce. In the center, there was a golden spot.

Lu Ze looked at this golden light in surprise and joy.

Did it appear again?

Was some change happening to the Pocket Hunting Dimension again?