Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1318 - Barren Realm Shakes, Barren Emperor Awakens

Chapter 1318 - Barren Realm Shakes, Barren Emperor Awakens

Chapter 1318 Barren Realm Shakes, Barren Emperor Awakens

In the west of the Barren Realm, a silver light flashed, and Lu Ze and the girls appeared before a barren solar system.

Lu Ze glanced across the distant solar system. He found that this place was very tattered. A lot of planets were cracked. Large asteroids and cosmic dust were floating around the huge star. This entire solar system was lifeless.

Lu Zes mental force swept across the nearby area. He only found a few barren beasts. They werent strong either. Lu Ze nodded. Just here then.

Nangong Jing and the rest took back their mental force and nodded.

Qiuyue Hesha smoothed her long pink hair, smiled, and said, Lets prepare.

The group flew to a rather complete planet.

The planet was dark gray, and the gravity was quite high, but it didnt affect Lu Ze and the girls.

Lets begin.

Lu Ze used his G.o.d art dao runes and wrapped the entire solar system.

The girls did the same to help Lu Ze enforce the barrier.

This time, it was very dangerous to break through the Barren Realm. They had to take it very seriously.

After tens of G.o.d art dao rune barriers were set, Lu Ze thought about it and still took Ying Ying from his inner world.

Ying Ying was still playing games.


Lu Ze rubbed her head. Ying Ying, build a barrier with all your power. were breaking through. Ying Ying paused. Her little face showed some unwillingness.

When Lu Ze and the girls broke through, she would go to sleep.

This meant that there would be a few days that she couldnt eat, watch cartoons, and play games.

This was too hard.

However, she still nodded.

Starlight flashed around her. She formed another barrier outside.

Then, Lu Ze and the girls used their chi concealing G.o.d art and s.p.a.ce G.o.d art dao runes to hide this solar system completely.

After that, Lu Ze gasped.

Lu Ze took out the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p and entered the living room.

Lily asked with some confusion. Ze, did something happen?

Lu Ze smiled slightly. Nothing, were just planning to break through.

Lily and Louisa gasped. This meant that they would be reaching the cosmic lord state.

The two of them truly felt happy for Lu Ze.

Hurry up and prepare!

The group went into the cultivation room and began to cultivate.

Time flew by. s.p.a.ce suddenly rippled in the solar system. This boundless light descended. All sorts of phenomena appeared covering the entire solar system in light. Because of Lu Ze and the girls barrier, the light has completely stopped within the solar system and didnt expand out.

Lu Ze and the girls began breaking through. When this light fell upon the solar system, the entire barren realm shuddered.

Terrifying golden light expanded across the entire barren realm.

In the barren realm, everyone felt this suppressed yet, terrifying chi slowly expanded.

Everyone, including Emperor Race, was stunned and looked at the center in terror.

What is this chi?!

This terrifying chi makes me feel that my soul is shaking.

Why do I feel that the body G.o.d art in the barren realm is very active?

In the vast s.p.a.ce, there was a giant city made of pure white crystals. In the center, there was this divine palace glowing in harmonious light.

There was a white-haired beautiful-looking woman who suddenly opened her eyes. She looked outside in shock.


What is that chi? Emperor?! Barren Emperor?!

She gasped in disbelief.

In a blood-colored city, there was a giant red mountain. There was a blood-colored insectoid who suddenly opened his eyes. Murderous chi appeared in his eyes.

He murmured, The Barren Emperors chi?

Heaven City, Heaven G.o.d Palace.

A silver-haired handsome man stood at the top of the palace. The Barren Emperor has awakened?

Huachi was a little shaken in the Elemental Temple. The Barren Emperor suddenly woke up?! Why?!

His eyes gasped. Could it be

He immediately thought of those gray shadows.

Did they cause the change?

The center of the barren realm was a huge orb wrapped in golden light. Outside it, six laws formed chains that wrapped the ball.

There were no planets near the ball, but it was filled with dense body law.

These laws formed a golden storm.

Only a few powerful Barren Emperor descendants could survive in this.

Further away, there were some planets. They were ground by the body law and had a sliver of golden light. In this region, there were more and more powerful Barren Emperor children. At this moment, they were all in a frenzy.

They roared like crazy as they charged towards the body.

Shuo Yuan and Berica were dodging these beasts and children.

They were shocked.

Bericas cold and ruthless voice was a bit daunting, and she snarled. What happened?!

She had prepared for so long, and just as she was about to take the Eternal Barren Metal, the Barren Emperor woke up?!