Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1317 - Prison, Torture

Chapter 1317 - Prison, Torture

Chapter 1317 Prison, Torture

Yes, Masters, it was the Elemental Emperor and the Insectoid Mother intervening. Only then was Huachi and Rozz Aoma separated.

Lu Ze and the girls looked at each other and frowned. I didnt expect emperors to be in the Barren Realm too?

Lu Ze and the girls were planning to break through to the cosmic lord state.

But now that the emperors were also in the Barren Realm, it was too dangerous.

The elder said, Masters, the emperors arent in the Barren Realm.

Nangong Jing frowned. Didnt you say that the two emperors separated them?

The elder nodded. Yes, but they intervened from far away. They didnt descend upon the Barren Realm.

Lu Ze and the girls were dazed and rejoiced.

So the emperors werent here! After some silence, Lu Ze said, By the way, do you know which region in the Barren Realm is rather unpopular and barren? A place that has no powerful beings nor barren beasts?

The elder looked at them with an even stranger look.

He thought and said, Theres a solar system in the west of the barren realm. It used to be a huge barren beast hive, but it was annihilated. Now, its dead. Rarely would people go there!

He even took out the star map and pointed the way for Lu Ze and the girls.

Lu Ze nodded and smiled. Thank you.

The old man quickly waved his hand. Youre too polite.

Lu Ze didnt say much more. He took the girls away in silver light.

The Humanoid Race gazed. This is s.p.a.ce dao rune?!

Yuner exclaimed, Are those lords just peak cosmic monarch states? How could they know dao rune?! And its the s.p.a.ce dao rune?!

The rest of them looked at each other.

In the center of the universe, there was a cyclical s.p.a.ce. Six figures appeared.

One was covered in starlight. One was a blood crystal humanoid insectoid. It was filled with murderous and destructive chi. Her face was beautiful, but her eyes were emotionless.

One figure was made of pure white energy crystal. All sorts of elements spun around him.

Another one was made of pitch-black metal. It was a humanoid machine. He seemed to represent truth and order just by standing there.

Another one was a silver-haired handsome man. He had a transparent crystal on his forehead. All sorts of illusions appeared around him. Stars were born and destroyed.

One figure was encompa.s.sed in a gentle white barrier. The chi around her was filled with mercy and harmony.

They were the six most powerful beings in the universe. The six emperors. They appeared in the depths of the universe at the same time.

The Insectoid Queen looked at the Star Spirit Emperor. She smiled, but her eyes were cold. Star Spirit Emperor, long time no see. Why did you call us out instead of guarding your land of stars?

The Elemental Emperor stretched his back and said slowly, Be straightforward, I still need to go back and learn that extreme path of the beyond.

The Heaven Emperor smiled. We havent seen each other for billions of years, since the Star Spirit Emperor appeared, I believe he has something to discuss. Why be hasty you two. We might as well listen.

The Mechanical Emperor and Divine Empress said nothing and just looked at the Star Spirit Emperor.

The Star Spirit Emperor said slowly, I believe the Elemental Emperor and Insectoid Mother would know about this actually.

The rest of the emperors looked at the two.

Divine Empress soft voice sounded. Related to the Elemental Emperor and Insectoid Queen? What is it?

The Elemental Emperor laughed. Star Spirit Emperor, youre not going to say the same thing, are you?

Hearing this, the other five emperors seemed to have lost interest.

The Mechanical Emperors emotionless voice sounded. Star Spirit Emperor, seeking stronger power is the instinct of living beings. Its the most basic law of the universe. You cant disobey it.

The Star Spirit Emperor said, But now, the chaos is in turmoil.

He waved, and gray energy appeared amongst everyone.

Chaos the Divine Empress murmured.

Seeing that all the great emperors didnt speak, the Star Spirit Emperors voice increased a bit. If you seek power without restraint, the balance of power in the universe would completely lose its balance. Then, the universal barrier would shatter, and chaos would enter the universe. The entire universe would be destroyed!

The Insectoid Queen and Elemental Emperor have felt it right. The beings that killed your race had never appeared in the universe. Perhaps, they came from the chaos. This is a premonition.

The Heaven Emperor smiled. Star Spirit Emperor, if we reach beyond the state, then we can naturally protect the universe from destruction. Under our protection, the universe can continue to prosper.

The Insectoid Queen smiled. What does the universes destruction have to do with me? If I reach beyond the state, I wont be trapped in this small place.

The Elemental Emperor sneered. Star Spirit Emperor, do you want to be eternally trapped in this small universe? Trapped in this cage?

The Star Spirit Emperor looked at them all, and said slowly, Im willing.

The Mechanical Emperor shook his head. That is against the order of the universe.

Then, he disappeared from the spot. The others followed suit.

Only the Divine Empress stayed and looked at the Star Spirit Emperor and hesitated before leaving The universe was too small for emperor-level beings. They had eternal life but were trapped in this small cage.

The Star Spirit Emperor sighed.