Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1316 - Startled The Emperors

Chapter 1316 - Startled The Emperors

Chapter 1316 Startled The Emperors

Ze, you finished cultivation? Lily asked.

Lu Ze nodded. These two were completely different from when they first met.

Before, they were so royal and elegant. Now, they were just two dummies.

Louisa patted the seat next to her. Want to come to watch cartoons with us? Its really funny.

Lu Ze thought about it and agreed.

Moments later, the girls came in and saw Lu Ze laughing like an idiot with Lily and Louisa

They were speechless, but they joined in too.

When they heard Lu Ze and the girls had reached peak cosmic monarch state, Lily and Louisa were numb.

They were used to it now. They even felt that it was a month later than they had expected. As their cultivation level grew higher, their cultivation speed slowed down quite a bit.

Lu Ze felt it would be even slower when they reached cosmic lord state.

They might need over a year to break through to the emperor.

After a break, the three girls went to cook while Nangong Jing, Lily, and Louisa, drank like alcoholics.

The next morning, they packed away the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p and left this place where they stayed for three months.

They had to find a good place. They didnt know the Barren Realm well, so they needed to ask someone where it was barren and had fewer barren beasts.

As they were flying through s.p.a.ce, they suddenly felt quite some people moving. Why are there so many people there? Nangong Jing was shocked.

Lu Ze thought for a while and said, Lets go


Soon, they saw a group of people traveling. They were from all sorts of races, and their faces seemed very excited.

Lu Ze scanned across the group. Then he locked his eyes on a few level-6 and level-7 cosmic monarch states. They were humanoid looking too.

Lu Ze and the girls flew over and smiled. Friends, please hold up a moment.

The humanoid people looked at Lu Ze and the girls vigilantly. They retreated a little, sensing Lu Zes powerful chi.

An elderly bowed to Lu Ze and the girls. Powerful beings, what business do you have with us?

Lu Ze asked, Where are you coming from?

The humanoids looked at them in shock.

A female humanoid asked, You guys dont know?

The elder glared at her and said, Yuner! Dont be rude!

He bowed to Lu Ze and the girls, and said, Its Yuners first time leaving the race. Please forgive her.

Lu Ze waved his hand. Its fine, we wont mind.

The elder breathed easy.

Lu Ze smiled and said, So, where did you guys come from?

The elder said, Three months ago, Huachi and Rozz Aoma started fighting for some reason. The battle lasted for two months. It only finished a few days ago. It attracted many people to go over and look.

Lu Ze and the girls were shocked. Qiuyue Hesha frowned, watching the old man open his mouth, and asked, Arent they top five on the overlord ranking? They are Emperor Race prodigies, right? Why are they fighting?

The elder said, Yes, I believe you guys know. Huachi is the number one prodigy of the Elemental Race. Rozz Aoma is an insectoid prodigy. I dont know why they fought, but it wasnt just a simple spar..

Alice spoke telepathically. Senior, is it because of those gray shadows? Lu Li echoed. I think its because of that too.

Lu Ze said, Huachi probably thought those gray shadows were insectoids.

Nangong Jing frowned. But that power is very different from the destructive power of the insectoids, right? Is it a new power that the insectoids mastered?

Lin Ling said in a calm voice, The insectoids are already filled with murderous intent. If they master another powerful force, the universe would sink into chaos. Lords? the elder called.

Lu Ze shook his head. So, who won in the end?

Hearing this, the elder looked a little weird and said, The battle wasnt decided but


The elder opened his mouth and said, The insectoid mother and elemental emperor intervened, stopping that battle.

Lu Ze and the girls were extremely shocked.

Even emperors were startled?!