Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1315 - Good Drama

Chapter 1315 - Good Drama

Chapter 1315 Good Drama

The atmosphere was tense. Lu Ze smiled. Regardless, lets find a good place to cultivate.

Alice blinked her blue eyes and nodded. Yeah, as long as we break through to the cosmic lord state, we should be fine.

Lin Ling put away the magical powers of the spiritual eye and agreed. Indeed, with our s.p.a.ce dao rune, no one other than the emperor would be able to do anything to us.

In the battlefield of the elemental spirit and gray shadows, a red flame appeared out of thin air. It rose to human height, and Huachi walked out.

He looked calmly across the s.p.a.ce and grabbed with his right hand. Gray energy gathered on his hand.

This is

Huachis eyes burned with flames. His face looked hideous at this chaotic energy.

He enveloped the gray energy with his hand. The terrifying flames burned, but after a few seconds, only two-thirds of the energy was ground away.

Huachi fell silent.

After a long while, he took a step forward. Flames wrapped around him.

When the flames were gone, he also disappeared.

Outside the Barren City, Huachi appeared.

The people who saw him shuddered in terror and quickly left.

Huachi didnt mind their reaction. The next moment, s.p.a.ce tore apart. Berica and Shuo Yuan appeared from the crack.

Berica looked at Huachi with a cold expression. Huachi, why arent you staying in your elemental city? Why did you come to me?

Huachi was a little surprised. Shuo Yuan, youre here too? Shuo Yuan smiled. Berica invited me over to do a deal.

Berica clearly didnt want to talk about this too much, so she said, Answer my question.

Huachi took out that gray energy. Look, doesnt this seem familiar?

Berica caught the energy.

Immediately, her body paused.

Even Shuo Yuans eyes narrowed.

Berica closed her palm. The chaotic power exploded, but s.p.a.ce seemed to have collapsed into her hand.

Where did you find it?

Huachis voice was also somewhat cold. The death site of my fellow cosmic lord race member.

Berica smiled. The elemental spirits are being targeted? That seems to be quite a loss! Berica!

Huachis flames burned. His eyes were furious.

Berica said slowly, Last time, a cosmic lord of my race died, there was also this eerie energy. However, it didnt happen again This time, its your turn.

Huachis flames around his body also slowly converged. Did the Heaven, Divine Race, and Insectoid Race have encountered this also?

Berica looked at Shuo Yuan. Shuo Yuan probably knows this better than me, right?

Shuo Yuan smiled. According to what I know, they havent encountered such things yet.

Huachi interrogated, Shuo Yuan, they call you the watcher. Not even you know about these things?

Shuo Yuan shrugged his shoulders. I didnt call myself the watcher. I never said I know everything. Shuo Yuan glanced at him, then turned to look at Berica. Berica, this guy doesnt even take you seriously. He wants to annihilate the Barren City.

Berica and Huachi were speechless

Huachi restrained the flame once again, and then said dully, Such chaotic and disorderly power, who do you think is most likely?.

Bericas eyes flashed, and Shuo Yuan shrugged. He said, If we really have to find someone, it would be Rozz, of course. The insectoids power is more similar to this, and this type of thing is something Rozz would do.

Huachi and Berica agreed.

Afterwards, Huachi snorted coldly. Hmph! Im going first!

Then, he disappeared from the spot.

Shuo Yuan smiled. It seems that theres going to be a good show to see. Im going too.

Berica glanced at Shuo Yuan, and then said coldly, When Im ready, remember to take me to where the Eternal Barren Metal is.

Shuo Yuan waved his hand and turned into starlight.

Berica returned to her palace.

Three months later, Lu Zes s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p was floating on a barren planet.

Lu Ze grinned. He was a peak cosmic monarch state now.

Now, it was time to break through the cosmic lord state.

Before that, he had to prepare. If the commotion was too big, he would catch the attention of many powerful beings.

Lu Ze rubbed his head. The girls were still cultivating. In the living room, Lily, Louisa, and Ying Ying were watching cartoons together.

When he walked over, Lin Ling was expressionless. Lily and Louisa were smirking carelessly. Lu Ze was silent. After seeing Lin Ling, his head was hurt even more.

If she fell asleep, their final trump card would be gone.