Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1314 - Premonition

Chapter 1314 - Premonition

Chapter 1314 Premonition

Lu Ze couldnt verify his conjecture. The emperor level was too far away for him.

As time went on, the elemental spirits were at a greater disadvantage. They roared furiously and used all sorts of means including dao runes.

However, those three gray figures were very powerful. Their chaotic gray energy kept grinding away the elemental power. Even the dao runes werent much of a threat to this gray energy. Rumble!


Lu Ze saw one fire elemental spirit being punched apart by the gray figure.

Lu Ze and the girls were shocked.

The elemental spirits are going to lose. Qiuyue Hesha said shakily.

I didnt expect them to be so weak against the gray shadows. Lin Lings face was complicated.

With the death of the fire elemental spirit, an opening seemed to have been created.

The elemental spirits began to crumble. One after one, they were killed.


The lightning elemental spirit clashed with that level-3 cosmic lord gray shadow, and they both fell back.

He roared furiously as he pulled the other two remaining elemental spirits and wanted to run. Just you wait! How dare you kill someone from the Elemental Domain! We wont let you


Lu Ze and the girls were stunned.

Alice murmured, Wow, he runs fast!

Lu Li looked speechless. I thought that guy was going to kamikaze attack them. However, the three gray shadows didnt intend to let them go. They turned into a gray beam and chased.

Soon, the battlefield calmed down.

However, those crushed planets werent able to recover.

After being silent, Lu Ze saw that none of the guys came back, he breathed out slightly, and said, Okay, lets leave too.

They went in the opposite direction.

Elemental Domain, Elemental Divine Palace.

In a room filled with all sorts of elemental power and shadows, a figure was sitting down.

His body was made of white and red energy crystals. These crystals contained all sorts of elementals, and they were flying out chasing around each other.

At this moment, he opened his eyes, and a red beam flashed.

His door was knocked.

What is it?

A shaky voice answered, Lord Huachi, Lei Ming, and the others died.

With this, the room fell silent. Terrifying red flames burned from Huachi.

He got out from the ground and walked out.

A white flame elemental spirit was on the ground shaking Huachi spoke with great anger. Lei Ming and the others are dead?! Even Lei Ming is no match for the killer of the Ice and Fire Gemini?!

The white fire spirit shuddered. I dont know.

Huachi took a deep breath and sneered. Useless idiots! You dont deserve to be a citizen of the elemental domain!

He stepped out and disappeared from the spot.

In s.p.a.ce, Lu Ze and Lin Ling were travelling with s.p.a.ce G.o.d art.

Lu Ze asked Lin Ling, Lin Ling, did anyone chase over?

Lin Lings eyes flashed brightly, watching them come. In the direction of s.h.i.+, she shook her head a moment later. No, we have not been chased.

Lu Li looked at the sweat on Luzes forehead, and said, Lets go slower now.

Nangong Jing said quietly, I wonder if the remaining elemental spirit got away?

Qiuyue Hesha smiled and said, Probably, right? Theyre Emperor race, and that lightning elemental spirit is three levels higher in cultivation level.

Alice nodded in her approval. Agreed, even if he cant beat them, he should be able to get away.

Lu Ze and several people also agreed with this point of view. Afterwards, Lu Ze sighed. I wonder what those grey shadows are?

Nangong Jing looked at each other and fell silent.

Afterwards, Lu Li frowned and said, They seemed to be hunting elemental spirits I dont have a good feeling.

Everyone frowned.

The Barren Realm is probably going to be in chaos. Qiuyue Hesha sighed.