Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1313 - Grey Shadow Appearing Again

Chapter 1313 - Grey Shadow Appearing Again

Chapter 1313 Grey Shadow Appearing Again

The two sides chased in the cosmos.

As time went on, the distance between them grew further and further.

A silver light flashed in s.p.a.ce, and Lu Ze and the girls appeared. Lin Ling turned to look behind him and said, Soon, we should be able to shake them off.

Lu Ze nodded.

After using the s.p.a.ce dao rune at full power for this long, he was feeling a little tired.

Meanwhile, those elemental spirits behind them were doubting life.

The lightning elemental spirit was stunned.

How is this possible?! How can they maintain their speed for that long!?.

Theyre just level-6 cosmic monarch states.

If this continues, well lose them, right?

The atmosphere was a little silent.

A cosmic lord elemental spirit was going to lose a few level-6 cosmic monarch state guys!

This was an insult!

They couldnt even forgive themselves.

We must catch up to them!

The lightning elemental spirit roared and burned his spirit force like crazy. His speed increased.

Lu Ze and the girls saw the elemental spirits slowly closing in the distance and frowned.

Theyre really hard to deal with.

At this moment, a few familiar chi appeared in their senses.

That powerful and yet chaotic chi shocked them, and they stopped.

The elemental spirits rejoiced.

The lightning elemental spirit laughed. Hahaha! Keep running! You cant run anymore, can you!?

Lu Ze and the girls kept looking vigilantly in the direction of the chi.

Why did that gray figure appear again?

Lu Ze frowned.

The girls moved close to Lu Ze.

At this moment, the elemental spirit suddenly stopped laughing as they looked at those few chi.

Who is it?! The elemental spirits are doing business, leave quickly!!

The lightning elemental spirit roared.

As soon as he said this, a gray pillar silently shot across s.p.a.ce at him.

Feeling the powerful energy in the pillar, his face changed.

He roared and then formed a lightning pillar with both hands which shot at the gray pillar.


s.p.a.ce shattered, and the terrifying shockwave suffocated Lu Ze and the girls.

Lu Ze and the girls hurried to dodge the attacks.

When the clash stopped, they retreated some distance.

Three gray figures soon neared them. The elemental spirits looked at them with vigilance.

Who are you guys?!

The attacker only seemed to be a level-3 cosmic lord but could force him back?!

His hundreds of millions of years old worldview was crumbling.

That guy who ran away from him was only a level-6 cosmic monarch state as well.

What happened to the Barren realym?!

What was this gray figure thing?

Lu Ze and the girls were very confused.

The gray figures had no intention of answering

Or perhaps, they didnt know how to talk?

The gray figures charged at the elemental spirits again. d.a.m.n it! b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! Do you know who youre facing?!

The elemental spirits were completely furious.

The three gray figures were all cosmic lord states. One was level-3, and the rest were level-1.

However, these three fought on par with the elemental spirits who outnumbered them.

Gradually, the three figures were gaining an advantage.

Qiuyue Hesha couldnt help but vomit. Why do I feel that the elemental spirits are so weak?

Lu Ze smiled. Never mind this. Lets retreat and not get caught.

They concealed their chi and slowly moved back. They went to the outside of the battlefield.

However, they didnt leave immediately. Of course, they had to watch this exciting show.

At this time, Lu Li said, Do these gray guys have a feud with the elemental spirits? Why do they always attack them only?. They looked at each other, and after a moment of silence, Nangong Jing softly said, Li is


Even last time, that gray figure left without finis.h.i.+ng the fight. Why did these gray figures just hunt elemental spirits? Were they not scared of getting annihilated by the Emperor Race? Did another race have an emperor? Lu Ze guessed.