Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1308 - Power of Chaos, Ice Fire Gemini

Chapter 1308 - Power of Chaos, Ice Fire Gemini

Chapter 1308: Power of Chaos, Ice Fire Gemini

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There were quite a few people listed after the top five.

There were 100 spots on the overlord ranking. Even the 100th was a peak cosmic lord rank.

Lu Ze looked at the Monarch Ranking.

The ones at the top few were also from the Emperor Race.

All of the 100 were peak cosmic monarch states.

Lu Ze and the girls remembered the ranking and information. They then threw the ranking away.

Who knew what that peak cosmic lord gave them this for?

Afterwards, Lin Ling asked with some curiosity, Where do we go now?

Lu Ze thought about it.

They needed to find a quiet place to cultivate.

As long as they cultivated for a year, they would become invincible when they came out.

They definitely couldnt stay in this city since there were Emperor Races here.

When they broke through to the cosmic lord, they wouldnt be able to stop the phenomenon.

At this moment, Qiuyue Hesha thought of something and said, Last time when we went to the Xavier Ancient Ruins, didnt that predecessor say he had resources left in the Barren Realm? Why dont we go find that first?

Lu Ze nodded. Thats a great idea. Lets do that.

He thought about it and said, I remember the location Makin Thor told me about. Lets go over it.

The girls nodded. Before they left, Lu Ze looked at the red skull. We can let him live.

The girls agreed.

Qiuyue Heshas eyes flashed with pink light, and the red skulls body shook.

He looked at Lu Ze and the girls with extreme terror.

Lu Ze and the girls disappeared from the spot.

Lu Ze flew towards the Xavier Race resource treasure.

The power of the Barren Realm was very strange. Even though Lu Ze and Lin Lings s.p.a.ce G.o.d Art reached dao rune level, they couldnt speed up much using s.p.a.ce transmission. It was just faster than flying.

They were in no rush, so they traveled for half a day and cultivated for another half a day.

After a week, Lu Ze and the girls went to a vast Solar System.

Nangong Jing looked at Lu Ze. Its here?

Lu Ze nodded.


Just when they were planning to fly there, a terrifying chi suddenly rose. It created a shockwave that rattled the entire solar system.

Lu Ze and the girls could see there were flames burning and ice forming in the solar system. There was also a strange gray chi.

Lu Ze and the girls were surprised. That gray chi was rather unfamiliar. They had never seen this strange power before as well.

This power wasnt like the insectoids desire to destroy. The insectoids Destruction G.o.d Art had ordered in itself.

However, this gray power felt chaotic and messy.

In the region of the clashes of the powers, planets were annihilated. It seemed that there was a huge hole dug out of the solar system.

Lu Ze and the girls frowned. Who is fighting there?

Lin Ling looked at the area and frowned. That power is so strange. Ive never seen such chaotic power.

At this moment, a furious roar sounded. d.a.m.n it! Who are you?!

At this moment, the gray light flashed again.


Terrifying power came.


Lu Ze and the girls saw a red and blue light shoot out of the battle region toward them. Behind them was a gray light chasing.

Lu Zes and the girls skin crawled.

He quickly said, Lets retreat further.

These guys chis were just at peak cosmic monarch state and were not a very big threat to Lu Ze and the girls.

However, it would be troublesome if they were caught within.

However, those red and blue lights seemed to have noticed them. They suddenly turned around and flew towards them.

Friends, please help stop that madman behind. In the future, the Ice and Fire Gemini will pay you generously.

The two lights wanted to fly past Lu Ze and the girls.

Lu Ze and the girls faces changed.

Stay there!

Lu Zes face went cold as he used lightning dao rune.

He waved out a purple lightning claw and slapped towards them.

b.a.s.t.a.r.d! How dare you!!

The two beams unleashed all their power and shot two beams of energy towards the claw.


The claw was shattered, and the remaining energy pillar shot at Lu Ze and the girls.

However, the energy left was very weak.

Lu Ze said, Fake dao rune level G.o.d art?

Qiuyue Hesha raised a brow. Theyre just cosmic monarch states, but their G.o.d art is near dao rune. Not bad.

Lu Li rolled her eyes. Arent they the Ice and Fire Gemini on the monarch ranking? Theyre ranked 84th and 85th.

No wonder theyre so strong.

The two beams stopped, revealing two elemental figures.

Who is that guy?!

Hes just a level-5 cosmic monarch state, and he stopped the two of us alone?!

His Lightning G.o.d Art is definitely at dao rune level! His divine art is very strong too!

Hes not on the monarch ranking nor from an Emperor Race where did he come from?