Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1307 - Eternal Barren Metal

Chapter 1307 - Eternal Barren Metal

Chapter 1307: Eternal Barren Metal

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Lu Ze smiled. You compliment me too much. If theres nothing else, well be leaving first.

The peak cosmic lord smiled. I have another copy of the cosmic ranking. You guys can have it.

He took out a booklet made of black leather.

Lu Ze accepted it. He was worried that if he didnt, this guy wouldnt let them go away.

The peak cosmic lord smiled and said nothing else.

Lu Ze and the girls quickly left.

Lu Ze even dragged the red skull, fearing he wouldnt keep up.

The peak cosmic lord smiled. Interesting race. Do they have the chi of my race? And there are two of them.


Why does their essence feel so unreal? Its like they dont exist in this universe.


He took out a black booklet and flipped to the newest page and wrote down a few lines.

It was Lu Ze and the girls information.

An unknown race, one male, five female, each knows multiple dao runes, perfect foundation, extremely talented.

He thought about it and didnt write the problem with their essence.

He looked at those people fighting for the cosmic ranking and smiled before leaving.

Soon, this being came to the Mechanical Palace in the center of the city.

This palace was tens of kilometers tall and completely gold. Countless magical machines were operating.

The two robots at the door bowed to him. Welcome, Mr. Watcher.

Shuo Yuan asked, Where is Berica?

The right guard answered, The queen is waiting for you in the Mechanical Heart Palace.

Shuo Yuan nodded and walked in.

He was very familiar with this place.

The palace was huge and in the center was a skinny figured golden mechanical female looking at an ancient mechanical clock.

She turned around, and her cold face showed a smile. Shuo Yuan, welcome.

Shuo Yuan smiled and studied the surroundings. Berica, if theres anything, just say it. Putting on a smile doesnt suit a Mechanical Queen like you.

Bericas face became expressionless again. If you put me first on the overlord rank, I believe I will be happier.

Shuo Yuan laughed. That would be hard for me. You are evenly matched with the other four. If you want me to give a distinct first for you guys, it would be hard.

Were evenly matched?

Berica smiled. Guess?

Shuo Yuan, I heard you have news of the Eternal Barren Metal?

Shuo Yuan raised a brow and smiled. You want the Eternal Barren Metal? True, Magnetic Flow Barren Metal isnt bad, but it cant be compared with the Eternal Barren Metal. With the Eternal Barren Metal, your body G.o.d art can progress further in dao rune level and your metal G.o.d art

Enough! Berica said coldly. Shuo Yuan, didnt they tell you that your hobby of investigating peoples power is very annoying?

Shuo Yuan waved his hand. Well, even if you guys hate me, you cant kill me.

Berica was speechless.

Tell me the condition. I want to know the location of the Eternal Barren Metal.

Shuo Yuan smiled. The conditions

After flying for a long distance, Lu Ze turned back and breathed easy. Lets stop here.

The red skull asked, Masters, why did we run? It was just a mere cosmic monarch state. You guys can easily kill him.

Lu Ze was speechless, looking at the red skull.

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. You want to easily go kill a peak cosmic lord?

The red skull was dazed, and his eyes were filled with terror.

His voice became sharp. Peak cosmic lord?! That person was a peak cosmic lord?

He was scared just thinking about how he was talking to a peak cosmic lord.

Alice said, Who is he? Why would he suddenly talk to us?

Lin Ling shook her head. We dont know him.

Lu Li said, He seems to be looking at us in surprise?

I felt the same too.

After a while, Lu Ze took out the cosmic ranking.

He opened the first page.

Overlord ranking.

1st, Destruction Lord Ross Aoma

2nd, Heaven Son Universe Eternal

3rd, Fury of The Elements Hua Chi

4th, Mechanical Queen Berica Airou

5th, Divine Queen Teresa Venessa