Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1309 - Eerie Grey Shadow

Chapter 1309 - Eerie Grey Shadow

Chapter 1309: Eerie Grey Shadow

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While the Fire and Ice Gemini were shocked, an intense threat came from behind them.

d.a.m.n it! That guy chased up!

They quickly dodged to the side, and a gray orb flew past where they were.

Wherever the orb went past, s.p.a.ce collapsed silently. It was as though s.p.a.ce was erased by rubber. It looked very eerie.

When Lu Ze saw this, his skin crawled.

He looked vigilantly at that gray beam.

It had stopped.

It was a figure shrouded in gray mist.

He asked, Lin Ling, what race is this guy from? Can you see through that mist?

Lin Ling shook her head. I cant see through that mist.

Lu Li exclaimed, Sister Lin, even your Spirit Eye G.o.d Art cant see through it?

Nangong Jing frowned slightly. This power is too eerie.

At this moment, that gray figure looked at Lu Ze and the girls.

Lin Lings expression changed. He noticed that I was observing him!

The gray figure shot a gray orb towards them.

Lu Zes hair rose, feeling the powerful threat from that orb.

He immediately turned his body into lightning as purple golden runes covered the surface.

He reached out his right hand and smashed a lightning claw at the orb.


A huge clash rocked s.p.a.ce. s.p.a.ce crumbled piece by piece.

The two powers became stalemate in the air for a moment before the claw began to crack.

The gray orb shattered the lightning claw, and the remaining power was still very strong as it reached towards Lu Ze and the girls.

Lu Ze quickly took the girls away.

Qiuyue Hesha said in shock, So strong!

The girls nodded.

This is the first time that Ze is being suppressed by a peak cosmic monarch state while using full power!

Even in the Pocket Hunting Dimension, beasts were no match for Lu Ze, unless they had both dao rune and divine art.

This gray guys power was unbelievable.

At the same time, the gray figure was also thinking about something and didnt attack.

When the Ice and Fire Gemini saw the gray figure attacking Lu Ze, they rejoiced.

They planned to leave, but Lu Ze said coldly, Jing Jing and Alice, Ill leave those two guys to you!

They brought them into the fight and now they wanted to run?

Nangong Jing grinned. No problem.

Alice also nodded coldly.

They instantly appeared before the two.

Nangong Jing faced the Ice Gemini and Alice faced the Fire Gemini.

The two were stunned.

When the Fire Gemini saw the blue flames burning around Alice, he was shocked. Source flame?

This Fire G.o.d Art was the very pinnacle of Fire G.o.d Art, even in the Elemental Domain.

This girl had it?

And this pressure

The Fire Gemini felt the Fire G.o.d Art around him shake.

Dao rune level Fire G.o.d Art?!

The Ice Gemini also looked at Nangong Jing. Dao rune level Ice G.o.d Art?!

What was going on today?

Why did a random person they encounter be so strong?!

Only the top powers of the monarch ranking knew dao rune!

He hadnt even heard of these guys.

Nangong Jing grinned. She used Body Dao Rune and Ice Dao Rune at the same time.

Terrifying power stretched out as she charged at the Ice Gemini.

Alice made fire clones in the wave of a hand, and all of them charged towards the Fire Gemini.

The battle erupted.

The Ice and Fire Gemini had worse G.o.d art mastery, but they were still fake dao runes. And, their cultivation level was much higher. Therefore, they were evenly matched for a moment.

That gray figure flowed with eerie power.

He charged towards Lu Ze and the girls.

Lu Zes face changed slightly, and he said, Fight him together!

All sorts of spirit light flashed as he used all his dao runes.

The two clashed.

Lu Ze felt that none of his dao runes could affect this person at all.

His power was very strange. There was this invisible chaotic power that wanted to invade Lu Zes body.

However, his foundation was too st.u.r.dy. Even this chaotic power couldnt affect him.

The gray figure punched at Lu Ze again.

Lu Ze dodged and the girls attacks came.

They buried the figure.

When the explosion was gone, the gray figure was revealed.

Lu Ze and the girls were shocked as this gray figure didnt seem to be hurt at all.

At this moment, the gray figure suddenly flew off into the distance.

They were all in shock.

Why did this guy suddenly run?