Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1306 - Cosmic Lord Peak

Chapter 1306 - Cosmic Lord Peak

Chapter 1306: Cosmic Lord Peak

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Many powerful beings were going in and out of Barren City. Lu Ze and the girls followed the red skull into the city.

The streets were a hundred meters wide. Lu Ze looked around. The weakest was a cosmic cloud state. There were more cosmic realm states and then cosmic monarch states. They didnt see any cosmic lord state.

Despite this, this was very terrifying.

There probably werent even a few hundred cosmic monarch state civilizations in a gallery. Yet, they saw so many in this city.

Lu Ze glanced to the side of the streets.

The constructions were very tall and grand. They were completely gold and made of an unknown metal.

The red skull said, Master, there are many industries here including spirit food, equipment, serums, technology, and so forth. The currency here is body law shards.

Lu Ze, the girls, and the high-level authorities were surprised.

The red skull nodded. Everyone is here for the body law.

Indeed, Lu Ze and the girls just had dao runes, and they were this powerful. One could imagine how powerful the laws were.

Lu Ze opened his mouth and said, Take us around first.

Yes, Master. The red skull nodded.

They went around Barren City.

The city was extremely huge, but the buildings werent far apart. There were too many people.

The Barren City was built by the Mechanical Race. The Mechanical Race is the highest authority here. All shops had to pay tax to the Mechanical Race.

They werent going to open shop here, so they didnt need to do it.

More importantly, who knows if the secrets of their cultivation would be noticed when they cultivated here.

They were just here for a look.

Soon, they had been to all types of shops.

The things inside were rather high cla.s.s.

They ranged from cosmic cloud state to cosmic monarch state.

Even Lu Ze and the girls were interested in some things, but the awkward thing was that they didnt have body law shards.

They didnt even dare to go into a restaurant even though it smelled very nice outside.

They were scared that they would eat and not pay.

If they were hunted by the Mechanical Race due to that, it would be a joke.

After another while, they suddenly heard someone scream.

The newest cosmic ranking is out. Hurry, if you want one!

Everyone looked to the side.

Then, countless people yelled, Give me a share!

Lu Ze and the girls were dumbfounded.

Lu Ze asked curiously, Is the cosmic ranking that popular?

The red skull nodded. Yes, Master. To ordinary people, it is very important to recognize the powerful beings there and not offend them.

He looked at Lu Ze and the girls. If I knew you guys were this strong, I would never dare to rob you.

Lu Ze and the girls laughed.

Red skull continued. Your powers are definitely no weaker than those beings on the monarch ranking. I believe if your cultivation level is at peak cosmic monarch state, you will definitely be at the peak of that ranking.

Nangong Jing grinned. I feel that Im very strong too.

The nearby people who heard this sneered.

Of course, a few high-level cosmic monarch states looked at Lu Ze and the girls in shock.

The red skull was level-8 cosmic monarch state while Lu Ze and the girls were just level-5 cosmic monarch states. However, he was so obedient to them.

I feel these friends have the power to reach the monarch ranking. Lu Ze and the girls heard a sigh.

Their skin crawled immediately as they looked in the direction of the sound.

It was so close, but they didnt sense anyone?!

What level was this being?!

Even ordinary cosmic lords werent this scary, right??

It was a humanoid being with a slender figure. He had white hair and a black horn.

He smiled gently and looked at Lu Ze and the girls with his blue eyes.

This was a super boss!

They had been in the Pocket Hunting Dimension for too long and could sense powerful chi on instinct.

This guy concealed his chi, but Lu Ze and the girls could feel the hidden power.

This guy was probably a peak cosmic lord!

He smiled. Dont worry, I have no ill will.

Lu Ze calmed himself down and smiled. Friend, what business do you have?

The peak cosmic lord laughed. Nothing, I just agree with what your friend said.

He pointed at the red skull.

The red skull was confused.

Wasnt this guy just a level-2 cosmic monarch state?

Why did they react like this?